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  1. Bender321

    Decent Trenchcoats

    Try this one but you must recolor it. If you are using smp you also can add physics. http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/23337521.html
  2. (load order) this is -> SoS original mod this is -> SoS khajit mod for females (in game) find SoS menu in you SkyUI (mods in main menu) npc/player setings -> there should be name of your character ->change option from none to khajit sos EZ!
  3. There is my request as you wanted me to write it here: As you can see in the pictures she is big and massive but not too much overtoned. Present will be used for 1.2 tall PC and I want to try to add some 3d muscles with Zbrush. (So that means I will use it as base but will change only abs, legs, hands and back so nothing else around breasts or anything else and then i will try to make new musle map.dds. Anyway if I would fail then I will use it as normall) It should look dominant like in the pictures. I think u can see what measures are needed (breasts and but is the most importan , there are a lot of references). I hope u can do it because your work is awesome. Thx for it! Lots of pictures:
  4. Bender321

    [SYBP] Share Your Bodyslide Preset

    Guys can someone makes a body present for me like this? Thx for it!
  5. Bender321

    [Search] ENB

    Thx I will try them!
  6. Bender321

    [Search] ENB

    Hm, do you know any wich keeps sharpness, warm colors, no dark interiors and its not very foggy?
  7. Bender321

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    Guys do I need hdt naturalistic physics from bazzinga or does this mod already have it?
  8. Is this mod compatible with all in one HDT pussy ?
  9. I know it is only a fiction but I just want to know which height is still ok for skyrim animations to match ok.
  10. Guys do you have any info how actually are futas tall in means of their height? (No count crazy giant, just normal super futas). I can not find any source of it.
  11. Is there any similar ENB like this -> https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/18149 for Oldrim?
  12. How do I put all this smp to work? Could I use it with HDT at the same time?
  13. Bender321

    Show Your Skyrim Counterpart III

    Can you share that present and swimsuit?
  14. I'm looking for some sound loop efect of slapping balls to woman butt or something like that. Possible without any other sounds. Do you know any? Thx for help.