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  1. Devianna

    Secrets that we keep.

    Noooooo....that cliffhanger! But also - YESSS!! That cliffhanger! Seriously though, I both love and hate it at the same time. 😅 The whole episode is so action-packed and so wonderfully made and that ending really wasn't something I could foresee which makes it awesome. But on the other hand - I need to know more!!!! 😱 Hella is obviously extremely knowledgeable but without the protection of Hermaeus Mora I really do not see how she can survive the Pit and not have her psyche/mind damaged. By the looks of it that place is designed to turn anyone into a lust-crazed deviant. 🤔 Unless there's a way to harness all that lust and passion and wield it somehow. Maybe Sanguine was accumulating it there as a sort of weapon, or a power reserve. So many possibilities!!! Absolutely cannot wait to learn more! Amazing episode! Thank you for sharing it with us. 🤗
  2. Devianna

    Burn not your house...

    Ok, it's official. Emma is my spirit animal...err...spirit Vigilant of Stendarr?....spirit...ok, you get the point. 😅 Because really, if I was ever stuck in a world of Skyrim then "I have a teddy bear and I'm not afraid to use it" would be my (possibly only) defense as well. 🤣 And a party without pies?! What were they thinking?! 😱 I know that this should technically have a more serious tone and that Abigail's predicament is no joking matter but I'll admit it. I've been laughing at that " forget everything and go to sleep" line way more than I was supposed to. 😅 It's just that the whole situation is a bit hilarious: Wake up -> learn of the potentially crazy and slightly suicidal plan -> immediately be put back to sleep. Wake up again -> try to warn others about the potentially crazy and by now definitely suicidal plan -> get interrupted and again put back to sleep. Wake up one more time -> witness random, hot-looking daedric beings trash the whole room before disappearing. Abigail is having one REALLY strange day. 🤣 I loved the whole thing, from the first screenshot to the last. The visual effects, the dialogues, Hella being a gorgeous and slightly scary bad*ss, the very very hot sex scene. Special mention of course goes to Mr. Fluffers who saved the day! Thank you for sharing such a great episode with us! 🤗
  3. Glad to hear you guys are alright and congratulations with the baby-girl! 🥳 We're all happy to have you back! 🤗
  4. Thank you for the kind comment, Alter! I was actually able to find one of the larger mods in the exact manner that you suggested - somebody on a different site had it. ☺️ As for smaller things I'll just do what I usually do - improvise! 😅 As I've gotten most of the things in order, I'll try to have the new stories out soon(ish). 🤗
  5. What a lovely episode! ☺️ Just a calm, relaxing night in Baroness Karlov's household. Nora picked a good instructor for Hannah. Through her manipulations Valentina pretty much made sure that Hannah becomes grateful enough that she won't think of turning on Nora or Kristoff any time in the near future. Very clever! I went back and reread the earlier chapter with Stan's bucket spilling accident. I wonder if perhaps he picked up a slight masochistic streak since then and he's now looking for punishment from the Baroness. 🤔 Either that or he has temporarily lost his mind thinking that he could convince Nora to sleep with him. As always sensual and very hot sex scene! I love how some of your shots not just look like paintings themselves but also complement the actual paintings in the room. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us! 🤗 P.S. Those earrings look gorgeous on Nora. 😍
  6. And so the nightmare continues. 😱 I loved the scene with the healing spell turning into fire! It was so twisted, so brutal and even though it seems Gwynolda has some control over her dream state (she chooses her own actions and path), we can still see that the sudden death of the infected person has affected her. I also really like that the Tormentor chose the guise of mother Hamal while the voice most similar to Gwynolda comes from the guard. The long hallway scene with the Tormentor on the background was rather unsettling while this screenshot really has the perfect dreamlike atmosphere: I am also curious whether Vaermina's champion doesn't like Dibella in particular or just all the Divines in general. 🤔 His remark about Gwynolda's actions (the accidental murder) being very "Dibellan-like" was interesting. Though it might be him simply toying with Gwynolda and trying to make her feel guilty. While I'm worried about Gwynolda I also cannot wait to find out what the Tormentor has in store for her. He is a devilishly intriguing character and I end up wanting to see more of him. Beautiful screenshots and a great episode overall! Thank you for sharing it with us! 🤗
  7. Oh my! I can see why this would be one of your favorite sex scene sequences. It is erotic, sensual, almost tender and on top of it - nobody even dies! 😉 Despite the gorgeous intimate scene lasting through most of the episode we still got quite a few bits of story information here. Fina gave birth (yay!) but she wishes to leave. I wonder whether she's worried that Nora will be able to manipulate her by using her little boy or might turn him into her servant once he grows up. 🤔 Though Nora is generally civil towards those who work for her, using somebody to gain an advantage is something she's certainly capable of doing. I hope we'll see more of this being addressed. 🧐 Really curious about Thomas family history and his sister! Especially about why she is forced to hide now and why she dislikes him. Your screenshots are always gorgeous and masterfully designed but I am always intrigued by your story and the vampire world that you've created. We are slowly getting various hints about it : the prophecy/vision of Nora, her father and her possible sibling, the political workings of the vampire court, the mystery of the Duchess slain family. I get a feeling that there's something big coming and I cannot wait to find out what it will be! 🤗 Wonderful job, Alter! And as always, it is a pleasure to read your tale. 😊
  8. Everyone talks about epic dragonborns, brave adventurers, mystical super-beings and nefarious villains. Yet nobody mentions the real heroes of Skyrim - the city guards. These poor folks have to deal with myriad of scantly clad wenches, random mass slaughters and Thomas-the-tank-engine attacks on daily basis. Sure, we have fun testing out new mods, but who gets to clean up the mess afterwards? They do! 😅 Just a few Whiterun guard designs. 😇
  9. Devianna

