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HDT SexToys Fix



HDT Sextoys fixes a number of slightly broken animations that either lacked the intended sex toys, or put them in the wrong places.

It's a nice mod that makes those animations much more satisfying.


The original creator doesn't actually explain that this mod does a little more than just improving the collision, but it does.

I find it a must have.



However, it has a couple of little bugs that cause it to spam your log with nonsense rather frequently.


In some cases I found it's repetitive bug-spam made up about 30% of my log content!


This small patch fixes the broken attempts to use None values and silences the log spam.

Your HDT SexToys will run silky smooth...


Unzip and overwrite, or use your mod manager. There's no ESP change, this is just scripts.

HDT SexToys BugFix.7z




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