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Cursed Armour EV 0.85

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See http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=1600

Status report:


WolfZQcustomEV.esm Released

WolfZQcursedEV.esp Released

WolfZQtentacleEV.esp Initial release

WolfZQmyloverEV.esp Initial release


The dialog idiom is much improved.

Pretty confident all but the odd thing missed translated.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Name: Cursed Armor

Version: 0.82

Date: 05/13/2011

Category: This file includes nudity and sexual content.

Author: wolfzq


1. Updates and Important Stuff

2. Requirements

3. Description

4. Donation

5. Limitations, Legal Stuff and Credits




1.0 First of all

This MOD has three parts: data package, update package and esp package.

If you have a version before 0.62 and want to update to this one, please delete wolfzqcustom.esp.


1.1 Load order







1.2 New Features

1) Because of technology breakthrough, the damage determination of cursed armor adjusted from 50%HP to 25%HP, and your player will not be killed anyway. The damage value will be taken down and will influent the behavior of your player in the future.

2) The Cursed armor upgrades. Every level can enchant you with vigour. You can upgrade by hand in the juice. The upper limit is 13.

3. The first time you have sex with any NPC there are chances of upgrade and increased attribute points.

4) Instead of deducting character's abilities permanently, the hunger will temporarily reduce 50 point of Strength. It can be recovered temporarily by masturbation or permanently by drinking bottled 'liquids'. Strength will recover by no more than 50 points when 'food' is sufficient.

5) A new PC rank system has been introduced. The textures will be included in later updates.

6) Player will learn new sex positions after the sex level up. Meanwhile, the arrow keys up and down can be used to adjust the distance between two participants. The adjusted result will affect all positions.

7) The stability of the brothel has been increased. The efficiency has been improved at least 33% and the CTD rate has been decreased substantially. I have decide to expand the brothel quests and considered it the main story line of the Cursed Armor.

8) After reaching the stage of the insect armor, all functions are available when player equipping the Black Armor. The wings will be automatically equipped when player flies.

9) The effect of fly has been improved, especially when player equipping the red armor. Character can take off by pressing the jump key, 'E'. When falling, character will transform to the fly mode if player doesn't press the jump key. Additionally, the level of Cursed Armor will affect the flying speed.

10) After the character reaching a very high sex level, wearing the insect armor and having sex with the Goddess will get ichor bottle. The black Armor can lay more eggs compare to the red armor. Considering the egg will be more useful in V0.9 (if possible), this set is not be applied right now. Meanwhile, the red armor will replenish the body liquid consumption.


1.3 New Story

Please experience it by yourself, the possible ending for the brood lair:

1) If you have used the weapon or summoned the Cursed Armor, you will be prisoned in the forbidden land forever. Game over.

2) Fail to get through the bug guard's labyrinth. You will be parasitized by bug and it will be transported back compulsorily. The chain beast will remove the parasitizing and the quest will be restarted.

3) Successfully passed the bug guard's labyrinth and found the false Anat. However, you believed her lie and plant the parasite puppet of the perfect host into your own body. You will become the perfect host of the tentacles.

4) Successfully passed the bug guard's labyrinth and found the fake Anat. You saw through her lies but you are controlled to be planted the host. You refuse to save Casandra for your own sake; you complete the deed of soul with Charise.

5) Successfully passed the bug guard's labyrinth and found the fake Anat. You saw through her lies but you are controlled to be planted the matrix. In order to save Casandra, you finished the double deeds of soul with Charise. After resucued Casandra, she will become your slave.

*) The hard part! The labyrinth Gallery: believe Rhode, it will be very easy. But if you want to try by yourself, it might be very hard.

The way to pass it: the labyrinth will change 4 times; the scene of a map will change slightly after each reforming. The gate of this scene is the correct pass. If you get wrong, you will return to the scene where you started.

After successfully pass the 4 gates by the certain order you will find the task item, then you will reach the Lair. You have to identify that the goddess is a fake to gain the chance to leave the labyrinth (I will not spoil the method of how to identify her). If you cursed armor hasn't yet reached level 6, the game will be over as you've successfully identify the fake Goddess. Considering that the difficulty of this story line (it requires at least 20 hours), the cheat code will be shown after the game is over.


