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  1. It's been about a year since I've been on LL... A good while longer than that since I posted anything here. The one story that I did post here didn't get much attention. Bethesda playing games breaking both SKSE64 and FOSE64 killed most of my motivation to game, and all of it to do modding work. As fast as I tried to work, Bethesda broke stuff faster. Setting drama and all that crap aside, I've recently tried to at least get writing again. I created a new WordPress site for my erotica and moved four stories there as well as posted a brand new one. Feel
  2. I could be a pain and post that high heels aren't "lore friendly" period, LOL. That's a matter of debate though, and besides, moddable games are all about personal preference. Just in case anyone is curious though, here's a history of high heels, or at least as accurate as wikipedia can get it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-heeled_footwear Interestingly enough, men wore them first.
  3. Still not a fan of paid mods here, BUT it's a better deal than Bethesda's CC where they take a huge cut of the sale. Granted, Bethesda does quality check mods in the CC. THAT means alot to me, given the very high quality of their games at release *rolleyes*
  4. This is something that's always bothered me, and I wonder if anybody else has given it much thought... That being the condition of the forts and some of the city walls, Whiterun being the prime example with cities. It's been years since the end of the great war. Not only that, but by all accounts that I recall, the fighting ended in Cyrodil. That means it never reached Skyrim. If I'm wrong somebody will correct me, lol. Either way, there's been time to repair the walls. Yet forts all around Skyrim sit in ruins. Hell, draugr ruin exteriors are often in better shape.
  5. The truth there is in the middle of both previous explanations. Sometimes they were rape defense, sometimes they were a form of control. Probably a bit more often a form of control too. None the less, you have to understand the times to make sense of some customs. I knew a teacher in the Atlanta area for example that cited a medieval custom that women were supposed to walk 3 paces behind the man as an example of blatant sexism. The only problem is it was a violent time, duels were rampant, AND 3 solid paces was generally the length of an arm holding a sword extended. Was this
  6. There used to be a house mod here that put a player house West of Lakeside Manor. It had all the amenities as well as 3 cells downstairs, a couple of racks, and a table and rack on the roof. I can't find it now however. Scratch that... Here it is: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1460-stynja-watch/ Volthar Manor was also recently released and looks a bit more grandiose: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4849-volthar-manor/
  7. As a side note, and not knocking the mod at all, but everyone is only operating under the assumption there are no female dragons in vanilla Skyrim. They are reptiles after all. How many of us can tell the difference between a male and female iguana? Can't expect them to have a little girl voice either. Look at the difference in how deep a voice is for a house cat vs a lion. The mod certainly makes visual identification easier however, LOL AS for the idea of a romance-able dragon... I actually like it alot. If we took dragons a step towards AD&D also, maybe sai
  8. Easy.... One that recreates ALL of Tamriel in the same level of detail as the Bruma mod. Years of adventuring at that point and who cares if Bethesda gets off their arse and makes TES6.
  9. *waits for CPU to lock the thread and post a link to EA's website as promised in the Rant Thread* LOL Don't worry I'm pretty sure he was joking about that... I think. No clue how to fix it myself but others have had issues also. Somebody will hopefully know. Welcome to the zoo also.
  10. User Name in top left corner of screen --> Account Settings ----> User Name. EDIT: Display name, not user name. and it's on the left hand side of the account settings window.
  11. Screen blood duration medium would be my next guess. The trouble is that half the time with problems like this it's mod conflicts behind the scenes that may not even be related to effect being caused
  12. You and I may be the only two Paladins here, lol.

  13. Probably because the game has only been out a few months and it'll take time for people to figure out how to mod it. 2K games isn't known for releasing SDKs unfortunately.
  14. Interesting... Are you sure it's not just that a follower won't wear anything that isn't superior to their starting outfit? I do know that's a requirement. Anyway, you might want to try beefing up the stats of the Lustmord armor and see if she changes outfits then.
  15. Yeah I agree Mora Oghma is about as subtle as a Great Sword, LOL. IF it was my mod, I would have either given her a more normal looking appearance when she was in towns, along with a cover story, OR put her in the Mage's Guild library. Even a Doom Stone could be a good choice, as it could be rationalized she's studying it's magic... Something like that. As for Vampire and Dawguard related followers, my Dawnguard Sentries are all unique and cold technically be recruited with ATF or a similar follower mod, LOL. I also plan on adding the redhead in the mod's screen shot into the m
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