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  2. Crw

    Déjà vu

    Well, greetings there, dear traveler And welcome to the second season of the adventures of the well-known Co! What awaits them in the ill-fated city, drowned in vice and corruption? Will they overcome adversity or succumb to temptations? Will they meet new friends or find new enemies? Let's find out together! I wish you pleasant reading! ^_^ And special thanks to a special guests for this season Angela and Mercy by Agent Tex Your feedback, comments and ideas are always welcome ^_ And have a nice day
  3. Wow, wow, wow! Didn't expect that from Thomas! Am I get it right? He just changed his pants so quickly! Seems now everyone against Nora! Damn, I'm eager to know what happened next! Great work Alter Native!
  4. Wow, great job! I love how you portray the characters development of girls and also liked the development of relationships between them. That's really sweet! And ofcourse , great shots as usual. You visual setup is charming! It seems to me that in the end you should do what is more convenient for you ofc, and as an author, I understand that sometimes creating long stories becomes a problem due to the time required... but I personally like longer stories that advance the story significantly, and we can se the character development and the changes that happen around them more clear. Well, yes and no. People have already proven that SFW stories without sex and sometimes even without eroticism can be popular. Lewdness is just a way of the Sith easier and more pleasant. ^_^
  5. Wow! How deeply and well done TFOA is can be judged by the way you performed the retrospective analysis (which, in my opinion, is often more difficult than just making a story).It really makes a strong impression. Reading your comments, I realized how much the author tries to put into his work, and how little sometimes gets to the reader, due to one reason or another. You do it pretty well, though. It's kinda funny that I think in about the same way(that its pretty crazy) and at the same time do exactly like you. It doesn't seem so crazy now, does it? Writing all this down is a pretty smart and rational idea. I tried to do the same at one time, but ran into technical (rather linguistic) difficulties. Like a simple sentence of 20 characters turns into bizzare of 70. =P You can start right now. It took me three days Well, I think it remains only to congratulate once again on the end of such a long part of the journey! And no matter what you going to do next - good luck to you, and stay safe ^_^
  6. Crw


    Thank you very much Tirloque! I'm glad you liked it! Im still a little sad that it was somehow so, but everything seems to be for the best. This is probably why I am trying to give more references to the previous chapters. ^_^ And she is going to be most bitchy-badass ginger you ever see! ^_^
  7. Well, thank you. I think everyone has come across such an attitude in life in one way or another. And not everyone understands that it is very difficult to stop looking at labels and categories and see the person behind all this, with this person's problems and complexes.
  8. We are what we are. But I think it's more about P2P relationships. Some men are pigs towards some, some women are sluts towards some. And it doesnt mean that this exact pesrson is a slut\pig towards everyone, it's one side of their personality that we see. Well, that's from where I'm sitting. ^_^
  9. Crw


    Many thanks Alter Native ^_^ glad if you like it Working on it ^_^
  10. Crw


    Thanks Deso! ^_^
  11. Crw


    Well, I tried, but the difference is really striking, and now I'm doing everything a little differently. Many thanks Collygon!
  12. ^_^ Angela and Mercy originally by @Agent Tex
  13. Crw


    Yay! Many thanks Wilson99! ^_^
  14. Crw


    Yay, thanks ^_^ glad if you enjoyed that!
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