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  1. Really, wouldn't you just need the body for the animation sequencing? Any garment selected should work depending on the amount of clipping that particular garment produces for the amount of stretch and compression when boned for the body. If the sequence is for a particular garment I could see it but never seen a garment particular to an animation sequence in Sims 3. Devices/objects - yes. You could have a long series of sequences where one goes to the dresser and puts on an outfit, performs, then waits for the clothing reset. I would think that would be more practical. That way the garment could also be rigged so it would seem to flow more naturally with the Sim's movements. Rather than the stiff following of the Boned garment on the Sim. It would mean a bit more thought goes into the Rigging and a bit more manipulation of armatures from point A to Point B. IDK: your the animator.
  2. With or without Ruffles? Covers chest or waist only? With or without a penis... lol I assume you will have all the body parts... then place and rig the garment on your rig. So, made for standard EA YA Male? Curious... would you prefer just the properly set up mesh (OBJ file), to the finished package file? If sequenced you'd need to extract the mesh anyway wouldn't you?
  3. Once any mesh is in OBJ format Blender will load it to edit. Making a column using a sim is a relatively easy thing. You need an EA compatible mesh for Body, Scalp, Face, Hair, and Feet (naked shoes). You also need the images for these body parts. A good skin will have all the images you need and can be extracted using S3PE from your favorite Skin's package. The only problem you have is the original A-Pose of the Sim Body. You either need to Rig the fully assembled Sim to pose it or you need to manually move the arms, legs, etc to create the pose for the column you want. This is why I looked into Rigging and posing Sims - The individual parts of the Sim tend to tear away from each other if you manually move the parts. Rigging - if done properly, will prevent most of this tearing. You may still need to snap together and weld vertices of the final output mesh to repair artifacts and tears. I won't talk about Rigging - that is something that is a detailed process. Basically: You take a copy of each body part mesh and combined them onto the same UV Map. FIRST: Take all the various body parts and assemble them together how you want them to display without Altering or combining ANY of their respective parts or UV Maps. You then begin Re-Mapping their respective UV's. Take each body part ( hair, scalp, face - don't touch the body) and SCALE (S) to fit an area of the UV image area. Scale proportionally in X & Y to fit somewhere. To remove the extra Arm - I click to highlight the arm (L in edit mode), then go to the UV menu and Mirror-X, move the arm to match the other one on the other side. This makes room on the UV for the other body parts. In your graphics editor - Take the Skin images and carefully scale them and match them over their respective UV image. Then, to clean things up a bit - select You entire UV Map image at max sensitivity, invert selection, and go to each image layer and CUT. This removes all images outside the UV mapping boundaries - lets you see only what will be displayed on the Objects and gives room to see gaps and laps of the various images. Correct any flaws in images now. Do the same for each Body part image until all body part images are place correctly - then Merge into one image, Save a copy of the layer as a backup - you'll need it later. As it is you now have the workings for your statue or column. In Blender - use a cube or cylinder to make your "Pedestal" Be sure to check Make-UV. Position is where you want it and reshape the UV for it - so it will fit somewhere not occupied on the UV Map. When all is said and done - be sure to position the complete model so the base of the bottom "Pedestal" is centered of X & Y origin - lever with the ground plane and the top of the upper "Pedestal" Is slightly lower than 3-squares above the ground plane (a little higher than the top of an existing EA Column). Most columns have two mesh groups. So, using the Park Statue as a Donner will have 2-mesh groups. One of these groups is usually set to be a Drop-Shadow. So once your Model is complete and in One-Group - make a 1X1 Plain at a tiny bit below ground plane when you want the "Footprint" of the statue... where you want the sim not to go... This will act as your Sim Footprint boundary and Drop-Shadow when assembling in TSRW. Make sure your groups are in the proper order when you save as WSO or as an object file before converting to WSO. Same goes for using a EA Column as a Donner. I've skipped a lot of the details and assume you have some knowledge of TSRW, GIMP or another Graphics editor, Blender's Editing and UV sections, and any conversion utilities. If you need more clarity - PM me. Hope you find this useful! FYI: Manipulating a Sim with clothing is much more difficult unless parts of the clothing is also Rigged. You can also use the Sim, when completed, as a Static Avatar model to create a garment after the statues creation. Remember this is a completely Static Model. No movement of Sim or Garment.
