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  1. Can we get a way to toggle the UI back on when Violate is triggered please, or a setting to stop it being disabled in the first place? I spent nearly an hour yesterday trying to troubleshoot some bizarre AAF behavior that would have taken less than five minutes if I could have just had access to the AAF wizard that gets hidden.
  2. I've published over 50 mods and installed and used well over a thousand, so I have plenty of experience with modding. As I said, setting hard-coded hotkeys (not changeable with an in-game GUI) is bad enough. Taking over one of the F keys so it does something unexpected, especially without warning users it's been done, is just a stupid thing to do. Those are the first buttons most users are going to rebind for their own use. Might as well take over the WSAD keys while you're at it.
  3. God, I should have thought of that. There it is. It's bad enough when modders hardcode hotkeys, but this isn't even disclosed anywhere so people will know why their existing hotkeys start doing bizarre things like this! Just appropriating a button, especially one of the frigging F buttons, is just amateur bullshit!
  4. [Edit: Problem solved. Bad mod design] I keep having a scene starting for no apparent reason between my character and Dogmeat. I thought it might be RSE Shenanigans and removed it, but it happened again anyway. There's nothing in the console to give a clue, but I did leave the AAF Wizard GUI open and, when a scene triggered, I got a thing showing a scene was starting (see screenshot). I *think* the scene is being triggered when I press Shift + F11, but I could be wrong (this opens the ENB GUI in my setup). Anyone know what the heck is going on here?
  5. Does this replace both Anubs Human and Anubs Creature or just one of them? For some reason I had two different versions of each installed.
  6. jfraser, you're a madman. Who else would publish a mod without any idea what it actually does lol
  7. I'm getting this problem too and found this thread trying to figure out what was going on. I removed that skeleton.hkx and tested with some muties. They die normally and their naughty bits seems to be working fine. I used the AAF hotkey to rotate through several animations.
  8. Well to be precise, it was because I was following your guide's directions to the letter where you said click the "Save to project" button and it autofilled all the fields. I forgot to go back and change it after because I was continuing to follow the directions to the letter and it slipped my mind. Maybe learn to cool off a little before hitting that big Reply button, bro. I think I'll go find somebody with a little less of a socializing problem next time I get stuck. Have a nice day.
  9. I was changing the mesh filename to something the plugin wasn't expecting when I saved the project. So I fixed that problem, but now it crashes as soon as I close the inventory menu after putting it on. I copied the bone weights from the cbbe hdt reference to the other parts and I do have a working xpmse skeleton. Maybe I'm corrupting the mesh while I'm fiddling with it? I'm just going to delete everything and start over tomorrow when I get home from work. I'm sure I'll get it right eventually.
  10. Ok, I *think* I followed the directions, trying to convert your Daedric Lace armor to cbbe but it's not turning out right. The cbbe hdt body was already set as the reference, so I deleted out the uunp body. Saved project with "save reference body" ticked. Painted out the clipping and saved again. Copied the bone weight to the cuirass and saved. Built the armor in Bodyslide. Go ingame and my torso disappears when I put it on.
  11. The guy who did Wyrmstooth pulled it for a similar reason. There was one modder who decided all his users were racist and pulled all his mods. There was some next-level douche a few months ago who pulled all his mods because he'd only gotten $50 Paypaled to him. This is just an immensely douchebag thing to do, to make something that becomes wildly popular and then just remove it like this. I say that as the maker of several dozen mods myself. I'd never do something like this. Even if I regularly bought stuff from the Creation Club, I'd never buy a single damn thing made by Niero. R
  12. I've been using Windows on a HDD and games on an SSD for over a year and you absolutely should keep Windows on the HDD and use the SSD for gaming, especially if you use any texture packs. That slow, spinning hard drive serves up textures and loads new cells at a snail's pace. The SSD will load the game many times faster, load cells many times faster and you know those nasty stutters that happen while textures are loading? Those don't happen on an SSD. The game wants to load a 100MB 8K texture? BAM, there it is, before you can blink. How often do you reboot? I do it once a month or
  13. This is the worst thing about Windows 10 and Microsoft is going to have to come in off the ledge on this sooner or later. Is it Win 10 Pro or Home? On Pro, you can tell it to defer updates for a few months or until you're ready (whichever comes first). If it's Home, you're going to need to firewall and disable Windows Update. Disabling it is very easy: Press Windows Key + R and type services.msc. Scroll to the Windows Update service, stop it, then set it to disabled. Check the Task Scheduler and make sure there aren't any tasks that might be there to restart Windows Upd
  14. I have a 1TB HDD for Windows, a 512GB SSD for games and just bought a 2TB SSD. I was planning to clone the HDD to the larger SSD, but now that I'm looking at things, I'm only using about 330GB of the HDD, which would easily fit onto the smaller SSD. I don't really think I need more than 512GB for Windows, tbh. On the other hand, I'm using 360GB of the 512GB SSD and don't really have that many games installed on it. I think I'd be better off using that one for games. I've checked the benchmarks and the two drives are basically twins performance wise, so I wouldn't be giving up or ga
  15. Is there an updated version of this for AAF somewhere? All I can find is "Autonomy Enhanced," which seems to have vanished? And RSE, which I tried briefly but was way more stuff than what I wanted. Crap. Nevermind. Found it like 5 seconds after I posted this.
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