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  1. It seems more like a bait to have a winning argument to me, but if it is, oh well.
  2. You're missing the point of my post and the part where that grifter regards the life of POS instead. I'm not arguing the aspects of what cost more or not. And on that notion, I would rather my taxes go towards helping kids than someone who deliberately takes the life of someone else out of malice. These scums should be hanged or shot in the head for their crimes. We don't need them.
  3. Not that I know of. You're best bet is learning to conversions of the armor/outfits of your choice.
  4. And a 1 year old perfectly knows about consent even though it's a human being. Your logic goes right out the window.
  5. Then that falls into the recklessness of the two who decided to have unprotected sex bringing an unwanted child into this world. I mean, to do that knowing that child is going to be on the streets is pretty messed up.
  6. I don't respect either choice. It's not the unborn's fault for what ever circumstances. Abortion used to be frowned upon., it's mostly done out of inconvenience and lack of accountabiliity and responsibility. A free pass is always given and tax payers have to cough up to support it who want nothing to do with it. If they want to abort, they can pay for their own fuck ups just the same for those who want everyonee else to pay off their college debt.
  7. I look forward to getting my offroad rig done so I can start doing some overlanding. Probably find someone to tag up with so we can have each the backs of each other in case things start going south. Great thing about living in the southwest is California, Nevada, utah and Colorado have some of the best trails. One thing I don't look forward is ever going in large groups. I personally think that ruins the experience.
  8. Speaking of lives. I don't know how someone can disregard the life of an unborn in one hand but claim that a murderer's life matters in the other. I think TOL put it best.
  9. The animations from AP are crap, but at least with AP you can finish the scene when you want.
  10. Probably go join one of them dying, if not dead clubs. Or blog it.
  11. Unicorn was never released. Either due to not being finished, but more the likely the author of OSEX losing enthusiasm over this project.
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