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  1. Guys do you know how to make this part of armor to collide with SoS? https://imgur.com/s1kPr3P there is how it looks. Armor mod is attached and mesh name is lower_1.nif (also it has .xml file) 洛奇_雷吉纳时装.zip
  2. Do you have this armor?

    Thx, actually do you know any armor/clothes mods that has that front and back dress part (but not a whole dress) and are also HDT (I don't mean only breasts and butt part, but dress part also for that dance stuff like in the videos?
  3. Does anybody have download links for this armors? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udE8XOk90Zo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lr2PGjgJ75g
  4. [Search] Tabard mod

    That's not what I'm looking for but thx
  5. Hey, do you know guys any mods for tabards? Like this one? (could be longer) Edit: And with HDT if possible.
  6. SexLab Hormones (2017-12-22)

    Does this mod work for NPC and SoS node scaling for Futas?
  7. Editing armor meshes [Help]

    I think I figured it out, the problem was 3ds max exported for some reason bone objects (prisms) as mesh into armor itself. So I deleted all bones and used new one from UUNP body. I'll try to make whole armor and will update this topic. Thx for helping!
  8. Editing armor meshes [Help]

    These three: Deplhin for arms and legs Drow for body + static cloak ESO for shoulders only Delphin+Outfits_龙骑士.rar Drow Ranger UNP-Slim.7z ESO Daedric Armor RELOAD by NewerMind43 -66723-1-1.rar
  9. Editing armor meshes [Help]

    Ok, I'll try this method. Thx. Hope it'll help.
  10. Editing armor meshes [Help]

    Well I puted all pieces together and exported them into one .nif but that made same even worse scenario. Maybe is there something what I am missing. Btw one of that armor mod has its own .xml file.
  11. I have a little problem with armor mod, that I edited only to have gloves. This is the resault: After I deleted every mesh exept arm parts nodes are still in mesh. Idk what cause to do this problem. Could you help me? Also any tutorial how to merge two meshes from two diferend mods into one mesh armor would be helpful too! I'm trying to combine three armor mesh from three different mods into new one.
  12. [Search] Pieces of armor

    Guys do you know any of that armored long boots like from HDT Boots mod?
  13. Hey, again me :D. I looking for some pieces of armor from this list: - Armored (HTD) boots long like to pelvis but not conected with torso. - Armored Corset with big decolt (belly revelating maybe) - no Lustmord Armor. It's nice but it's not separated. - Armored guard of neck (Idk how to say it ) - Skirt like in pictures (I saw WotW skirt is kinda what I'm looking for, but it's not HDT, do you know any others?) - Shoulders similar like in pictures (I have something but more ideas are better) !!!Please I need armor which can be separated only!!! That's it I guees Thx for helping, if everything goes right it could be nice angel. See pictures for better imagination
  14. Can someone convert it to .nif ? I have a problem to do it by myself cuz shitty CPU. OBJ_to_NIF.rar