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  1. I love some of these replacements. You did a good job.
  2. I try tackling a butt traits mod using the Carnalitas Framwork, but I couldn't get the job done. I hope someone manages.
  3. Would it be possible to add butts as another body trait? Something similar to Ala's Body Mod in CK2.
  4. I utilized this mod alongside 'After The End'. It seemed to work for the hour or so that I played. It's a relatively simple mod, but it does exactly what you described. I only wished that it had pictures to reference the text. Nevertheless. Thanks for making this one.
  5. The specific file within that folder that seems to cause CTDs is the AOCiggy file. Every other animobj works, but some of them lack proper textures. So if anybody is experiencing CTDs then just delete the AOCiggy file and hopefully that should put a stop to it.
  6. The hotkey featured in Blush When Aroused isn't working on my end, and even then the increase is a bit too high for my liking (+20). It'd be nice to have that feature as a separate mod. Nevertheless I appreciate the attention this post has received. I'm just gonna' make do with utilizing the 'Amulet Of Dibella' in Sexlab Interactive Arousal. I'll just pretend that the PC "shifts around" (re-equip) the amulet whenever something garners their arousal. I just realized that I can easily achieve this by setting the amulet as a favorite item; which then allows me to use a hotkey to quickly re-equip
  7. Well speaking on behalf of role-playing. I somewhat agree, but I don't rely arbitrarily assign conditions. I set up rules that I write down in a separate notepad for a variety of things. For example if I were to utilize this theoretical arousal hotkey it'd be use for things such as: Seeing someone nude from a distance (I know Sexlab Aroused has this mechanic in place, but from what I tested in only applies whenever I'm closed to a nude NPC) Drinking or eating certain things; or interacting with certain items or statues in-game (I know there's a more out there called 'Interac
  8. I don't believe a mod like this exists, but it'd be nice to have a mod where you can manually increase (or decrease) arousal through a hotkey. Why? it's more for roleplaying, but it can synergize well with other mods that rely on arousal mechanics.
  9. Crazy bug indeed. I discovered that it was a bug from a mod entitled "Multiple Marriages-Spouse Dress Up-Rehousing-And More". Maybe this mod conflicted with other mods I use, or maybe this mod is just buggy by it's own nature. Nevertheless if anyone comes across this issue. Check if you have that mod in your load-order.
  10. I have about the most peculiar bug I have ever come across in Skyrim. First I noticed that many NPCs were already calling me 'dearest' and 'love'; I didn't think much of it at first, but later on I noticed that these NPCs kept disappearing. I then ended up in The Temple Of Mara and a great horror struct when the temple was filled to the brim with NPCs awaiting marriage. I thought this was a bug I could ignore, but I soon realize that this does make the game unplayable because these NPCs (some of them involved in quests) aren't in their standard locations. Has anybody ever experienced something
  11. How fortunate for me. I recently been looking for celebrity Sims, and it seems like I just hit a goldmine. Thank you!
  12. I'm also interesting in learning and getting into the modding scene; so thanks for the link and tips.
  13. You might find the Kim-Lewis family to be particularly boring, but I have an adoration for that family for my own reasons. I combined your Kim-Lewis edits with my own, and created an even larger complicated family. Anyways, I love your makeover, and I can't wait to see more of your creations. Edit: Also. I can't wait till you touch the Vatore family <3.
  14. Bless you for that MCM menu fix. I wasn't expecting it if I were to be honest, but suddenly it's here <3.
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