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The Creation Club Killer?


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Just encountered this video from Pretty Good Gaming:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpnLwKp5nXA


To be frank I am having mixed feelings with this one...on the one hand this will provide incentives to more new modders to make more mods in Nexus rather than go "dark side" and sell their sou- I mean "make curated quality content" in Bethesda's Creation Club...


on the other hand anything involving money and mods doesn't necessarily sound to rosy to me...I feel like it's gonna be Patreon v2.0 with this new system Nexus is gonna try to implement...


but if the rewards are made so that it is akin to a centralized "Tipping" system then I guess it will work out...


what are your thoughts on this one modders and mod users?


the final nail in CC's coffin?


or the rise of more greedy 2-bit hackjobs selling shovelware?

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After seeing the video I don't think it's anything like Patreon as the mod user (the customer) still get's the mod for free. It's a simple attempt from Nexus to keep the modders (and the cash) in their own hands instead of seeing it go to Bethesda. For the modders it's nice if they can get a few coins for their hard work, for the mod users nothing changes as Nexus isn't allowed to monitize the mod's as they mention in the video.

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On 12/22/2017 at 10:01 AM, Shadowhawk827 said:

Granted, Bethesda does quality check mods in the CC.  THAT means alot to me, given the very high quality of their games at release  *rolleyes*


Yes, the level quality assurance checking in Bethesda is truly legendary. I've never seen zero people doing such fantastic work.


Now pardon me, I need to keep trying to figure out how to make my Fallout 4 ceiling fans snap to the ceiling instead of the damned floor.

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