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Black Book: CK-Fu - my notes to the ultimate martial art of using the creationkit




Handling the CreationKit (CK) is a delicate task. Many pitfalls and twice as many workarounds await me. I need to collect myself some tips and tricks with the CK.



Note collection


ESM & ESP soft-dependencies

excluding NPCs and factions from quests

  • factions: WhiterunWounded, CR04ExlcusionFaction und CR08



  • Keywords are NOT case sensitive



Special effects

Vendors, vendor factions, ...





... to be continued

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Here's another.  The ID listed in CK is only for you the human.  The game doesn't give a damn what you change that too, its mainly for your reference.  If you do change it however it will ask you if you want to create a new actor record, that literally makes a whole new actor.  But if you click No it will then give you a popup as to how many references in game are using that actor and do you want to proceed, if you click yes you've changed the ID of every instance of that actor in the game.


What does that mean, well... nothing really.  You could for example make a mod that changes the ID of EncBanditDog to EncBanditStupidDog and its still the same dog and everything in game regarding that type of dog will still work exactly the same.


See that ID is just an alphanumeric name for us humans cause we don't do so good with strings of numbers.  The BaseID of EncBanditDog is a number, in this case 00054AE3.  That the game VERY much cares about cause that's how the game actually identifies every single actor, prop, script, etc in the game.  Change that and you'll screw up all kinds of stuff (and you'd need something like TESEdit to change it, CK isn't set up to do that).


Changing the ID in CK does count as an edit and means whatever is in that actor record will now override anything loaded before your mod, something else to keep in mind.  But other than that its a harmless edit you can use to help you identify stuff.  I did this a LOT in Prettier Bandits when I made all the female bandits, adding PB_ in front of the ID as a prefix so I could better track the stuff I'd changed (and new stuff I'd created, I made hundreds of new actors).  But the original female bandit actors that I'd changed their ID still have the exact same BaseID that the game actually cares about... so as far as Skyrim / TESV is concerned in game, my PB_EncBandit01BretonFMage is the same actor as EncBandit01BretonFMage.  The prefix (and in fact the entire alpha numeric ID) makes no difference to the game engine at all... its all about the BaseID.


So why add a prefix or things like that?  Makes it easier for you to find your stuff when editing.  In Prettier Bandits you can just filter with PB_ and you get every single actor record I edited or added (or should, I might have missed a few, I'm only human after all ?)   So for anyone, including myself, who needs to dig into what I changed or added, that makes it easier to find.


Also, its not case sensitive, but caps can help make it more legible.



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