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[SOLVED] Skyrim/CK - HowTo attach a skeleton to the wall shackles

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We all know the scene in Helgen's torture chamber, where we can find a skeleton attached to wall shackles. Or when we rescue Thorald Grey-Mane from the Thalmor.


I would like to create a similar scene, but have no idea how I tell the CK to put the NPC actor in the shackles. :classic_huh:

Can anybody point me to a guide or has done that knows how to do it?


Thank you :classic_happy:


Stupid skeleton:



Hush hush. Go back into your shackles! Hush! ? Must I get angry?


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The shackles should be a forniture. If they are you can just set the actor "skeleton" to use them.

If they are not, then you need to find a valid pose the skeleton should use with Debug.SendAnimationEvent(skeletonActor, "name of the pose animevent")

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