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  1. On a family holiday to the States as a child I saw an American family push in at the front of a queue we'd been standing in for half an hour and not give a toss. By the logic that seems to be creeping into this thread I can feel quite confident now in saying this one incident conclusively proves that all Americans are rude wankers. Eh. Don't mind me. I'm the last person to claim Britain is perfect, and one of the first to criticise and poke fun at it. Lots of people don't know what they're talking about in here, however, throwing around ridiculous generalisations, and now race and
  2. No offence intended, but anyone not able to find an A-Z in the UK is either exceptionally unlucky or not looking very hard. They're very common. As for technology... Some of us rely on it a lot, and some of us hardly at all. Just like people of many other nationalities.
  3. Well, even a year after that post of mine you quoted, I'm still not playing SE, and doubt I will be at this point. Again, though, if it's a port of the classic Skyrim version of devious devices - which I assume it is - there is no quest. It was part of an extra plug-in that was removed a long time ago. Some items the quest used, such as the bookcase, key and books, are still there because they're part of the integration esm, but the quest is no longer included at all.
  4. Hi, t.ara. There's a problem with rabbits (and apparently it will happen with chickens as well.) When you encounter a deceased rabbit (or chicken) they will often be sitting, standing, or running on the spot instead of lying down dead. This has been mentioned before once or twice, but when trying to work out why it was happening I spotted something in TES5Edit, so I just wanted to let you know. The ZAP esm edits the idle animation records ChickenDeath and HareDeath (FF135 and FF136) and removes the "Ragdoll" animation event from them. I don't know if this is intentional
  5. The last I heard about this (it got a five-second mention on the news a few days ago, I think) it had been delayed. I can't remember if they said when it was delayed to, but it wasn't happening whenever it had been originally planned. Right now, our parliament is busy being the laughing stock of world politics, so they should really be concentrating on other things for a while.
  6. The Zaz Animation Pack is the only requirement for Wrist-Binder. Cursed Loot and all the Devious family of mods are not needed or connected. The arm-binder should be under the jewellery category of the crafting menu at any forge, if you have the crafting manual in your inventory. You need a roll of paper and a piece of leather to be able to craft the manual at a forge in the miscellaneous category, and then one leather strip for the arm-binder. Or you can use something like the AddItemMenu mod from Nexus to give yourself the manual and/or any of the binders and cuffs.
  7. It does, through a second included esp. It's explained in the opening post under "Optional Plugin."
  8. Cursed Loot has a feature that places non-trapped devices in containers to be taken as standard loot. It can be disabled or tweaked to be more/less likely in the MCM. For more information, try the Dcur support topic here. That's the best place to get help with the mod.
  9. Armbinders and other wrist restraints no longer block access to your inventory. This is intentional. If you click on the armbinder in your inventory you will still get all the struggle options you used to, and probably more these days. All devious boots should still slow you down, and this is configurable in the MCM. Check in there to make certain it's switched on, and set the severity of the slow-down.
  10. All of the devious devices that need to be built in BodySlide are part of Assets or Expansion. Integration itself has no BodySlide files at all. I can't help with Vortex, as I use MO, but one thing to look out for with DDx is that the slider sets seem to be scattered across various groups, including some that fall into the Unassigned category.
  11. The latest devious mods have removed the Zaz Animation Pack dependency altogether. So DD has nothing to do with this mod, or with ZAP at all any more. This mod lets you craft ZAP items only, and nothing from DD.
  12. The best place to start would probably be this tutorial. BodySlide's Nexus page should have links to lots of information and guides as well.
  13. Looks like you haven't built the device meshes in BodySlide (which is a requirement for most of the meshes to exist in your game) or something went wrong when you tried.
  14. That's a Cursed Loot quest, I think. Try asking in its dedicated support topic, here.
  15. Could be this one you're thinking of. The same author has a newer, extended version as well, here. I don't know if you've tried either of those, cailic, but I've been using the first one with great success. I was often getting a talk prompt stuck on screen throughout animations when a scene started through dialogue, and the hide crosshair mod fixed almost all of them. The only mod it doesn't always work for is sexual vampire feeding for some reason, but that's always seemed a bit different in the way it calls its animations, and moving the (non-free) camera off the NPC removes the
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