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  1. Thanks for this mod. The textures are packed directly into the Textures folder instead of a Textures\PythonArmor sub-folder.
  2. Salaciousidles is the only mod I know of, and it only changes the bedroll sleep idle if I remember correctly: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83699?tab=files
  3. The first one is SPB Ribbon: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2122-spb-ribbon-15-for-unp-jiggle/ The second appears to be a mix but the bolero is from Ebon Shroud: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1652-ebon-shroud-mashup-both-versions-addon/ Both are probably available for Bodyslide somewhere here on LL.
  4. Cool song. Here's the outfit: https://nsfwmods.com/files/file/74-unpb-skyrim-plaid-clothes-collection/
  5. NPCs approach and open the dialog window but they never say anything. Has dialog been implemented or are we waiting for a future update of the mod?
  6. This one is a work in progress without any quests but for now it's great for screenshots: http://crential.blog.jp/archives/78629949.html
  7. Does anyone know of a working download link for this mod?
  8. This mod adds two rings to the player's inventory. One accesses the pose selection menu and the other activates the pose.
  9. Normally followers will stand still where you tell them to wait. There used to be a problem with EFF that would make followers run face first into the nearest wall when commanded to wait. I thought the issue was fixed.
  10. You are likely begging for trouble if you are trying to use the CK through MO. If you want to work on mods just install them manually in Skyrim\Data and use the CK outside of MO. Pack your work using proper folder structure into a 7z file which you can then install with MO, and then delete the files from Skyrim\Data. This entire process will take a fraction of the time it could take to search online to find out if what you are trying to do is even possible in the first place.
  11. This problem happens because of tintmasks. Before launching the Creation Kit you must first look in textures\actors\character\Character Assets\ and either move the tintmasks folder to another location on your hardrive or rename the folder. Launch the CK, check to see that the npc's forehead is normal, export the facegen with CTL+F4, close the CK and restore the tintmasks folder. Custom hair colors are more complicated because the color must be created in the CK. It won't carry over from Racemenu to the CK.
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