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Leg seam with overlays on UUNP body


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It seems that with certain overlay textures, particularly those used by Slavetats and Bathing in Skyrim, there is always a very visible seam at the leg. In fact, the overlay texture just seems to stop completely. Check out the screenshot for a better idea. In this example the affected textures are from Ekirts Ykcul's Skintextures files.


I am using a UUNP special body (UNPBB preset), and as far as I'm aware those particular textures should work fine with that body. I've tried with different skin textures too, same result. There is no visible seam when these overlays are not applied


Any suggestions on what I might do to fix this?

Skyrim20171119 02.30.19.jpg

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Thanks for the replies. Guess I gotta retire these textures - bit of a shame, because they are great! 


Any suggestions for UUNP-compatible dirt textures would be great - Bathing in Skyrim is core in my load order. And I guess it would be cool to have seamless textures for slavetats/apropos as well. I'll look around.

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Any UUNP compatible textures will work just look through them on the nexus and see if there are any with dirty skin. To have seam less looking textures you must make sure all the textures for the head hands feet and body all come from the same texture set otherwise you'll get a texture mismatch which many mistake as a seam when it's not. So if you are using dirty textures make sure you use all of them from the same set.

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