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  1. Bender321

    [Search] hairstyle

    Yea I know about it, just asked in case someone know
  2. Hey, guys do you know any hair mod looks like this?
  3. Is there any mod that allows you to add some Night elf (WoW) long ears?
  4. Bender321

    [Help] editing body

    Hey, I have a question about editing some body mesh (legs). I want to take classic unp body and in editor twist legs shape to draenei look. What should I do to make sure there would be no issues in game and also to make that body editable in Bodyslide?
  5. Bender321

    [Search] Hooves mod

    Thx for the suggestion I also find this one but I have a problem with texture Look at that. Do you know how to fix it?
  6. Im looking for some hooves mod to create my draenei. Any good suggestions? Thx for the help!
  7. What is the hairstyle of the draenei do you know?
  8. Bender321

    Show Your Skyrim Counterpart III

    May I know leggins and helmet mod?
  9. Bender321

    Show Your Skyrim Counterpart III

    May I know the armor mod?
  10. Bender321

    [Help] combine meshes

    Hey it is me again. I found some hair mesh that could I use for my char but I need to edit it. The problem is when I lets say deleted part of that mesh and replace orginal in mod foleder, I see in game still same undeleted parts. What am I missing then?
  11. Bender321

    [Help] combine meshes

    It works! Thx! P.S. do you have any idea which mod could be simmilar to this haircut? https://www.wowhead.com/dressing-room#Rxzz0zJ89mozVM9Mz7cJEB8zzS87Mcb58zbM87mJuB8zMn8JuP8zzS8Juv8zMn8mAX8zRk8JEu8zzS8UWG808UWG808
  12. Bender321

    [Help] combine meshes

    I tried it and still cannot see it. Would you mind to look at it? femaleheadtails.nif DragonboneHelmHornsF.nif
  13. Bender321

    [Help] combine meshes

    Well Im not fammiliar with CK, but what about to merge it with som helmet? Is that ok way?
  14. Hi, guys can you help me to combine those two meshes? When I tried I ended up every time with one no appearing in the game. (Head or tentrils) Please help. femalehead.nif femaleheadtails.nif