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About this blog

Hello! This is a project that I started purely for myself, but it's come along well enough that I thought a few of you in the community here might enjoy it. It's mostly made possible by the modders in community, after all! I started this project to test my own writing and photoshop skills, as well as play around with camera angles in a heavily modded Skyrim.


The events that occur in this story actually happened organically as I was playing this character. Of course, flair and flavor was added to the details themselves so that it would better fit a story, but on the whole this story developed naturally as I played Sirrae through a mod-heavy Skyrim game.


I've also attempted to tell the story in a lore-friendly way, with spins that make it more... devious. For instance; In this world of Skyrim, the Stormcloaks are winning the Civil War, and that has affected the environment in a way that - although definitely not canon - allows for  some interesting developments for the heroine.





This story involves some very disturbing concepts, such as: Bestiality, forced sex, widespread misogyny, and slavery. 


I know that plenty of you here won't have a problem with that, but if that's not your cup of tea, I'd advise you not to read on. The awful things that happen in this story are purely fictional, and should never under any circumstances be repeated in real life. Kinks are kinks, but people are real, and shouldn't be treated worse just because of their sex, nor should they be forced to do anything they wouldn't want to.



This is a several chapter story that also includes bad endings. Each bad ending is a possible "What if?" scenario that could have resulted if events in the main story went differently. They break the canon of the main story in order to offer an alternate (and usually much more carnal) telling of events. The bad endings themselves will be separated from the main chapter's contents, and uploaded as individual blog entries so they can be read separately.


Special thanks to SpyVsPieKarlpawsDevianna, Crw, and endgame † addiction for helping me find the blog section!

Entries in this blog

Chapter Six

Sirrae and company return to Solitude at the request of someone in the Blue Palace. It would appear that Potema yet lives... relatively speaking.    


renferal in Chapter Six

Chapter Five

Sirrae's adventure with her new travel companion continues...   Author's Note: Faendal was recast for this chapter, as his old actor was found to be quite unpleasant to look at...   Chapter Contents:  

Bad End #3

This bad ending takes place during Chapter Three, when the girls encountered trolls in one of their quests. In the main story, they were successful in defeating the monsters, but only barely.    Stories say that female adventurers defeated by trolls are never seen again...     Video Extras:          

Bad End #1

A bad ending on route to Solitude. Sirrae knew there would be dangers on the route, but...   What are these wolves doing? And what's that between their legs?!    

Bad End #2

This bad ending takes place in the middle of Chapter Two, as the girls are traveling back to Solitude after completing their quest.    Perhaps they were a little too sure of themselves...    

Chapter Two

Back on solid ground, Sirrae attempts to seek refuge from the war at Solitude. There she runs into an ambitious young adventurer who wishes to join forces with her.     Additional Credits:  

Bad End #0

This particular bad end takes place right as Sirrae is struggling to get away from her creepy, grabby argonian savior.    In the main story, Sirrae was able to get the better of her aggressor. But what would happen if she didn't?    

Chapter One

The beginning of Sirrae's journey starts with what she thought would be the end. Aboard a ship leaving Skyrim, a cataclysmic explosion devastates the ship's hull. Filling up with water fast, Sirrae must act quickly in order to survive.    
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