1.4 Known Bugs

The infinite loading problem has been fixed in v0.82. If you still have this problem plz adjust your animation pack. Or you may try the following unofficial patch:





By the internal test of 0.81X and the public test of 0.82X, the V0.82 has been proved is a stable version. It can be used with parts of xlover MOD.



You need:

-OBSE v.0.20(b5) or higher. Get it from: obse.silverlock.org

-Estrus the latest version. Get it from:


Warning!This MOD is required! "Cursed Armor" can't work without this MOD!



What is the MOD on earth, I, wolfzq, want You to explore it by yourself. On the other hand if you don't know what it is, will you download it? :P

Enjoy it.



Although this MOD is free, it still took me a lot of time. In order to make the MOD better, I decided to accept international donations. If you like this MOD and hope it will get better, I hope you can make some donations. Thank you very much.

Donation method: only support Paypal.

Account : wolfzq@163.com




Cursed Armor is not a totally independent MOD since it included some prerequiste assets. Becasue of my poor English I failed to contact with other modders, so I have to define it as a usurping. I have to apologize to those modders whose assests have been used in this MOD. Because of the long period of the development, I only remember these assets:

The animation pack in XLOVER MOD, in F&L MOD, two clothes of SPB, the clothes in cursed armor. Meanwhile I hope I can get more permission from the modders to use the intresting stuff in their MODs to develop an even better MOD.


Special thanks to:

-Cotyounoyume: Author of Estrus. In the past, because of the language barrier, I used the Estrus MOD without the consent of author Cotyounoyume. After explanation of the situation, Cotyounoyume very kindly forgave me. In the consultations, Cotyounoyume allow "Curse armor" to use the data of Estrus without modifying. Thank him for his selflessness, help the "Curse armor" to be developed smoothly.


-JuliaDelenfer: Author of Chain Beasts. Similarly,because of language barrier, I used the 'Chain Beasts' MOD without the consent of author JuliaDelenfer. After explanation of the situation, JuliaDelenfer understood me and agreed to my action. Thank him for his selflessness, help the "Curse armor" to be developed smoothly. Although Chain Beasts is not as a pre-MOD, but this MOD is absolutely awesome. http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34346


-Author of Xlove series and author of unknown MODs: Sorry for not available to contact with the anthors of XLOVE series from tesnexus. And because of the limited capacity, I can not get touch with the be-used MOD authors one by one. I express all my appreciation for their great work. "Curse armor"'s completion is inseparable from their selfless sharing. Please thank their efforts when have fun from this MOD. If you find your work in my MOD and have other views on MOD's copyright or related matters, please contact my BLOG . BLOG Address: http://wolfzq.blog132.fc2blog.net


-My Cursed Group: Ú¤Ö®Áú, rockwjoe, Ïò×óÏòÓÒ, ŸoÃû, Ŧ»ù, ·ÉÔÆ


-My Translation Group: dantebelmondo & chaodjj1 & lishiping84 @moderteam; Symon & Nessa @loverslab


-OBSE-team: Thank you for making the script extender.

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Includes two esm files and three esps.



Pluggy_HUD. The recommended version is included in the data files. Later versions are buggy when the HUD is enabled with some graphics cards. Included Pluggy_HUD works with Wrye Morph.


Make absolutely sure you have a compatible skeleton or many animations will not work.

A good one is included in the mods data pack, if your preferred skeleton gives issues.

Under no circumstances let OBMM touch your skeleton.nif. It's almost certainly introducing a vanilla one of some kind.


The mod uses vanilla PickIdle and tokens, so loading it late is a good idea.


Fixing things:

The mod is pretty stable if you load it correctly. However, if things go wrong, these console commands often help.


Camera stuck in flying mode: TFC

Stuck in an object: TCL (move and then TCL again)

Trapped in endless animation loop: player.playgroup idle 1

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* All ESM/ESP cleaned. The ones with the EV suffix.

* 98% of the language makes sense and large parts are idiomatic.

* Less Gross (no horses, dogs or corpses) is standard:

To enable full gross, do 'set zqcore.grosson to 1' in the console after quest start.

