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  1. Crw

    Déjà pensé

    Yay, thank you very much Tirloque, I am very glad that you like it, and especially I like that your assessment of my writings becomes more positive (I hope this is due to the improvement of my skills) Well, jokes aside, I cleared the cache and tried it several times, but from my side there are no problems both with direct access by the link to the picture, and with its display on the blog page. With all of the pages. Well, good that in the images you pointed there is nothing beside image of the scene. No text, no actions. Anyway, I'm not sure what might cause it, but i'll see what I can do. : « Medical fact - 'Yellowing of the eyeballs whites (Jaundice) may indicate a serious liver disease, or even a liver failure.' So I agree on that, "evading" chlamydia was a pretty wise choice. »
  2. Crw

    Déjà pensé

    Hah! Thanks Collygon! ^_^ Noted! but really, sometimes I want them to be done faster, otherwise why do I have scripts 10 chapters ahead >_<
  3. Crw

    Déjà pensé

    Thank you so much Collygon, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. I'd really like the stories popping up in my head to come true quickly, like with a flip of a magic stick, but then it probably wouldn't be so much fun, I suppose I'm really sorry sometimes that it requires so much time, and always thinking how to optimize a process without loss in quality ^_^
  4. You picked up a wrong tavern, elves.🧝‍♀️
  5. Crw

    Déjà pensé

    Yay, many thanks, Wilson99! Glad if you like it ^_^ Thanks Jay! I really do love this effect myself! Never thought it would be cool like this ^_^ Yes, yes aaaand yes. Almost the entire second season is about that she thinks she knows something, but in fact does not know. (or something like that, I know thats sounds silly -_- ) But I'm really glad you noticed it ^_^ Well, originally Déjà fait was supposed to be a part of this entry, but it turned out to be too big (and I really mean it! 8 spoilers, 120+ images! 🤯), so I separated it into an independent chapter, because it as a whole can exist on its own, as a separate, albeit short, but complete story of some specific moment between a two sisters. And as I already said (I think I do, but I'm not sure 😅 ), I wanted to show how it happened that the twins ended up so far from each other. I am very glad that you liked it! I think now I will give Gwen the opportunity to repeat this encore a couple of times. I think I have a tendency to hide difficult life stories behind cute faces (Guess what is hidden behind her cute little face? Ha!). Of course, how can I send her to work hungry! Do not worry, she got everything she needs for a productive work, + a dessert ^_^ Thank you very much Devianna for such praise and such a detailed reaction! I am very glad that you like it ^_^
  6. Crw

    Déjà pensé

    Hah! Well, I think that this is pretty healthy reaction Yay, thanks Tex ^_^
  7. Crw

    Déjà pensé

    Yay, many thanks EvalovesEP ^_^ I'm glad ifnyou enjoyed that:)
  8. Crw

    Déjà pensé

    Well, greetings there, dear traveler And once again, welcome to the second season of the adventures of the well-known Co! What happens to Gwen next? How does Nessa deal with these events? And how will our heroes cope with today's difficulties and who will help them in this? Let's find out together ^_^ I wish you pleasant reading! ^_^ And special thanks to a special guests for this season Angela and Mercy by Agent Tex Your feedback, comments and ideas are always welcome ^_^ And have a nice day
  9. Nice stuff! ^_^ Is that AE? Or somthing old?
  10. Good stuff! She's available as one of your followers?
  11. Wow, great work! The chapter is simply overflowing with a romantic-gothic atmosphere and a sense of intrigue! Great job, Alter!
  12. Crw


    They all need to relieve stress somehow ^_^
  13. Hah, yeah Seems I failed to express my thoughts 😅
  14. Although you claim that apart from "copious amounts of lewdness" in your story this time there is nothing, I have to disagree. You failed to "just went with it". You managed to create interesting and deep (in a sense) characters with an interesting story and relationships, and this is a worthy story in itself! And I agree with all the above, "mistress Alanda" is sure pretty hot! Amazing work, Devianna! ^_^
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