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Follower with a big booty?


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Was wondering if there were any mods that have a female follower with a big ass? I know there's the "Buxom Wench" mods that give big ass and tiddies but that's not what I'm looking for really.

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What Myuhinny said..

Most followers use their own skins and body meshes. Make sure that you create the right type body for the skin; if you downloaded a CBBE version of a follower don't replace their meshes with unp/uunp ones (and vice versa) unless you are replacing the skin textures too.

If you're not sure where to find the meshes, open up the Mod file you downloaded with winrar or something similar and you can follow the install path from there.


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I been wanting this too. Specifically standalone followers with included armor/clothing. All the standalone followers that I have found however are big breasted. There doesn't seem to be much (if any) of a selection for small breasted women with thicker bottoms. Guess I'm going to have to learn how to make standalone followers. This allows you to customize already existing NPCs, but I haven't tested it yet

Breast and Butt Size Scaling for NPCs


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Easiest way is like Myuhinny mentioned. Bodyslide.

Dont be afraid to use it.

It gives you alot more options when it comes to followers. Can give them whatever shape you want.

Its much harder trying to find a follower with the body and looks that you want. Instead of just building your own body for any follower you like.

Its very easy to use and you pretty much just have to replace meshes for most followers. For some followers you have to fix the texture paths in Nifskope and that can be tricky if you dont know how Nifskope works.

But even that is very simple once you learn how to. And there are plenty of tutorials.

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