Hud repositioned.

Male characters get erections now as well as female.



Included in the optional 'AddonPack'.

A cleaner version of a mesh (NKShadowWatcherSXXX.nif) included. 500k of duff nodes removed.

Pitch shifted vocals. Sound\fx\woflzqcustom\ No squeeks. Use this if you haven't already got a replacement.


Two optional third stage 'torments' Replace tail3.nif with either tenttail3.nif (the tentacle) or rodtail3.nif (animated rod).

Better specular (et al) properties on the included male items. dick.nif and dick2.nif. The second really needs it!

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Until I can get the top of the thread to my liking here is an update:-


Status report:

See opening posts.


The really good news is I just flipped WolfZQcustomEV85.esm into an esp to load into the CS for script re-compile and there were no errors in the animation chain!


Frustrating, but I think my decision to go with translating 0.85 was the right call.

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If someone has spare time or speak chinese, translation of this message of kongkonglou from moderteam could help, as the maze is tricky.



迷宫里面一共有9个门..= =||..九门么..














PS:请不要带隐形戒指什么的..不然木乐趣了...貌似穿装备是走向BAD END的最快途径...




























= =.都提示到这里了..如果不知道怎么做..那..我也不知道怎么做了...







关闭控制台..打开控制台...输入...resurrect 1


= =.重复做几次吧..不是一次能成的...















= =||.我对自己用过...




不过我拿了完美结局以后...原来应该是巢穴门的地方...出先了个是个黄色的MESH MISSSING的标志...不知道是啥...





= =||....

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In short version..

there are nine doors in the maze, and player must enter the number "N" of it one by one..

until the right door appear. when you picked the right door, a message " Changes happened in the maze, it seems there are more matrix(female body?) being devoured."

and player may continue to the next door, however if you get into wrong door, you must start all over again. so take a note if you wish.

forget your invisible ring, it will ruin the fun, and wearing equipments is a fast route to the bad end.

to trigger quest added in v0.8, player must have level 6 rank more in the brothel

countess quest or arena are some nice methods.

for players only wish to take a tour, armor's level is at your choice, for those want a good ending, level 10 or 12 is recommended, collect some sperm to increase armor level!


once player entered the maze,

1. wearing equipments will trigger the first bad ending.

watch out those bugs(alien larvas), getting close and they come for you, once too many(not sure how many) of them are attached and you are fucked.(yeah, another bad ending)

a bug have amazing health, if you are planning to kill them, think again.

basically try to stay away from them

when you finally reach the last room(goddess inside),

talk to her, she'll give you a bug!(seriously?)

more choices,

2. take the bug, go to the center of room and have fun with the bug.(will..you know what is going to happen)

3. she is not a real goddess, when you have finished your cozy conversation, face her head on, treat her as an enemy,(fOOk her?)..



some players might found themselves stucked after they finished with goddess, load the game, kill the goddess with console and resurrect her. and fOOk her again.

if quest hints appeared, grats, if not, try again.

possible confilct with other mods.



during route 3, you can choice route 4(no futher explains)


when quest completed in good ending, you'll get a maid.

(it says she's a black mama..?)

can possess anyone but youself.

she has other commands author didn't try yet.


some animations for bad enddings seems didn't finish yet, a missing mesh appeared on a place should be door in final room

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I feel very obliged to say this, the readme felt like a miniature essay. tl;dr unless you've got the time.


Disclaimers: Now pardon me if I’m missing some Cursed Armour specific perspectives, because I’ve never played it before. So I beseech you to take this as more of an idiomatically smoothened literal translation. Also, pardon me if the readme/walkthrough here seems a tad bit unprofessional as the original text was written with plenty of personalization from the author in a very direct manner, as if he were chatting to some peeps.




After having done some research, the layout of wolf’s maze is basically as follows:


Within the maze are 9 doors. After players have entered the maze, they are to follow a certain procedure and enter these doors until the real exit has been found.


