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Prurient Interests (Kirstia's Second Adventure, Chapter 9)



I dreamt again of Nelacar. He had followed me to my tent in the wilds west of Dragon Bridge, begging me all the way to dominate and humiliate him. The more I ignored him, the hungrier and more desperate he began. At last, I relented and started to mock him for the size of his small penis. A perverse smile spread over his face and all he could do was whisper, "more, more!" as I hurled progressively more hurtful insults at him. 


And then, just like that, he was torn apart by wolves. I woke as they were starting to pull his entrails out through his abdomen.




Waking, I shook my head a few times to clear the strange vision. As much as Nelacar repelled me, I wondered about the significant in the strange dream, and I hoped he was alright.


The sun had risen on a misty morning, and while I didn't feel especially refreshed I decided to break camp early and press on, in hopes of finding Millonce before the day was up. After I broke down my tent and repacked my bedroll, I pressed on to the west; I recognized the trail that the librarian had told me about and started to peel away from the river, gradually ascending into the foothills of the mountains that stretched out to the north. 




After several hours walk, the trail started to gently slope down, and to the north wooden palisades became visible through the mist. It fast became clear that when the librarian called Millonce's hiding place a 'camp,' he was understating the case quite a bit. Instead, my destination was a fortified longhouse in the style of the Orsimer. This was the stronghold of an Orcish clan. 


I considered observing for a time, but I'd already seen signs of the passing of sabre cats on the trail, so I decided to press on. I just hoped that word had preceded me, as promised. 




As I approached the gates, an armored Orc atop a watchtower sighted me and I waved in his direction. I'd expected him to challenge me, but instead he returned the gesture and then spoke inaudibly to someone within. The wooded gates parted for me, and I entered within, remaining cautious of the many eyes upon me. Not far within, I saw a seated Orc dressed in ornate armor. I waved in greeting once more, saying, "hail, Orsimer. I'm told that word came ahead of me from the College."




The old Orc nodded in acknowledgement. "You are speaking to Larak, chief of Mor Khazgur. We have indeed hear news of your approach."


"I'm Kirstia Bjissen, though I suppose you already knew that. Thank you for your hospitality."


"I get the sense from the fact that you're still talking to me," he grumbled, "that you want something?"


I smirked a bit at his comment. "Was I laying it on too thick?" I asked.


Larak made a single, decisive nod in answer.



"I'm here to see Millonce Curio," I explained. "Where can I find her?"


He waved a hand towards the longhouse. "In the cellar, around the back. There's an iron bulkhead and stairs beneath."


"Thank you again. I'll go find Millonce, then."


I followed Larak's instructions and quickly found the hatch to the cellar. Descending within, I ducked down to avoid the low ceiling, brushing clusters of roots out of the way as I delved into the excavation. Soon I came upon a small chamber within and saw a woman inside who didn't appear to be an Orc. She stirred slightly at my approach, and I held my hands up as non-threateningly as I could.


"Millonce Curio?" I asked. 


"Hmm?" she mumbled quietly, "who are you?"




"I'm Kirstia Bjissen," I said. "I've come from the College with a delivery... and some questions."


A big smile broke on her face then. "Urag sent you? Thank the Divines you've come! I've been stuck here for weeks, not making a wit of progress. How much do you know about my work here?"


I chuckled a bit. "Well, where do I begin? First, I heard you have knowledge of the different forces beyond our world that can influence, well, me," I gestured at my antlers. "But around the time I learned that, I was kidnapped by Daedra who told me to seek you and your knowledge about... toys."


"Toys? Yes, that's the term I like to use. 'Devices' is so cold and clinical. If I didn't know better, I would have been sure a man came up with the term. But no matter, avoiding Daedric entanglements is part of why I'm down in this cellar. So... if I wasn't so desperate for help, I'd have sent you away."


After a pause, she added. "But... I suppose I can't be picky right now."


I shrugged. "Well, I'm here to help now. What do you need?"


"I'm looking for particular artifacts. Toys, of the sort I wrote about in my book. Specifically, ones of Snow Elf origin. My research has indicated that after the passing of the Dwemer, but before they fully degenerated into what we know of today as the modern Falmer, the Snow Elves refashioned the toys that had enslaved them into powerful magical items to aid them. Intensely... potent... enchanted items."


"I think I know exactly what you're talking about. Go on," I said.


"Well, the reason I'm here is because one of the texts I found spoke of a site of great importance nearby. I was hoping to explore the area - an hopefully retrieve intact artifacts. The problem is... the way is incredibly dangerous, far beyond my abilities. And Larak, strong as his clan might be, has no interest in aiding me. I need someone... and by that I mean you... to go into the ruins and conduct the search for me."


I thought on that, asking, "what sort of dangers are we talking about?"