  4. S3OC will clone most anything you have in your "official" Sims 3 collection Library or Mods folder if properly set up. If you don't have an EP or Sp installed - it won't find it. A way around it is install a bootleg in the same folder even though not recognized by the game. so - if you have room, you can COPY your EA sims 3 folders to the Origin folder and see if they are found by the software, As for TSRW - it needs each EP & Sp to be linked to its location directly in preferences. It looks only at the folder you tell it to. Since you will be making a new animation - any base game object created as your phone would be fair game, since the phone "magically appears" when needed - wouldn't matter for other phone menu items clicked from the body. You will need to either mod the original Host object to add your bubble menu item (problematic since if you can't play that EP or SP the animation and object won't be there anyway). Or make a stand alone using a base-game donner for the phone object and all your animation sequence's with its own body-menu. This will be stand alone... animated, base-game item. Another thing to try is to point TSRW and S3OC to the Origin folders or the Electronic Arts folder folders in x86 - in preferences for each.
  5. Yep - because of the animation calls on the use of the ice-crème, it would be all of nothing. All ice-cream would now be what mesh you replaced it with. Wouldn't work as an "only-if" for a particular sex, age, whathaveyou. A mod to the Host object to add a "Special" ice-crème "Flavor". lol - use the same sequences' and everything - only changes the object used. Unfortunately I don't do those type of mods. I can make a mesh - but not adjust much of the scripts.
  6. That might be easier than you think - need to look into it. Changing the games object used for the ice-cream. If I can find the ice-cream bar - I'll change it's mesh to something... more practical? lol
  7. Thanks a lot for the nice comments. No, I have never gave a thought to Sims4. I played it for about 6 months and found it restrictive and unworkable from a builders perspective. I had about 5 or 6 expansion packs and a mods folder, I know the resolution is better and gives more capabilities in objects and clothing than Sims3 but found it to be a future dead-end, personally. And yes, Making things for an obsolete game with limited resolution and object's capability is a little silly but, it keeps me creative. Sims3 is actually more flexable. If anyone wants to take something I made for Sims3 and port it to 4 - great! permission granted... as it were. What I make is not protected and open to edit However taking what I make and using part and/or concept for games outside Sims 3 or Sims 4 is not allowed. As always, any ideas for future projects are always welcome.
  8. View File af Statue Alien Ecstasy 2 Just a Statue... and just the right height. This Alien is in Heat so beware, Submitter Nonsequitur Submitted 10/12/2021 Category The Sims 3 Requires Base  
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Just a Statue... and just the right height. This Alien is in Heat so beware,
  10. View File Concession Stand - Meat On A Stick Yes, what every fair needs.... Meat on a stick! Maybe next time it will be chocolate covers Banana's or a deep-fried Pickle... 4-color channels, 3 pre-made variations, except for the signs and meat... recolorable. Submitter Nonsequitur Submitted 10/12/2021 Category The Sims 3 Requires Seasons - EP8  
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Yes, what every fair needs.... Meat on a stick! Maybe next time it will be chocolate covers Banana's or a deep-fried Pickle... 4-color channels, 3 pre-made variations, except for the signs and meat... recolorable.
  12. View File Ecstasy Alien Girl 1 Statue Just a Statue - Looks like she may be enjoying herself though. My 2nd attempt in Rigging a object and posing it. Submitter Nonsequitur Submitted 10/12/2021 Category The Sims 3 Requires Base  
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Just a Statue - Looks like she may be enjoying herself though. My 5th attempt in Rigging an object and posing it.
  14. I use Chrome on an old machine - Usually when accessing this site I need to allow it to start and wait for the process to work a bit - then Click on the link again. If I don't wait then click the link again, It just hangs there... loading the page forever.
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