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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the story, Eva and it's good to have you guys back. I'm wishing you and your loved ones all the best! 🤗
  2. TL:DR Great chapter and a lovely, if sad, ending to Book 1. Hopefully we will get to see Book 2 at some point in the future. But even if we don’t, thank you for sharing your creation with us. It was a real pleasure to read and to follow Tabi’s adventure. 🤗 Somehow I get the feeling you’re not going to simply stop at the “TL:DR” mark, 😉 so let me tell you a story. I’ve read your new chapter yesterday and really liked all of the photoshop effects, screenshot setup, the writing and dialogues. But for some reason I just wasn’t ‘feeling it’. Sure, it was sad and grim but it was more like a favorite NPC dying, rather than a beloved companion and a partner. “Alright,” I thought to myself, “time to make some coffee and try this again. I’m obviously missing something.” Half a cup of heavenly liquid and one (ok, maybe 2) pastries later I returned to your chapter and this time around I clicked on the music links that you provided. Normally I read stories in silence but you include those soundtracks in your chapters for a reason which means they are part of inspiration for your scenarios and also part of the tale itself. I wanted to understand the chapter fully. With the first notes of music the whole episode transformed. Benor’s last thoughts became audible. Tabi’s tears turned real, her anguish - palpable. Her despair echoed through the walls of the cursed burrow halls which now held one extra inhabitant in eternal slumber. “So that’s what you were trying to show” I whispered to myself, “the breaking point of a pure, noble, if at times naive, soul.” The music added that one last piece that turned a story chapter from an entertaining read into an experience. Happy with my conclusion I headed out to sleep but as the morning came, something was still nagging at me. Somehow the events still didn’t paint the whole picture. Or perhaps they did and I wasn’t seeing it. I went back to LL and opened up your blog to the beginning entry of Mourning White, all the way from 2017. And there it was, staring back at me from the very first screenshot. The whole thing was a flashback! A memory! By the time Tabi started writing this tale, Benor was already dead! So many things became clearer then. Tabi’s narration was always in past tense and always tinted with underlying sadness and self-blame. The encounter with the mage and then with Urunach, the strange black, miasmic magic - all of those weren’t random adventures, but a setup for a larger, epic tale, which I’m guessing was supposed to span over multiple books/seasons. I was both once again overcome with admiration for the scope of work, time and passion that you’ve put into your tale and also with a sense of light embarrassment. After all, I’ve discovered something that most of your readers have probably known from the start. Be it as it may, it was my take on your masterfully composed tale and my conclusion is the same as indicated in TL:DR version - it was an absolute pleasure to read. And now on to part 2 ( you didn’t think I’d skip on your ‘author’s note’, did you now?😋). I can certainly understand your frustration with Bethesda’s EULA and your apprehension of publishing other parts of your work. But I have to agree with SpyVsPie there - regardless of the assets used for screens, the story and characters are all yours and no lawyer can take that away. The affront to literature that is ‘50 shades of gray’ aside, I know of a few examples where modders/storytellers who started out with sharing their work for free went on to successfully use their characters in a different setting and made excellent commercial products. One such example is a Neverwinter 1 mod called Demonheart. The mod and story was so masterfully written that it gained a large following. Seeing the story’s popularity the modder decided to try their hand at creating a game using the same general characters and plot but changing the setting of the story a bit (so not to have anything Neverwinter related in it). They ended up creating 2 games, one a visual novel and another an actual RPG which are now being sold on Steam and receive very positive reviews. From what I know they are now working on their 3d game but all of it started very much the same way we do things here on LL - writing an entertaining and lewd story and sharing it with the readers. Obviously you as the author know best what you want to publish and when and whether you wish to share your creations with others without getting any financial compensation in return. After all, our gratitude for your stories might feel nice but it won’t help you pay the bills or put food on your table. However if I may make a suggestion - you can always use LL as a platform to test out reader’s reactions and overall reception of your tales and scenarios. You can see what works and what doesn’t, what’s popular and what garners attention. This way you’ll gain an overall idea of how to adjust your story and turn it into something profitable should you decide to publish it by commercial means (making a book, comics, game and so on). And so with regards to this chapter in particular, to the story as a whole and to all the time and energy that you spend helping out newcomers, maintaining law and order in the blog section and keeping our small storyteller community together, allow me to conclude in a typical Devianna fashion :
  3. Thank you for your kind words! I'm happy you liked Bunny and her unbound optimism (though it is at times misplaced). 😅 As for sex, we'll find out a bit more about her take on that in the next few episodes. 😉 And you're right. As I mentioned before, SpyVsPie also uses Skyrim SE version and he was kind enough to consult me on numerous technical issues. 😊
  4. Gods, those movie/show references are killing me 🤣. Viva La Dirt League and Monty Python are both great choices for hilarious content. Plus Oneya's reaction to Gabrielle's ways of persuasion is priceless. 😅 Physical manifestations of Jenna's personalities (for the lack of better word) are kind of scary. But at the same time the vengeance that they brought with them felt really satisfying. This chapter was huge and I'm absolutely impressed by the amount of work, time and patience that must've went into it. 😮 And what is more astounding, even with such a large scope of work you still paid attention to small details (such as adding all the information onto holographic screens and creating a neon sign for Hunter Lodge). This was a wonderful, exciting, funny and slightly terrifying chapter. Amazing job! Thank you for sharing it with us. 🤗 P.S. We are going to completely ignore the fact of how late this comment is. Ok? Ok! Shhh, nobody saw anything. This comment has been here all along.
