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    It's all about naughty nuns ^_^
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    Oh, lots of :D Fantasy, Fantastic, Grim-fantasy, Cyberpunk, WoW-lore, Wow Fel corruption and #corruption in general, Post-app, F4, FNV, Skyrim, League of Legends, Darkest Dungeon, Medicine, Psychology, Art, Workout allmost everything u name it!)

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  1. Crw

    Skyrim lesson number 85.

    At last, he is victorious and safe ^_^ Guess not for long)
  2. Crw

    Out of the Frying Pan...

    Ohhh myyy:) as I understand it is now a full-fledged multi-part comic? Damn the deep waters of Skyrim and their inhabitants are scary as fk Nicely done ^_^
  3. Crw

    Chapter 19.

    Thank you Wanobi ^_^ Glad you like it ^_^
  4. Crw

    The quest for the Red Eagle. prt 2 A real hero.

    Thank you ^_^ Well, Thalmor sister are kind occupied with dog training and all that ^_^
  5. Crw

    A letter for Malicia

    Oh my, it's very funny and touching ^_^
  6. Crw

    Skyrim lesson number 80.

    In the eastern part of my country there is such a dish as Kazylyk. Salted horse meat sausage. Very tasty dishes, by the way. As well as nomadic people use a drink from the blood of their horses as a source of immunity and energy.
  7. Crw

    Chapter 19.

    ROSE: Lol Although I did not quite understand the first part, I appreciate. ^_^ Thank you, Tirloque ^_^ Well, that flamer thing is my miss, Hell, I didn't even remember that they were literally blind. -_- ROSE: « He's just trembles before the power of GINGER GANG, yes ^_^ » Thank you Wilson ^_^ I glad you like it ^_^
  8. Crw

    Chapter 19.

    Ha, thank you Donttouchmethere ^_^ Glad that you like it ^_^ It all goes wrong or horribly wrong always ^_^ A fall from such a height is in itself a small punishment. Thank you EvalovesEP ^_^ Glad that you like it ^_^ I know, thank you Eva ^_^ Do not worry about this. I'm just playing along ^_^
  9. Crw

    Chapter 19.

    Thank you AlterNative ^_^ Glad you like it ^_^ And them. They accidentally happened to quite hot ^_^
  10. Crw

    Chapter 19.

  11. Crw

    Chapter 19.

    Thank you. I guess everyone love it ^_^ Even hounds Maybe) Or maybe not
  12. Crw

    Chapter 19.

    Greetings, dear traveler I am glad to present to your attention another part of the (mis)adventures of a Company(and Rose). With some snu-snu content ^_^ Enjoy your viewing and have a wonderful upcoming weekend. ^_^
  13. Hah, thats a fun one
  14. Crw

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    This more like booty shaking thread. Here, brought you some doggy content UPD: resized, optimized.
  15. Crw


    Short but interesting story entry ^_^ Awating for more ^_^