"The Falmer themselves, mostly. They're tougher and craftier than the goblins back in Cyrodiil, and some of them still have their ancestral magics. Other creatures, too, but the Falmer are the main threat. In any event, it won't be easy."


"That sounds challenging, but not beyond what I can handle. Though... do you have anything to even the odds in my favor?"


Millonce thought about that for a second before answering. "I have one item that might help. Or rather, you have one item that might help." She pointed at my long gloves, "I can still sense the latent magical power in those broken gloves. I'll repair them for you before you depart."


"I'll take any advantage I can get," I admitted.


"Good," she smiled, "let me get a closer look at them, then, and I'll get to work on fixing them."




I offered my arms and, with seemingly no effort at all, she slid off the gloves. Walking around behind me, Millonce set to work at her enchanting table. When she completed her work, she wordlessly offered the gloves back to me, and I tried them on. They didn't feel obviously different. Then I noticed the odd look Millonce was giving me.


"You're looking at me strangely," I observed. 


"Oh, yes, I'm fine. I was just... looking at... examining..." she whispered, trailing off at the end.


"Millonce? You were saying?"


Mumbling, and no longer meeting my eyes, she said "I weawwy wawnt uwu tuwu spank me.


"What? I don't understand what you're saying."


"I weawwy wawnt uwu tuwu spank me. Hawd wike the diwty swut thawt I am."


"Are you sure you're OK? Can you use, um, your big girl voice?"


"I need you to spank me like a dirty slut, you bitch!"


I took a step back at the outburst, then I laughed, shaking my head. "Dibella's Breath, you and Urag are really birds of a feature, aren't you? Well, bend over then."


Millonce practically threw her clothes at me before kneeling over my knee. I obliged her begging, first swatting her rear just lightly but quickly bringing my hand down with more and more force as her incoherent moans grew louder with each impact.




After the first couple dozen slaps, I could see her rear end reddening fast under my ministrations. In fact, it wasn't just the dull blush of perturbed skin but a veritable glow against the darkness of the cellar. I paused to watch the dim red light wax and wane within her cheeks and Millonce started thrashing her head side to side, begging for more.


"Don't stop now! This dirty slut needs her spanking! Do it! Do it! Pleeeeeeeeease!"




"Don't tell me what to do, you naughty whore," I hissed. I suspected that she was another one who liked humiliation - a kindred spirit to Nelacar, for sure - and she moaned loudly at my command. "Oh, oh mommy. I'm so bad. Punish me!"


I left my kneeling post, sitting with my legs crossed, and the lack of support under her hips caused Millonce to fall forward, laying face down on my lap. 


"Face in the dirt, whore. Filthy girls like you belong in the filth." 


She thrashed again, and I wrenched her left arm behind her back, then resumed her spanking. I didn't hold back, putting the full strength of my recently-enhanced muscled into the blows. In response, Millonce's breathing became faster and shallower, alternating between loud screaming and low moans.




"Are you enjoying this?" I asked in mock disgust.


"No... no mommy, I'm so sorry," she mewled, "I hate it. Punish me. I'm a bad girl."


I pushed her face down into the dirt before pushing my pointer and middle fingers into her pussy without any warning. They slid in effortlessly, provoking a squeak of surprise from the woman and a rapid series of twitches and contractions around my fingers and against my lap.


"You are enjoying this," I proclaimed. "Not just a whore, but a real pain slut then?"


"Mmmf mm mmwwwww," she howled into the dirt as I didn't let up the pressure on the back of her head. I wound back my hand and delivered another round of powerful slaps to her rear. 




Finally, Millonce stopped struggling and just lay there taking her spanks. I gave her a few more for good measure, before turning the woman over on her back.


"Oh, Divines that was so good," she gasped, a surprising expression of deep relief written over her face. "Now aww we need iws sowme hony awnd a fwew weatherw stwips..." she mumbled.


"Sweet Lady," I groaned, "my lap is soaking. Just how horny are you?"


Millonce's facial expression changed suddenly, shifting from ecstasy to consternation. "Oh No, no no no no," she practically gibbered. "The gloves, those gloves made me do it. They're clearly evil. I'm not a degenerate pervert, I'm not!"


"Sure, the gloves did it," I repeated dryly. "Any idea what they do exactly?"


Millonce hissed insistently, "first promise me you'll never speak of what happened her."


I laughed, "girl, I'm a Sister of the Temple of Dibella. I've seen it all and this is nothing. But sure, I'll keep your secret."


"I... I bet you have!" she said, with more than a little hint of accusation. "But I'm not like that! I'm not a pervert! Those gloves are clearly evil. Evil!"


"Whatever, evil, right. But you still haven't explained to me what they do."


