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    It's all about naughty nuns ^_^
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    Oh, lots of :D Fantasy, Fantastic, Grim-fantasy, Cyberpunk, WoW-lore, Wow Fel corruption and #corruption in general, Post-app, F4, FNV, Skyrim, League of Legends, Darkest Dungeon, Medicine, Psychology, Art, Workout allmost everything u name it!)

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  1. Crw

    Secrets that we keep.

    Well, yes and no ^_^
  2. Crw

    Secrets that we keep.

    Thanks ^_^ Oh yes, but we're not done with her yet ^_^
  3. Crw

    Secrets that we keep.

    Yay! Thanks I always try to make them colorful ^_^ And in this chapter, the contrast between pink (closer to purple) and toxic green is the main idea, as you notice ^_^ Shokushu Goukan?
  4. Crw

    Secrets that we keep.

    Greetings, dear traveler I am pleased to present to your attention the next chapter of the adventures of the ill-fated Sisters, Roses and the people around them! And hope you enjoy it. And why I wish you a pleasant viewing. ^_^ Your feedback, comments and ideas are always welcome. ^_^And may the force serve you well
  5. Crw

    Burn not your house...

    Hah, thanks! Did I mention that Emma is inspired by your work in geteral and SpyvsPie's Cass in particular ? ^_^ I don’t know what these guys were thinking, but they are now dead. I do not think this is a mere coincidence. Many thanks to you, and I'm really glad that you like it ^_^
  6. Well I be damned! I just today checked Prince profile, thinking that I kinda missed all your trio, guys ^_^ Happy for all of you, and just glad that you came back ^_^
  7. Crw

    Riften Vigilante

    Question of tastes I suppose. And I didn't notice in a first time that she had a Wolf School medallion on her neck.
  8. Crw

    Riften Vigilante

    Wow! I see you did an update! Great job, and great idea with 30 days challenge! But I’m not completely sure that it’s worth using the same entry for new chapters and all that... But I definitely like Illysa and her style. ^_^ What can I say, a cat person Pretty hot sex scene and interesting outcome ^_^
  9. Thanks Tirloque! Glad you liked it! This is a rather old header. Managed to get a decent amount of approvals on the Nexus, I’m thinking of using it for the "Order" chapters on a more permanent basis. ^_^ A bit Alert. I think that she wants to show that the Order funds are spent on essentials. ^_^
  10. Huh! Thats a pretty great idea! ^_^
  11. I can’t deny it. Most of the girls in my stories end up pretty much the same. ^_^
  12. Thank you very much Colligon! I'm glad you like it. ^_^ Because you are one of those people, looking at the work of which I tried to get skills and knowledge in terms of taking screenshots. ^_^
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