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  1. Maybe its just me or maybe it was changed in the latest version? But when i updated to the latest version of SD and started over on a fresh save. SD no longer show up on Death Alternative under the "OnDeath" events? SD events still show up on the blackout events tho. Will this cause issues like being immortal due to no events no longer is under "OnDeath" events? Or is it a bug on my end? Thanks
  2. You could always just copy your entire Data folder to a backup drive while you change harddrive. And backup whatever files you need from your skyrim folder as well. Ive done it multiple times without issues. You just have to set it up correctly before you paste it back. Dont forget to reinstall before you copy everything back to your skyrim folder. Well i dont use a mod manager so dont know how it works for people that use one tho. But i have problaby 400 esp's or so and it works without issues when i reinstall it.
  3. Pretty sure that one has already been converted it in the CBBE conversion thread. Tho that thread is a mess so it can be hard to find stuff. Reason i know is because i was going to convert it before but then someone else did it before me.
  4. Xn Beaded Bikini has already been converted a long time ago by Fakenet. Here are some backup Links just incase you cant find them from searching. XN_Beaded_bikini HDT.zip Then the bodyslide files. Beaded Bikini CBBE HDT Bodyslide (Fixedclipping).rar
  5. Seems to work fine for my part. What sets are you trying to download?
  6. When changing equipment slot for an armor part. You have to change it both in the ESP and in the Nif file. If you did that already.... Are you talking about arm slot or hands slot? For hands slot you have to add an hands mesh into the Nif files. For that you have to go into Outfitstudio(in bodyslide) and load the project and then add a hand mesh.
  7. You can find the "skimpy" version already converted in my old conversion thread called BisPackage The one in the picture is an alternated called HGec Pain Bringer Armor. Im sure there are other variants as well. https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/16838/? Most of the Oblivion armors has already been converted in 1 way or another. Its just that they are all over the place so can be annoying to track all of them down. I noticed on last few pages that you convert alot of armors that has already been converted a few times. Charles Rene for example already has co
  8. data\meshes\clothes\prisoner\ prisonerclothes_f_0 prisonerclothes_f_1 and prisonerrags_f_0 prisonerrags_f_1 Rename the armor you want to replace with that and place them in the folder path i posted. That way you can replace them with anything you like instead of forced to use whatever a mod picks for you. Gives you a 1000 more options, and its easy to change in the future if you want to change the armor/clothing for something else
  9. Read up on some guides on Outfit studio. Your missing out on alot by not using outfit studio. Its problaby more complicated to install a mod then using outfit studio. Reason 95% of armors are made for outfit studio is because it allows people to pick whatever shape they want for their armors/clothing. Outfit studio is really easy to use. Once you got it installed and know how. It only takes like 2-3 mouse clicks to use.
  10. You problaby have another mod that does something to your equip slots. So double check your mods.
  11. Sound like you skipped a step. You also have to run fnis. The file called GenerateFNISforUsers. And let it build the animation registry. You have to run fnis everytime you install animations or remove animations.
  12. I guess il try once more. But by the sound of it they are problaby behind a paywall or private. I suppose thats why they are so hard to find.
  13. First picture looks like a combination of a few armor parts as well. the pasties and thong are from the collection called Luxury Collection by ApoKrytia. You can find both the CBBE and UUNP versions right here on loverslab.
  14. This might be close enough? http://www.9damao.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=156718&extra=page%3D1%26filter%3Dtypeid%26typeid%3D106 There problaby are other versions as well.
  15. Indeed. Kinda close but sadly not the correct ones. You can find the same ones in my CBBE thread. (Dem Collection) Coco was not even the first one to release those pantyhose/stockings. They where released years ago by krista.
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