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    Oh, lots of :D Fantasy, Fantastic, Grim-fantasy, Cyberpunk, WoW-lore, Wow Fel corruption and #corruption in general, Post-app, F4, FNV, Skyrim, League of Legends, Darkest Dungeon, Medicine, Psychology, Art, Workout allmost everything u name it!)

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  1. As always, with a pretty original setting, interesting themes and ideas! How do you call it? Tripolar disorder? And if they all have sex - is it considered masturbation or not? This is the most annoying thing by the way. I almost lost all my inspiration while working with it -_-
  2. Oh, that's great! Pretty logical tricks with a smell and a great opportunity to develop a character! Really love that! And additional compliments for a last spoiler with a dog sex! Shame, not much of these on ll these days. ^_^
  3. Oh damn! Seems we going to have some bloody action in further! I mean, all of your "scenes" are bloody at some point Can't wait for it! Guess it was pretyy complicated to set such ammout of actors in ssame scene and make it look good! When Im trying to do something like this I alwasy feel like they are static -_- But in your case it looks really great! And yea, hte more we learn about hamerfell vampirese the more I think that this pals know how to have fun Great job, Alter!
  4. Crw

    Harvest Lord 2020

    Well if that happens I'll vote for F×F action. Lesbomancy is always a solution.
  5. Crw

    Harvest Lord 2020

    Why don't you use voting? This can simplify (or complicate) the process, you know) Cos I myself can't choose between Varina and Aurora ^_^
  6. Crw

    Side story. Hobbies and worries

    Many thanks, Eva! ^_^ Glad if you like it ^_^ And glad that you have time to stop by and chek what Im doing here
  7. It's just some other level of badassity with snow and brutality. Evry detail of costume and each separate pic looks just amazing! Great job Collygon!
  8. Holy\silver blood trick. Never gets old. Cuz they never learn. Great entry oncew again Spy!
  9. Crw

    Side story. Hobbies and worries

    Thanks Tirloque! Glad if you like that one ^_^ Just trying to bring some breezy notes, and hope that ots working ^^ Way number 32!
  10. Crw

    Side story. Beast that you feed.

    Still my weakest point, I suppose. I encountered a few more mistakes, although this is not the first time I look through the text. Got to figure out how to proofread myself. Probably worth referring to the literature. Need a Cass vs Malicia meme compilation ^_^
  11. Cass's meme potential is really inexhaustible. As well as your sense of humor, I suppose. ^_^ Great enty once again!
  12. Okay, most likely it was alredy mentioned and I late to the party, but that was fuking amazing! The scenes, the ideas and their realization, each movement and character position was perfectly clear! With a great dose of humor and eroticism! I got the feeling that I really read a professional comic!
  13. Crw

    Side story. Hobbies and worries

    Yay, thanks! Glad if you like it ^_^ Hmm, that's an idea! I'm going to found my own religion with black jack and nuns.
  14. Crw

    Side story. Hobbies and worries

    Thanks! Glad if you like it ^_^
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