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  1. Well to be precise, it was because I was following your guide's directions to the letter where you said click the "Save to project" button and it autofilled all the fields. I forgot to go back and change it after because I was continuing to follow the directions to the letter and it slipped my mind. Maybe learn to cool off a little before hitting that big Reply button, bro. I think I'll go find somebody with a little less of a socializing problem next time I get stuck. Have a nice day.
  2. I was changing the mesh filename to something the plugin wasn't expecting when I saved the project. So I fixed that problem, but now it crashes as soon as I close the inventory menu after putting it on. I copied the bone weights from the cbbe hdt reference to the other parts and I do have a working xpmse skeleton. Maybe I'm corrupting the mesh while I'm fiddling with it? I'm just going to delete everything and start over tomorrow when I get home from work. I'm sure I'll get it right eventually.
  3. Ok, I *think* I followed the directions, trying to convert your Daedric Lace armor to cbbe but it's not turning out right. The cbbe hdt body was already set as the reference, so I deleted out the uunp body. Saved project with "save reference body" ticked. Painted out the clipping and saved again. Copied the bone weight to the cuirass and saved. Built the armor in Bodyslide. Go ingame and my torso disappears when I put it on.
  4. The guy who did Wyrmstooth pulled it for a similar reason. There was one modder who decided all his users were racist and pulled all his mods. There was some next-level douche a few months ago who pulled all his mods because he'd only gotten $50 Paypaled to him. This is just an immensely douchebag thing to do, to make something that becomes wildly popular and then just remove it like this. I say that as the maker of several dozen mods myself. I'd never do something like this. Even if I regularly bought stuff from the Creation Club, I'd never buy a single damn thing made by Niero. Remember when Creation Club was announced and the fanboys all assured us it wouldn't harm modding? Well it is harming modding, just as we said it would.
  5. I've been using Windows on a HDD and games on an SSD for over a year and you absolutely should keep Windows on the HDD and use the SSD for gaming, especially if you use any texture packs. That slow, spinning hard drive serves up textures and loads new cells at a snail's pace. The SSD will load the game many times faster, load cells many times faster and you know those nasty stutters that happen while textures are loading? Those don't happen on an SSD. The game wants to load a 100MB 8K texture? BAM, there it is, before you can blink. How often do you reboot? I do it once a month or so, if that. How often do you load textures and cells in a video game? I do it many countless hundreds of thousands of times between reboots. Windows doesn't need an SSD unless you're doing video content creation or working with large databases or something like that. If you use it mainly for gaming like I mainly use mine, it's the games that need that speed, not Windows. Windows will run fine from a HDD. This is a no-brainer.
  6. This is the worst thing about Windows 10 and Microsoft is going to have to come in off the ledge on this sooner or later. Is it Win 10 Pro or Home? On Pro, you can tell it to defer updates for a few months or until you're ready (whichever comes first). If it's Home, you're going to need to firewall and disable Windows Update. Disabling it is very easy: Press Windows Key + R and type services.msc. Scroll to the Windows Update service, stop it, then set it to disabled. Check the Task Scheduler and make sure there aren't any tasks that might be there to restart Windows Update. Firewalling it is a little trickier. I use Tiny Firewall, which is just a front end to the Windows firewall. By default, Tiny Firewall blocks everything. You don't get bombarded with notices and prompts, things just don't have internet access until you give it permission and it has several ways for you to do that. This is the opposite of how most software firewalls do things, so it's not for everyone, but it's perfect for this situation. It has a screen for Special Exceptions for various Windows services, including Windows Update. Just uncheck that exception and, even if the service starts running again somehow, it can't do anything. You could also set your connection as "Metered," but that will cause problems if you use an online Windows account on your computer or any Windows Store apps. You do still need to keep the PC updated. They make those updates for a reason, even if they don't do a very good job of quality control with them. What I do is keep an eye on this blog. It's a "DEFCON" system for whether or not it's safe to patch. It's silly framing, but it's very useful for knowing when and if it's safe to run Windows Update. It's run by a tech columnist who's been around a while and written several books on Windows, so I trust him to know what he's talking about. You should also very definitely set it not to deliver hardware driver updates. If it gives you a bad driver, something which happens to millions of people every single damn month, you could get stuck in an endless crash, reboot, rollback, update, crash, reboot cycle. I forget how to do that, but you can google it.
  7. I have a 1TB HDD for Windows, a 512GB SSD for games and just bought a 2TB SSD. I was planning to clone the HDD to the larger SSD, but now that I'm looking at things, I'm only using about 330GB of the HDD, which would easily fit onto the smaller SSD. I don't really think I need more than 512GB for Windows, tbh. On the other hand, I'm using 360GB of the 512GB SSD and don't really have that many games installed on it. I think I'd be better off using that one for games. I've checked the benchmarks and the two drives are basically twins performance wise, so I wouldn't be giving up or gaining anything but space. So, the question is, can I clone the Windows drive to the smaller SSD, since I'm only actually using 330GB of space? Am I going to be forced to repartition it first? I was planning to use Acronis True Image 2015 to do the copying, because a free license comes with the new drive.
  8. Is there an updated version of this for AAF somewhere? All I can find is "Autonomy Enhanced," which seems to have vanished? And RSE, which I tried briefly but was way more stuff than what I wanted. Crap. Nevermind. Found it like 5 seconds after I posted this.
  9. Rooker

    Hurricane Michael

    I made it. The electricity didn't.
  10. Rooker

    Hurricane Michael

    Anybody got a pool float or rubber duck they could lend me for a couple days? It's getting pretty damp around here.
  11. So, who's in its way? I'm in Georgia, near Vidalia. The eye should pass not too far away to the west of me on Thursday.
  12. I'm seeing some ugly stuttering, particularly of the mouse cursor, when I load FO3 with ENB installed. I've tried the older version that comes with standalone ENBoost and the newest 322 binary and it happens either way. If I remove the ENB files, no stuttering whatsoever. I don't have a preset, I just wanted ENBoost. I've tried changing every single setting one at a time in enblocal.ini and nothing helps. I also have the stutter remover mod. I played New Vegas recently with an ENB (same binaries) and it worked fine with some tweaking. Tried using the same enblocal.ini from that and it didn't make any difference. Graphics card is GTX 1050 Ti with latest driver. Windows 10 1803.
  13. I forgot to mention earlier... Some bugs in Defeat that it would be great if they weren't repeated in its replacement: Conjured/resurrected creatures/NPCs need to be excluded as aggressors and victims. With Defeat, I can't conjure a Dremora lord and have NPC vs NPC turned on because the horny bastard tries to bang everything in sight. When an NPC is knocked down but the scene doesn't start for some reason, other nearby NPCs sometimes attack that NPC for no apparent reason. My guess is Defeat is screwing up faction relations in an attempt to stop combat and backfiring.
  14. Definitely Defeat. If someone could just make it not crash when a scene is interrupted, I'd be very happy. Put me down for Kidnapped too. Nice idea, implemented poorly.
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