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  1. A bad ending for Sirrae that takes place if she did not escape the clutches of Potema's minions...
  2. Sirrae and company return to Solitude at the request of someone in the Blue Palace. It would appear that Potema yet lives... relatively speaking.
  3. Sirrae's adventure with her new travel companion continues... Author's Note: Faendal was recast for this chapter, as his old actor was found to be quite unpleasant to look at... Chapter Contents:
  4. Attempting to deal with her feelings, Sirrae presses on...
  5. That's an interesting point. I hadn't really drawn that conclusion between the two. I'll keep that in mind, thanks.
  6. They got published in a weird order, sorry about that!
  7. Originally I had a scene where she bought a new one from a local merchant (she is in solitude, after all), but it got cut from the final version of this chapter.
  8. It's H2135's Fantasy Series 7. I use a lot of his clothing throughout this story, his work is fantastic!
  9. This bad ending takes place during Chapter Three, when the girls encountered trolls in one of their quests. In the main story, they were successful in defeating the monsters, but only barely. Stories say that female adventurers defeated by trolls are never seen again... Video Extras:
  10. The girls hit the open road - despite the dangers - and attempt to make something for themselves in Skyrim.
  11. A bad ending on route to Solitude. Sirrae knew there would be dangers on the route, but... What are these wolves doing? And what's that between their legs?!
  12. This bad ending takes place in the middle of Chapter Two, as the girls are traveling back to Solitude after completing their quest. Perhaps they were a little too sure of themselves...
  13. Back on solid ground, Sirrae attempts to seek refuge from the war at Solitude. There she runs into an ambitious young adventurer who wishes to join forces with her. Additional Credits:
  14. Thanks Tirloque, Good analysis too! Yeeaaaah, we'll see how that goes. I'd rather not compress them down any lower. It's already difficult to read some of the text in the entries at 1080p, since these were taken and edited at 1440p. When it's all wrapped up and finished, maybe I'll explore other ways to upload the higher (source) resolutions. and if the larger filesizes cause problems then I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there.
  15. Thanks to you guys, I managed to find the blog section and have started working on uploading my stories there. Thank you all for your help! And see you in the blog 😄
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