  5. Ok, I'll admit it. I completely lost it at Sinetica's "but this is MY room". She looks so perplexed there. 🤣 And when she was changing that title to "Basic Enchanting for Beginners and Blondies" she really didn't take into account Blond Beginner Vigilants with penchant for cookies and Teddy Bears. By the way, when I saw Emma with that vibrating thingy I actually thought she'd use it like a mixer to make whipped cream for pancakes. However using it as a massaging tool works great as well! 😅 I'm not saying you should do a whole series of Emma's adventures but.....you should do a whole series of Emma's adventures! Loved this little story. Great job! 😍
  6. You know, I was writing down a comment for your previous chapter, wanting to point out the emotional impact of the scene where Nora is punching out her reflection. But then I saw that you posted a new chapter and after reading this one I realized that the impact was MUCH stronger than I first thought. She really seems to despise not just Ahtar's father, but to some degree herself as well. At least due to what she had to do in order to manipulate him. I know that you usually concentrate more on the aesthetics of your stories but I just have to mention how excellent the dialogue was in this episode. Nora practically rolling her eyes while going through the expected routine of "yes yes, you're so awesome" was a great addition. Especially the moment where she slips and says " you're so big", quickly correcting herself with " I meant your fingers". It really shows just how detached she is from the whole process (plus it was pretty funny 😅). And of course Nora's narration of her plans for Father's demise and him being so caught up in his lust that he completely ignores the fact that she's being serious was a really nice touch. I also really liked the momentary transformation of Father's hand. It was unexpected and I wonder whether it was shown to indicate him losing himself to the beast within or was it more to point out that he's an old and powerful vampire? 🤔 The ending spoiler has me a bit worried, though. Maybe it was just my imagination but it didn't seem like Ahtar was that thrilled with the prospect of marriage when Nora announced that they have Father's permission. It feels like she might be heading for a heartbreak and a scorned Nora is an extremely dangerous individual (more so than usual). Really looking forward to finding out more. Gorgeous work as always, Alter. Thank you for sharing it with us! 🤗
  7. Oh my, there are SO many favorites that I have for this chapter. The whole dream sequence coupled with that soft, twilight lighting really gives off a serene, almost wistful atmosphere. The fact that Cass isn't just a cute, bubbly paladin but an actual, capable warrior that went through rigorous training is pleasantly reassuring and also adds a lot of depth to her. And of course, the whole part about Anise is just perfect! That expression is so sinister and at the same time intriguing: Now that I think about it, while I realize that Mister Chief is a minor character it would be great to learn his backstory. Maybe of his younger days. 🧐 He takes up just a few screens but he is incredibly expressive and he also has an almost permanent look of "I'm so done with this crap". It's great! 😅 As always, looking forward to more! We can never have too much Cass! 🤗
  8. I know I've said it before, but - WELCOME BACK! We missed you and your tales! 🤗 A new Skyrim game in which you're trying to do everything (especially if you have mods installed) is bound to provide a few hundred hours of entertainment, at the very least, so have fun there! 😅 Absolutely loved the story, the characters, the action scenes and all the photoshoped effects. Special mention should go to the orphans with the sweetrolls scene. It was so touching and so wholesome. And of course another special mention should go to the little book edits that you created for each spoiler. They added just the right touch of narrative to make it truly feel like we are reliving the events of a great adventure tale. Thank you for sharing your work with us and I cannot wait for the next chapter! 😊
  9. First of all - YAY! Good to see you back, Wanobi! 🤗 Second - I'm glad there are so many things that you liked about this story. ☺️ All of those strategic shots were relevant to the plot. Honest! I love the idea of Mr. Hoot sounding like 'annoyed male'. It really suits him. The relationship between Trez and Bunny is a complicated one. It's a bit of a 'young manager that is put in charge of a much older and much more experienced coworker', which provides for a lot of amusing (for me) and highly annoyed (for Trez) dialogues. 😅 Grandma Ylsa is hot, I agree. 😉 And no need to worry, the comics are here so you can read them any time you like. Divines know I also still have quite a lot of catching up to do with many wonderful stories that's been posted recently ( yours including!). Thank you again for your comment! ☺️ Thank you for the advice! I have been adding the tags at the start and end, as you pointed out. (so it was [ img ] in the beginning of spoiler and then [ /img ] in the end). I will try omitting them next time.