"Aside from mind controlling people with perverted thoughts, you mean? Well, the enchantment I was trying to rekindle, that I did rekindle, is a magic dampening field. It'll protect you against magical attacks, in case you meet any of those Falmer shamans. Interesting..." she trailed off, stepping back a step.




Millonce squinted at me, cocking her head a little as she remained silent.




"The magical field, it's... how do I explain this? Its like its... attuned, to your... oh."


"My oh?"


"You have a powerful reservoir of magic in you. Not like a trained wizard has, but it's like your blood and your organs are infused with raw magicka. The more your passions are... well, roused, like your sex drive, more this reserve of magicka comes unbound, and it's resonating with the gloves, strengthening their power."


"I guess I should have expected this," she continued, talking more to herself than me, "many toys are powered like that."


Then looking back to me she concluded. "That means that it's your fault this evil thing overpowered my defenses. If it wasn't for putting them on - and being horny to an unsavory degree - nothing would have happened. Nothing."


"Um, sure."


"Actually, I might have another item to help you after all." She rummaged through her bag before retrieving something small and metallic. "Hike up your skirt," she ordered.


"Ah... what... whatever, fine," I said, obeying her command.


She crouched down between my legs, examining me in intimate detail.


"Do I want to know why you're looking up my skirt?" I asked.


"Spread your legs a little bit," she answered.


I obeyed her instructions, and I was rewarded with a sharp pain in my nethers, followed by another, duller pain.


"Ouch!" I called out, but before I could say more I was bathed in an explosion of blue light.




A moment later, it was gone, and Millonce was looking at me with a satisfied look.


"This piercing," she explained, "has a very faint, very old conjuration enchantment. I've never been able to get it to work before, but I think when your power is well-roused it may just come to life. According to my research, it summons a minor Daedra with immense strength and stamina - it should be a valuable resource in penetrating the artifact site."


"Piercing?" I asked, pulling up my skirt a bit more and pushing my hips forward to see what she'd done. "Wait, did you just pierce my clitoris? And put a gold ring in it?"


She nodded enthusiastically. "It's not exactly a ring. You're just seeing the top half from that angle. On the bottom there's a solid gold spreader that'll rub up and down against your inner lips. The whole thing is held in place with a little stud that'll put constant tension on your clitoris and pull it up and out of your hood. In fact, it'll be like it's erect all the time. Speaking in erections," she just kept talking, not giving me a chance to get in a word edgewise, "under the spreader there's a little tickler with a spiked ball at the end. More gold, so it's a nice soft metal with the tips blunted so it won't break your skin. It'll just keep tickling and stimulating you to help keep you heated up and get you erect as much as possible. Originally, I think the spiked ball was supposed to plug your pee hole, and pull the whole thing tight against you, but I bent it back and I think it works so much better this way. Plus it was really uncomfortable to pull out every time I needed..."


"Millonce." I said firmly. "Stop talking. I understand you're excited about this. You don't need to convince me"




She opened her mouth, then closed it again, then shook her head once.


"Yes, sorry, I got carried away. Did I mention that I'm a specialist in researching these... toys?"


"It was extremely evident," I said. "But I'm wondering one thing... the way you described it, you seem to have personal experience using this toy. I don't suppose this is another 'evil' item that overpowered you?"


Her eyes widened a little and then she crossed her hands over her chest defensively. Turning up her nose and looking to the side, she said, "enough, I don't want to talk about this anymore. Your destination is Darkfall Cave. Rest up if you need, but the sooner you can depart the better. You're looking for artifacts, but there's also some indication that an ancient wayshrine might be there. If you can find and activate it, you might be able to access even more hidden artifacts, and probably ones in better condition than what you'll find in the cave."


"How am I going to know I'm near one of these wayshrines?"


"You don't need to worry about that."


"Beeeeecause...?" I pressed


"Well, you see..." she said, "Oh, I don't know why I'm keeping it... secret..." Millonce blushed intensely. "Well, this toy has a twin. And, I'm... oh..."


"You're wearing it." I finished for her.


She wouldn't meet my eyes, mumbling, "I needed to fow my weseawch."


"Oh, not this again. Am I going to have to spank you to get it you to tell me whatever else you're hiding?"


"No! No! I hate spanking! I'm not a pervert. But... just like you resonate with the gloves, these piercings resonate with each other. Add in your natural magical reserve, and I think even from as far away as the cave I'll be able to... feeeeeeel... the power of the wayshrine. And then I can channel my magic through you to activate it."


"See, was that really so hard?"


She blushed deeply. "It... was. I'm sorry, its embarrassing. Everyone at the Synod thinks I'm a pervert. They don't even believe that these artifacts have real powers. Please, don't think harshly of me," she begged. "I really need your help, and its the only way to prove that this is serious research. Please?"


