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[Search] Rape mod for followers

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I think dangerous nights can be set up so that can do that.


You can give one of your follower the order to stand guard at night and warn you on incoming attackers. But it might happen that your guard wants a piece of the juicy cake called dovahkiin for itself. Or, when unsatisfied, the guard might agree on some nightly fun with the dark strangers. But beware, your guard also can fall asleep on duty or be ambushed! Safety is never certain.




Sexlab aroused redux




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PetCollar can do exactly that. Requires devious devices. You can equip one of the collars, or use the mcm to apply the effect to your character, then any followers (and optionally other npcs) will have their way with you when their arousal reaches the mark you can set in the options. You can have them always use aggressive animations if you want, and always put your character in the female role. It can also restrict what you can wear and carry, all of which can be tweaked or disabled as you like.

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