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    Holy Cookies, Lady Nightingale is impressive! 😮 So much so that I'm kind of worried about that captured dremora's well-being. Though it's good to see that his sense of humor is staying top-notch despite his predicament. 😅 Loved her plan to send in the weak squad first in order to have an excuse to send stronger warriors afterwards. And that last line is absolutely great! "If Stendarr wants us to invade Skyrim - we will" 😱 👍 Poor Gwen. She just can't catch a break. She was having a hard time before the reboot and it doesn't look like things have improved since then. And thos
  2. I agree with commenters above me - your best bet might be to simply create a blog. Even though there are some authors that have 100-200 images per chapter, 50+ is still really good and depending on the flow of your story that amount might work best for you. Few suggestions, if I may: you mentioned your screenshots are 3440x1440 high resolution. While they might provide higher quality, something with such large resolution (especially if it's also a png file) will take forever to load and will strain reader's internet connection/PCs. Most of the writers chose to lower their image
  3. Hahahaha...You are more correct than you realize. 🤣 I might do a character sheet for Bunny and the rest of the gang at some point and in terms of stats, Bunny is severely lacking in strength/dexterity/constitution departments 😅 Her intelligence and charisma are through the roof though 😅 And yes, some of her shortcomings in the stamina department will play a role in the future
  4. Well, breathing is definitely involved....and some flexibility as well...overall allure doesn't hurt either. 🤔 I think you're on the right track! It's definitely yoga exercises classes! Yup! Nothing else!
  5. Glad you enjoyed this chapter! 😊 Trez did take some liberties with interpreting Bunny's commands there. 😅
  6. Very keen observations indeed! 🧐 Bunny does tend to follow her heart/emotions/curiosity when she practices magic which does not always end up with the result that she expected to have 😅. However, the main reason Trez cannot directly refuse her commands is still Bunny's willpower and raw talent. Regardless of how adorable she might be, if he would be able to act out on his instincts the first time she summoned him, Trez would simply kill her and go back to the Deadlands. As you correctly pointed out - Hellhounds are no lap dogs, and dremora lieutenants are not exactly "bestie"
  7. Wow! I'm impressed you picked up on so many smaller details so quickly! 😮 Bunny's interest in dremora and conjuration does run in the family. One of the reasons for that will be touched upon in the upcoming chapters. I am also really surprised (and glad) you remembered Bunny's spell. You're absolutely correct - the specific wording and flourish that she added to the incantation worked exactly as intended. Trez does have the qualities that she asked for. However, he's still an extremely old, powerful being in the service of the Prince of Destruction while she's just an overly
  8. Glad you liked it, Jayomms! And that hairstyle is great, isn't it? 😉 Aww, I'm sorry that the wait is so long. But I'm happy that you find the story entertaining enough that you still check it out even with the 2-month breaks between the episodes. 😳 Thank you for the kind words, Colly! 🤗 Thank you, Eva! It's good to see that you're still visiting LL. And I'm glad that my stories are still able to make you laugh 🥰
  9. It's wonderful to see you here again, Prince! We've all missed you! 🤗 Glad to hear you're doing alright and my best wishes to you and your family. 🥰
  10. Thank you for the compliment, Tirloque, but in case of custom poses (I'm assuming you mean Mr. Hoot) all the praise should go to SpyVsPie. He is the one who made them. I am simply trying to creatively apply them in my story. 😊 All things considered, Trez really does act rather composed, doesn't he? 😅 It's not every day he gets summoned by someone like Bunny but he's trying to make the best of it (or at least to finish up the assignment as quickly as possible). And poor Bunny - the 'morning after' conversation did leave her just a tad embarrassed but still a little bit curious.
  11. Haha, I agree - Nicolai Thorn does sound like he has Slavic/Soviet roots. I was going for a bit of stereotypical-sounding necromancer/mad researcher names (you know like Victor, Vlad, Dmitrius, etc). And I'm glad that among other things you found his backstory touching. While Nicolai might not have been ' lawful good', he definitely wasn't evil back in his human days. He simply fell victim to circumstance and his own ambition. This chapter ended up showing three different events (Mr. Hoot's memories, Bunny/Trez adventure, Menalia's machinations) and I tried to balance them out
  12. Thank you! Nicolai's flashback is one of my favorite parts of this chapter as well. I tried to give the main points of his backstory without boring people with too many details. I'm glad that it seems to have worked out well. And of course his owl form (aka Mr.Hoot) is absolutely awesome! 🤗 Thank you very much for the kind words, Alter. I think I mentioned it earlier, Mr. Hoot was a gift from SpyVsPie back when we worked on our collaboration (mainly because of my avatar 😅). And since I loved the little owl so much and started using him in Bunny's story,
  13. That apartment looks gorgeous! Simple yet elegant. Wonderful job, Alter. P.S. I got the notification for this post, so I think the issue might be fixed 😊
  14. Glad you liked it and thank you for informing me about notifications. 😊 At least one person reported not getting it, so forum might be a little glitchy. 🤔
  15. Thank you for the kind words, Drunna. For a walking, talking machine of pure destruction Trez did end up having quite the amusing personality 😅 (and maybe he enjoys teasing Bunny just a little bit 😉). You make an interesting point. I never thought of it, but I guess the eyes and the reflections in them do help to convey facial expressions better 🤔. Menalia has various means of getting what she wants, but sex and money are her preferred choices. Mostly because they make manipulating others that much easier. Could you let me know whether you got a notification for this
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