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    Oh, lots of :D Fantasy, Fantastic, Grim-fantasy, Cyberpunk, WoW-lore, Wow Fel corruption and #corruption in general, Post-app, F4, FNV, Skyrim, League of Legends, Darkest Dungeon, Medicine, Psychology, Art, Workout allmost everything u name it!)

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  1. Crw

    New blog, who dis?

    Nice character, this suit suits her (lol) @Resdaynknows a few nice Dwemer devices, right?
  2. Crw

    Star Wars: Renna I

    Oops, sorry for this. I just don't know how to describe a process when one light saber hits another, and they doing like *bzzz*
  3. Crw

    Star Wars: Renna I

    Well, something like this. I'm bad at this too. But as far as I know, you tried to use paint.net once and it’s more than enough for that. ^_^ UPD: Well, this is not the best example, but something like that. This is certainly better: updx2: anyway, just a suggestion ^_^ You did a good job
  4. Crw

    Star Wars: Renna I

    I have been waiting for this chapter ^_^ nice work Reminds me my old SWKoTOR and SWTOR playthrough. :nostalgic tear: I once thought about creating a chapter on a similar subject. I am glad that you have succeeded in this, 'cause unfortunately assets amd resources in Sky is limited on that theme =( Didn't you think to add some visual effects from the pitch of swords? To make it more like SW? UPD:
  5. Crw

    No Hero - Entry 7

    Cool episode, love that face of Lidya (Is that Lydia, right?) and thanks for the link, looking for something like this for a long time ^_^
  6. But jokes aside. Nora is gorgeous, as always, in every detail. Kristoff's gentle approach touches and fascinates. And as always, a delightful work with lights. Amazing work ^_^ I look forward to the continuation (worrying and sympathizing for Hanna)
  7. Was this a damn fun and interesting chapter? Does Сass look great? Is Karliah the sexiest danmer in Rift? Am I waiting for the continuation? Seriously, great job.
  8. Sticking to @Tirloque's advice, I decided to watch a bit stuff of what I missed at one time, although this is a significant (even cult) in anime and animations in general. And now I am so FKNG! inspired. I can't exhale.
    I can not say that my level of English has grown from this. But I am pleased.





    UPD: The next chapter will be a bloodbath, that's for sure.

    1. Tirloque


      Oh you've found this OST as well ! It also inspired me almost directly a character for Mourning White. There'll be some months until I can publish entries involving him though, but it seems I wasn't the only one pumped by this precise song. ^^


      About leveling your english, don't worry about it. Just watch what you watch in english, and it'll improve passively, little by little. :classic_wink:

    2. donttouchmethere


      Hey that OST remembers me of



      just with more spilled guts! =D

    3. Crw


      @Tirloque I watched the whole series. 1997, the golden age trilogy, and the new adaptation (16-17 years) in 3 nights. I don’t even know which of all this inspired me more, but this ost crawled into my soul, or whats loft of it, after immersing in this series. :D 
      Thak you ^_^ Working on it. Little by little :) 

      @donttouchmethere Unfortunately, I missed Evangelion aswell :D  Pathos, but a little slow for my tastes. But I like this ost ^_^

  9. Crw

    In Pursuit of Knowledge

    Ol' good tentacle-Hema theme. Actually the green light make it a little more predictable, but everything looks really cool, from characters and plot to effects and lewds Yay ^_^ wait.. you are not going to kill her in the next one, are you?
  10. Crw

    ONE TIME OFFER - don't miss it!

    Oh my... Can't stop myself from laughing. someone (Malicia) will be very angry:)
  11. Crw

    Tirloque or Trilog

    But... But we already have WANOBI...
  12. Crw

    Chapter Twenty: Release

    "Cutting off bouners" ROFL nice one:) as soon I saw Karliah I thought about scissors stuff ^_^ Freeman come true, yay ^&^
  13. Crw

    So I play Fallout 4

    Ain't she supposed to do other stuff with mutants, no? UPD: Brotherhood doesn't approve
  14. Crw

    Chapter Nineteen: The Plan

    Excellent entry, beautiful Karliah(She's not bald, yay ^_^) and I like the plot development and their origin.
  15. Crw

    Tirloque or Trilog

    I have a confession to make. Despite the fact that I always try to write nic correctly, every time I read it I see TRILOG... every god damn time. Sry, Tirloque I still vote to keep tho