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  1. No matter how many times I read Cassidey's stories I never get tired of them. There is something so enchanting about her personality and antics (of course her investigative skills are superb as well 😊 ) Dirk came out wonderfully pervy. Everything from his facial expressions to the way he acts and even looks is pretty much a golden standard for sleazy, morally dubious characters. He's perfect! πŸ˜… I'm still of the opinion that Chief needs his own series or at least a separate episode. He's like a grumpy mentor-figure to Bran (and maybe to our little paladin in the future)
  2. Oh my, that was epic! 🀩 Creating such a long, detailed chapter must've taken forever. 😱 Ok, let's see if I'm getting the grasp of the whole story: The Darkness/Corruption existed for millennia and encompasses multiple worlds. It looks like it is connected to Jenny so wherever Jenny exists - the Darkness can follow (or is drawn to her). In Book One we learned that Jenny was the key to open the portal for Neverine but we do not know yet whether it was simply because Jenny was a virgin at the time or perhaps she has always been the chosen vessel for the Darkness and therefore h
  3. Hi Jfraser, I consider your stories a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. They are expertly written and it is obvious you have put a lot of thought and passion into creating them. Making separate blogs for your works will definitely make things easier to read and will allow you to keep better track of them. As long as you post just one entry per blog on the main page (and not 90+ new entries, seeing as you have a lot of chapters) I don't think anyone will mind. You've been on this site for a long time and you yourself know how we periodically get authors (usually new o
  4. Devianna


    Yes, there are gorgeous nuns having indiscriminate sex with the poor falmer (granted, the falmer were the ones who started it but by now it looks like even their stamina cannot compare to that of the girls). Yes, the special effects and the screenshots are beautiful and top notch. But can we please take a moment to appreciate the brilliant dialogues? The whole discussion about Gwen's appearance and all of the girls looking at her like she's a tasty snack was absolutely hilarious. And I have completely lost it at Mother Superior's comment of " little naughty ne'er-do-wells" 🀣🀣🀣
  5. Even if it is an uncharacteristically lewd chapter - I completely approve of it! In fact, maybe we'll get to see Adrea pay another visit or two to Sanguine's realm? πŸ˜‡ Huge compliments on getting Sanguine's model to do what you wanted, by the way. I know what a pain it is to work with his character (in my case I ended up recreating him as a separate NPC). I wonder if her new rings and bracelet will come into play at some point? They are a rather special present, after all. πŸ€” Great job overall and thank you for such a lovely holiday entry! ☺️
  6. What a lovely surprise! It is good to have you and your tales back, Tirloque! πŸ₯° Despite a somewhat grim topic you managed to turn this in a rather amusing and humorous little story. And seeing that laughter is the best medicine and it promotes longevity you just gave all of us a wonderful present this holiday season by sharing your work. πŸ€— I don't think you should worry about your screenshots being less refined. They are as lively and expressive as always and your writing carries the message through just fine even without complex action scenes. It would be great to
  7. Thank you for the kind comment, Drunna. ☺️ And there's no need to apologize. To adjust Gandalf's quote a little bit - "Comments are never late, nor are they early. They are written precisely when the reader means to write them." πŸ˜‰ I love your suggestion for the daedric/dwemer beeper! πŸ˜… I took a look at the screenshot and it really did seem like Trez would pull it out and start checking his messages. I might need to steal this idea for future chapters 🧐 I'm glad you enjoyed the writing. As much as I like creating pretty screenshots, dialogues are still my favorite part of making
  8. This setup has the potential to turn into a really lighthearted and hilarious series! 😊 Lady Ver is super cute! And she has a very noble goal in mind - to win the heart of Skyrim's (or in this case Bruma's) most desirable bachelor, the Crown Prince. And the only thing she knows about him is that he's a good-looking womanizer. I see no way anything can possibly go wrong there. πŸ˜… With your new ENB and textures your screenshots look even more gorgeous than before. And they seem to fit Lady Ver's personality rather well. I can't wait to see where this story goes!
  9. Cyberpunk certainly drew the attention of the whole gaming community but there's nothing wrong with that as long as people enjoy themselves (and are able to actually play the game, seeing as a lot of console owners had multiple issues with it 😡). And there's no expiration date on stories, so if the readers have fun reading them it doesn't matter if they check out the blog right away or many months after it's been published. 😊 I'm glad you liked the combination of our styles. Doing something like this is very different from writing a story solo or even working on a short collaborat
  10. What an interesting name for a chapter! I can see how Nora would have some of the qualities of the two-faced Janus. She does have a duality to her nature - on one hand she may seem civil and understanding (for example her conversation with Fina) but on the other it doesn't seem like she's willing to let go and will simply find other ways to get what, or who, she wants (as is shown with her asking Thomas to interfere). At the same time we are also getting a bit of potential deceit coming from Thomas himself. He was rather insistent on pointing out that the caravan has been destroyed by
  11. Thank you for the kind words, Tirloque! If even you can't tell which one of us implemented which twist that means we've done a decent job of combining our writings into one coherent style πŸ˜‰ Having stand-alone characters really helps to keep their overall image similar between setups while still maintaining a certain individualism through ENBs and presets. Happy you enjoyed the story! πŸ€—
  12. If you mean the chapters are close together, then yup. This is a one-time thing though (probably) and the rest of the chapters will be more spaced out. Glad you liked it! 😊 Hehe, I'm glad we were able to give you something interesting (hopefully) to read with your Sunday coffee. πŸ€— I like your train of thoughts. Misty definitely should conduct more experiments. For science! 🧐 Expect the unexpected! (This should probably become Raynor's motto while he's traveling with our little priestess-scientist) πŸ˜‰ Happy you liked the entry, Colly! Yes,
  13. Good eye, Tirloque. 🧐 Visual setup is indeed Spy's. Screenshots with my setup can be seen in Ch2 which we just published. While different ENBs and certain graphical elements might make it easier to tell who did the screenshooting work for any given chapter, with writing it becomes much trickier. Both of us write, rewrite and tweak all dialogues until they match the characters and the situation. Of course we could tell you which one of us came up with any particular plot point or dialogue line but that would ruin all the fun of guessing it. πŸ˜‰ I'm glad you enjoyed all the fine details t
  14. The adventure continues! 😊


  15. Devianna


    Yay! Your stories are back! We've missed them. And they have even more nuns per square foot than before! 😍 I'm really liking Ness. She looks like the only responsible adult there. 🧐 Great job with redesigning your characters ( with special mention going to Crimson Mother - she really stands out!) It seems we've already gotten Gwen back. But the important question is - will we get to see Emma again? (Maybe? A little bit? Just for an episode or 10? πŸ₯°) It's good to be able to read you again and as always - thank you for sharing your stories with us. πŸ€—
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