I let out a long exhalation before conceding, "fine, I'll help you. But I want you to understand, Millonce, I'm a Sister of Dibella. One day I'll be a priestess. You can speak to me openly about your research, about your feelings, about your wants and your needs. I won't think less of you."


She looked away again, then ever so briefly met my eyes before looking down at the floor. "Thank you, Kirstia," she said, "I'll... I'll try."


"Good. Now, you're right, I'm dead tired from the hike here and I need to rest." I started laying out my bedroll. "I'm going to take it easy for the rest of the day and then get a good night's sleep. Can you show me where the cave is on my map, and give me any tips about safely reaching it? I want to set out at first light."


With that, we set to work planning my adventure.



Behind The Scenes

As promised, here's a longer entry in the story. I ran into a weird and very annoying bug that was literally killing me near the start, however. Every time I made a fire for my camp, the game immediately advanced 3 days, leaving me dying of thirst. It took a fair bit of research, but I eventually localized the issue to a conflict between Living Takes Time and Campfire. Essentially, because Campfire uses elements of the crafting system for fire building, LTT was thinking I was crafting items at a workstation and substantially advanced the clock to reflect the time spent doing this. In the short term, I solved this by disabling the 'crafting takes time' element of LTT, but longer term I'll have to look at its script structure to see if I can find a way to blacklist Campfire's recipes.


The dream that happened at the start of the chapter was another odd interaction between Dohvakiin's Infamy and other mods. I actually frequently turn off the nightmare quest because it interacts weirdly with so many other mods, but I've left it on so far for this playthrough. Basically, the game spawned Nelacar for another sex fantasy dream, but at the same time SkyTEST or some other mod spawned a pack of wolves on top of us, and they attacked Nelacar repeatedly while our characters tried to align. Fortunately, Nelacar is essential, so I had the time to position myself in a way to get a good screen shot of the whole dumpster fire while he died over and over again. Eventually I got out my sword and killed the wolves, and after I helped Nelacar to his feet (thanks to the 'downed actor' menu from Sexlab Defeat) he went on his merry way, walking back home.


Speaking in Sexlab Defeat, I've been thinking a lot about Naked Defeat and I'm rapidly concluding that it's not meeting my needs for player death handling. Most likely, next iteration I'll be removing ND and just using good old Sexlab Defeat for all knockdown/defeat events. I'll revisit ND in the future when the mod has matured more. 

Edited by gregaaz


Recommended Comments

What do you not like about Naked Defeat? I've been curious to try out each defeat mod as this category of new mods seems to be all the rage. We have the Naked one, the Scrab one, and I guess the original 2? (have they been updated and stuff for SE?)

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1 hour ago, VirginMarie said:

What do you not like about Naked Defeat? I've been curious to try out each defeat mod as this category of new mods seems to be all the rage. We have the Naked one, the Scrab one, and I guess the original 2? (have they been updated and stuff for SE?)


The main problem I have is that the mod has pretty poor failure handling. For example, if I get staggered and the aggressors all get drawn into combat or otherwise distracted, the quest can hang or execute in really strange ways that leave me in a state where I have to use console commands to enable my controls and stuff.


I also have ongoing issues with ND screwing with mods that do dialogue outside of the conversation view. The big one being Sexist Guards, which breaks not only SG but also Naked Defeat itself.


There are also some interface issues where the mod isn't properly registering keypresses, possibly because of poor tolerance for high script load. 


Long story short, good old SL Defeat works better for me (though it still isn't perfect).


I'm using the Baka version of SLD, which as far as I know is the latest version and is for SSE.

Edited by gregaaz
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Regular SL Defeat seems to work best for me also. I usually turn off stagger/low stam and just use health. 



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Doing scenes/anything in combat, is hard. Sand box is harder that sequential quest stuff too. So its not easy to get these scenes right.


I spent much time on the SLaVE love shout... which is combat. And there's scenes triggering in combat for Toy Story now too.

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57 minutes ago, VirginMarie said:

Doing scenes/anything in combat, is hard. Sand box is harder that sequential quest stuff too. So its not easy to get these scenes right.


I spent much time on the SLaVE love shout... which is combat. And there's scenes triggering in combat for Toy Story now too.


Absolutely. ND has a lot of promising features and in theory it should be a competitive replacement for the player as victim module in SLD. I'll happily give it a second try in the future if it continues evolving and developing. 

Edited by gregaaz
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8 minutes ago, tznvlw said:



for Baka's SLD, How effective is the game and can run smoothly?


I've been running it for everything except player as victim and it seems to be running fine and smoothly. The knockouts don't fire very often because I use simply balanced and true armor, so combat is fast and deadly, but when they do happen, I haven't observed any problems. 

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