    Riften Vigilante

    Amaya is a show stopper?! * voting for Amaya intensifies * 🥰
  10. Devianna

    Riften Vigilante

    Oooh, great entry! I really like the slightly sassy, humorous approach of your Vigilante! Personally I'd pick Amaya next, since she's a brawler. So a fighter failed, a brawler takes the contract. Presumably fails as well. Then we might have a hot lesbian scene ....erm, I meant, then we might have them both team up to take down the annoying Vigilante in order to save face and their mercenary reputation. 🤔 🥰 Of course regardless of what you decide to do, I'm eagerly awaiting the next part! 😊
  11. Thank you for the kind comment, Aylis. I agree, it is a huge pain but it does feel very nice once everything works the way you want. Congrats on updating your FO4, by the way! 🤗 🤣🤣 You've captured the feeling of reintallation perfectly!!! I don't think I've gotten to the masochistic side of it yet, though. I'm more in the " Oh gods, please just work already!" state. 😅 Thank you for the words of encouragement! I'll try not to delay the next story too much. 😇 Thank you for the kind words, Tirloque! I use separate profiles and separate saves for any scenes that have a jaxxoned surrounding, so nothing overwrites them (and in cases of smaller scenes I simply delete the save afterwards). Skyrim SE still lacks many of the more refined textures and ENBs that can be found for LE, but it's slowly getting there. With this new setup I was picking something that would provide pretty screenshots for storytelling while still allowing me to actually play the game (so nothing overly bright/dark/blurry etc). You're right about a plethora of new characters. 😅 This is one of those moments when I'm glad that my blog is called " Skyrim's misAdventures" and not "Kiki's Tale" because it definitely looks more like a collection of various stories. I would love to be more organized and disciplined in my writing like most of the authors here (you and the chronicles of Mereth, Crw and the naughty nuns, Alter and gorgeous Nora, Spy and Cassidey and many, many others) but I tend to be inspired by the most random things so at best all of my tales are just somewhat loosely connected. 😏 Still, I think as long as they are fun for me to make and entertaining for the readers to follow along it all works out. 🤗 Dear Malicia, Kiki is definitely very intelligent and pretty, just like you! And she told me that you have a great culinary taste because you also like cookies! I don't think Mrs Eira and Mr Cyrus would be able to marry, because their bosses wouldn't really approve of it. But because of their accidental binding they will be stuck together for some time, so we'll see more of their adventures at some point. 😉
  12. Thank you, Drunna! Strangest thing about the drums. I also kept hearing those while doing the first few screenshots 🤔 Must be a coincidence! 😅 Kiki is great at breaking 4th wall and just generally traveling through all my stories. The staff at the end is the skull of corruption from the vanilla game. I just upgraded the graphics a little (ok, a LOT) and now it finally looks pretty menacing. I really like the design as well. It's just the right amount of creepy. I'm glad you enjoyed this little episode! ☺️ No truer words have ever been spoken. I am now doing backups of backups! 😂 Thank you, Res! 🤗 Yes, I generally tried to improve the visuals while still keeping previously used ENB so my overall style could stay the same. I toyed with an idea of changing it, but I think if I suddenly went for a more somber and darker look my stories just wouldn't feel right. And yep-yep, I'm back to writing my completely lore-friendly (well, they are lore-friendly in my book at least) tales. 😊 Hehehe, thank you, Colly! It was either "Hey guys, so I broke my Skyrim" post or this. I figured if I'm going to explain why most of my stuff now looks so different I might as well make something fun in the process. 😅 The frustration levels were no joke, though. I even dipped into my secret stash of chocolate chip cookies at some point! And those were supposed to be for emergencies only 😱. And new stories are already in the making! 😇 Thanks, Jayomms! I know I said it before, but I really enjoy your little Sheogorath/Jay-omm snippets and commentary. They are absolutely great! 🤗 Thanks, DJ! ☺️ Skypocalypse was a bit scary. But everyone pulled through alright. As a result of it, some of my characters are on a well-deserved vacation right now. The new (and old) stories should be able to cover for them, though. 😇
  13. Hello, dear readers. Don't forget to check out Author's note in the end of the episode for important information 😳 . Author's note:
  14. After days of reinstalling, tweaking and updating finally got all the weather, texture and enb to work together without conflicts (hopefully 😵). Warning - nothing lewd, just pretty pictures. [/img]
  15. Devianna

    The games we play.

    By the Divines!!! I absolutely adore your Clavicus Vile! He looks exactly how I would imagine him! 🤗 (Must...resist...the...temptation...to hug...the Daedric Prince....😍) And he even has different-color eyes! All of the dialogues between him and Isabella were pure gold. "Barbas, is she trying to f*ck with us?" / "The horns remind of themselves, especially in low doorways." 😂 Plus it looks like we're going to get more story about the sexy and snarky sword! 🤩 Those new paladins of Stendarr seem to be rather capable and serious. Can't wait to see how they tie into the whole tale. 😮 Thank you for such a wonderful episode! There are so many things happening and they are all so curious!!! Really looking forward to more! 🤗
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