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... a blog about my careful steps in Boston's better future

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Entrails: My Settlements

?  UNDER CONSTRUCTION ?   This little blog post is describing my FO4 settlements. I'll try to get the balance between some kind of journal and an atlas or tour guide thing. I am currently in my second game and I am (re-)playing the settlements with the SimSettlements2 mod as a background storyline.   History of the settlements in my little Empire My first settlement was obviously Sanctuary as in almost all vanilla game starts. For the story telling perspective it


worik in Entrails

Window peeking: Fallout 4

This blog post is trying to organize my personal notes for Fallout 4. Most likely, it will grow a bit while I play the game step by step.   My mods and tools My list of interesting mods has it's own blog post: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/15038-entrails-my-fallout-4-setup/ (work in progress )     Walkthroughs and maps Walkthrough, including maps at GamePressure - https://guides.gamepressure.com/fallout4/ Walkthrough, including maps at I


worik in Window Peeking

Entrails: My Fallout 4 setup

? UNDER CONSTRUCTION ?️ ?   This little blog post is describing my FO4 game setup.   The INI Files fallout4.ini   fallout4custom.ini   fallout4prefs.ini     My Loadorder The loadorder (dumped from MO2)   The modlist (dumped from MO2)      


worik in Entrails

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