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  1. Oh, right. Forgot about them Todd lies. Stupid me. What was I thinking.
  2. This must be a disappointment for those who were looking forward for it on PC. lol I wouldn't be surprised if FO and TES follow suit. That would be hilarious.
  3. Games in general are dead to me. Nothing lives up to my expectations because I've pretty much have grown past games with a fixed story line that tend to be poorly alone. I have greatly lost my interest in what passes for an RPG these days. And if I can't heavily mod it, I'm not bothering. So SPG or MPG, they're both pretty much dead to me. I had hoped CP2077 would be very similar to the table top, but it's just mainstream garbage.
  4. A useful feature for OS would be to allow us to invert the mirror so that when we use the transform tool the mirrored side doesn't move vertices on the x,y or z axis in the same direction, but rather the opposite.
  5. Not bad. I got a 970 as well. Great for 1080.
  6. So how much longer is it going to take to get posting comments to return to normality? It's getting incredibly annoying having to refresh the page.
  7. If you are willing to buy off ebay, you have to be extremely careful. I bought one off a trusted buyer. Card still running excellent after 3 years. Dead givaway it's fraud is if they use an advertised image and don't show the actual card in many images.
  8. How much are you willing to spend for a GPU?
  9. https://notablelife.com/xennial-millennial-definition/ Yep that's where I sit. I knew it was a mistake to lump me in with millennial generation. I never grew up with participation trophies or entitled to anything. Didn't grow up narcissistic. At most, I was conceded, sure. I grew up to cassettes, VHS, camcorders which then were reduced in size and used a smaller VHS tape and a screen that could pop open. Grew up to grunge music, Nu Metal, gangsta rap, 80s hip hop, electric funk and break beats, goth rock, etc. In middle/high school, people were divided into groups in the cafeteria
  10. I would recommend MO/MO2 for Fallout 3. I prefer virtual overwrites over physical ever since using it for Skyrim. If you are after sex mods, Not going to find anything new for Fallout 3. Animated Prostitute is garbage. But if you insist using it, you can do what I do and swap the animations from the sex mods here to it. Works pretty well. As far as mods being produced. It's very small, but still active. Currently there are a few animators and someone redoing a lot of the meshes to make Fallout 3 look more modern.
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