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  1. onesumgame

    Old female textures lost

    Blue bodies probably means that there are textures missing, or that a mod is changing the file path to the textures (which seems unlikely imo). EDIT. Try overwriting the body mesh you installed by generating a new one with Bodyslide and see if the issue persists.
  2. Try starting a new project and load the outfit .nif from your original project from the BodySlide/ShapeData folder. Conform the sliders, delete the old reference shape, and save the new project.
  3. onesumgame

    Need help figuring out what wrong with mesh

    The meshes seem fine so I don't know why you are having this problem, but you can use the deflate brush in Outfit Studio to flatten the nipples.
  4. onesumgame

    FoxMerged 2

    Can someone please identify the shoes and socks in this pic? I suspect they're from a Fox mod but I can't find them.
  5. onesumgame

    Problem with ENB

    Can you post your enblocal.ini?
  6. onesumgame

    Troll Schlong

    I suspect this requires a patch to either add the troll to the list of valid races for SOS, or to modify the playable troll race to have a built-in schlong. Both options would likely require replacing the custom skeleton included with the mod, and the second option would require setting the schlong size directly in the skeleton nif.
  7. onesumgame

    Which of mine plugins should i merge ?

    Sorry but I only have a noob answer to your question about followers: I have no clue ? As for scripts you can examine the folders included with mods. They will have a folder called Scripts.
  8. onesumgame

    Which of mine plugins should i merge ?

    From what I understand it is safe to merge most plugins except for the ones that have scripts, MCM menus, and plugins that are used as master plugins by other mods. I've never even heard of Mator Smash so I'll look into it.
  9. onesumgame

    [WHAT IS?] Unbuttoned Top

    Can you provide a link to where you found these images?
  10. onesumgame

    need help finding a mod

    Maria Eden? https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2647-maria-eden/
  11. onesumgame

    [WHAT IS?] Revealing Lingerie

    Eva Cloth http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1338.html
  12. onesumgame

    CTD when trying to exit Wolfskull Cave

    I am pretty useless at helping people find problems in their load order, however as you are trying to return to Solitude you can hit ` to open the console and then type coc solitudeexterior01.
  13. onesumgame

    Creating Mashups

    When outfit parts don't show up in game it's likely because they are assigned to body slots that are different from the slots assigned in the esp. You can change body slots in Outfit Studio in the Partition tab. Change them all to slot 32 and see if they show up in game.
  14. onesumgame

    Guess This NPC