  10. Thank you for your kind comment, Tirloque. I guess I tend to like bringing together characters with personalities that are complete opposites of one another. It's just too amusing to write for them. 😅 I remembered that you mentioned at some point that it's nice to see more variety of events happening in a chapter, so while my heroes still talk a lot I slowly started to include a bit more action into my tales. I'm glad you enjoyed it. 🤗 I use only regular tags in each spoiler and all the spoiler images are within those tags. Does it mean it's too few? Or can I simply omit the [/img] tag at the end? 🤔 Author: Dear Malicia, it just so happened that Bunny and myself like owls. It's pure coincidence, really! 😉 As for Trez, Bunny modified the summoning spell a little bit and added a poem to it. You should try doing it as well and maybe you'll summon somebody nice too.
  11. Thanks! Glad you liked it ☺️ It is actually incredibly flattering and touching to find out that the reader 'came for the porn, stayed for the story' ☺️. Thank you for your kind words and I'm happy you found this little tale entertaining. Thank you for your comment, Colly! 🤗 I really like how you pointed out "Devianna formula". I guess there is a certain style, both visually and theme-wise to all of my stories. 😅 I'm glad that you picked up on the fact that this tale was an elaborate introduction of the main characters. I'll try not to make readers wait another 2 months for the update, but no promises! 😂 (Seriously though, hopefully it won't take as long for the next chapter to come out). Oh wow, Alter. Considering how stunning all of your screens are, that's an extremely high praise. Thank you for that! 🥰 I am using the same ENB as before, but after reinstalling Skyrim, I changed my lighting mod, overall textures and tweaked everything so the graphics are a bit softer now while still staying vibrant. And of course, thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you liked the screenshots and enjoyed the story. 🤗
  12. Thank you, Wilson! Glad you enjoyed it 😊 Actually it was the hellhound puppy that made a mess out of Archmage's quarters. In a very demonic-puppy kind of way. 😅 Though it is also entirely possible that the Archmage did start drinking afterwards. 🤣 Hehehe, thank you, Jayomms. Glad you liked the story. ☺️ And yes, being summoned by someone named " Bunny Sparkles" is probably very aggravating 😂 Naturally! Grumpy, sarcastic, judgemental owls are the best! 😂 Very unexpected! For all parties involved! 🤣 I've never heard of that webcomic before, but I went to look it up now and you're right - it's great! Thank you for recommending it. 😊 I can definitely see some similarities, though Bunny's personality is slightly different from Vilga's. As for Trez - he would rather not have anything to do with her at all. 😂 Thank you so much for your kind comment. 😊 Bunny simply prefers intellectually-stimulating past time, rather than engaging in frivolous activities like her peers...yeah, ok, you're right - she's a nerd. 🤣 Thank you! Glad you liked it. ☺️ Happy you enjoyed the story! ☺️ Bunny's home is from this mod (available both for SE and LE). https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/91304 I'm not sure where exactly the mod author got those drawings but you can probably just pull them out of the resources directly from the mod itself. 🤔 Aww, thank you for your kind words, Crw. 🤗 I wasn't planning on it originally, but Bunny's design ended up being kind of adorable so I kept it. I'm glad people like her. And you're absolutely right - there's some intrigue going on there 😉 Thanks! If you mean Bunny's outfit, it's Ram Horn Witch by Team TAL.
  13. Hello, dear readers. It's been a little while (give or take 2 months), but I'm still alive! Yay! And as promised, I'm still writing stories! Double yay! 😊 Before we begin, I hope all of you are safe and healthy. The world is still a bit crazy right now, so stay home, take care of yourselves and your loved ones and of course - play Skyrim! 🤗 Now on with the story. In the last entry, Kiki informed us about a mysterious witch living deep in the woods. So I've decided to properly introduce her to you. I hope you'll find her adventures entertaining. 😉 P.S. Special thanks to @SpyVsPie for all the technical and fashion advice.
  14. Devianna

    Breaking point.

    This chapter is so funny, so exciting and so intriguing - it's absolutely perfect! Your Emma is far too precious. Nothing bad will happen to her, right? Like ever. She should just have her cookies and cakes and a teddy bear and randomly recharge people's slave collars and go on dates. That's it! 🤗 I am joking of course (or am I? 😈). You are her author and you did a marvelous job with her character. I loved that vampire on the ceilings scene. It actually creeped me out. 😱 How did you achieve that upside-down effect? Is it jaxonz or the poses themselves? 🤔 Even though we got some answers to the cliffhanger regarding Hella from the previous chapter, we are now left with even more questions! Does she still have her own will? Does she even know what happened to her? What are her new powers now and how will they be used? 😮 I know we'll have to wait in order to find out and I'm super excited about it! As always, thank you for sharing your wonderful stories with us. 😍
  15. Sooo, there's no expiration date on the comments, right? Two+ months late still counts, I hope 😅. No matter how many times I've read this chapter I still cannot get over the fact of how wholesome Bran is. He is a genuinely good person and an excellent companion for Cass. Plus he's a great influence as he actually made her realize that the soldiers weren't exactly as 'professional' as they'd like to appear. Cassidey's story about her days in the orphanage is so endearing and sad and I doubt she even fully realizes it, which adds even more charm to her overall personality.😳 But even though the reboot seems to have a slightly more serious tone it is still filled with delightfully crisp humor which all of your readers grew to love. Whenever you decide to continue I'm definitely looking forward to more of your stories. Amazing job as always! 😍
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