Once you have found the right door, a message will appear saying: “The maze has undergone even more changes; the extent to which it has been devoured by the motherly body has increased.” You will then have to find the next door. Be careful however, as walking through the wrong door will force you to start all over again. For example – Let us say that you walked through the first door and saw the message prompt saying that you were correct. You then proceeded through the second door, but did not see the message prompt this time; at this point you will have to return and walk through the first door again in order to try to find the correct second door once more. Now, if you were to fail at the third door, you would have to return to the starting point and go through both the first and second doors in the correct order again. This is the ‘certain procedure’ that was spoken of earlier, so be sure to remember the doors or create your own markings & makeshift maps.


In truth, this maze is still quite difficult even without the rules. If I were to guide you through everything this wouldn’t be fun anymore; please rack your brains students! I’m not going to lay down the map; if I were to do that, it wouldn’t be much fun anymore. (Now this paragraph was tough, I can see some china-specific slang there whose meaning is quite lost on me, this is the closest I could get to an accurate translation; well, the content of it isn’t useful anyway.)


P.S – Please don’t bring in invisibility or chameleon rings & etc, or else you’ll ruin the fun. Wearing equipment in is THE fastest way to get to the bad ending.


That covers the maze issue; I’ll now proceed to explain the others. Alright, I won’t cover the specifics of anything from 0.7 and before as everyone should be quite clear. After completing the content of 0.7 and attempting to proceed to the content in 0.8, your personal level in the ‘JY’/Brothel has to be 6 or higher (The hell’s that? I saw brothel in the earlier translation so I’m taking that as a benchmark). To rise up in level is a very simple task: fight in the arena or undertake the countess quests. If you’re just going to play casually or take it easy then your armour level is of little consequence. However, if you’re going for the best ending, then an armour level of 10 to 12 is recommended. Don’t even bother if you’ve a level of 6 or less.


You get onto the streets and suck or whatever (probably referring to sex), and get the level of the armour to 12. With that, you may enter the maze; the procedure to follow has already been covered in the prior sections of this walkthrough. Now, if you ignored the warnings and really wore your own armour/equipment or whatever in, then congratulations! You’ve just gotten Bad End 1, game’s over, haha!


Regarding the insects in the maze, they’ll pounce and chase you once you get close, you’ll know when they’re gunning for you. If you’re thinking about killing those insects, think again, they’ve got loads of HP. Since the insects will crawl onto you once they’re close, so try to give them a wide berth. Light a torch or get a light source and scan for these insects, run once you see them. Once you’ve put a certain amount of distance between the insects and yourself, they’ll stop giving chase. If the insects that’ve latched on to you hit a certain amount, then you’re in for some tragic times. It’s easy to get to that stage, how woeful it is! Once you’ve gotten past the maze and reached the last room, you’ll see a goddess in it. Walk up to her and she’ll give you an insect.


ROUTE 2: Obey the goddess and walk to the middle, use the insect and you’ll see some stuff occur, I won’t speak of it, experience it for yourselves. I will say, however, that it’s certainly quite ‘colourful’.


ROUTE 3: In truth, you should be clear by this time that this is a fake goddess. So once you’re finished speaking with her, don’t hesitate to walk up and engage in ‘combat’ (He’s plenty vague and pretty suggestive on the way he says combat, might well be sexual). Now, after I did this, I seemed to have encountered a bug of sorts, however, this might be due to my own mods or problems and conflicts on my own end. So, for those who don’t encounter this bug, you may skip the bugs section.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUG SECTION ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

After following Route 3 to the end, I seemed to have encountered a bug whereby the controls would lock up or cease to respond. The only was to reload. In such a situation, open up the console and select the goddess before proceeding to type the ‘kill’ command. Close the console thereafter and then reopen it – type in ‘resurrect 1’ on the goddess. You should then proceed to engage in ‘combat’ with her again. If you see the quest prompt afterwards then congratulations, you’ve succeeded and won. If the problem persists, keep retrying or restart your oblivion. It’s best to keep the mods in use to a minimum; I’ve had this same problem in the arena where the monsters simply stand around and stare like idiots.



ROUTE 4: This is Route 3 for all intents and purposes, except that in Route 3 there’s a choice that’ll lead you to Route 4.


Well, that about wraps things up, please enjoy Wolfzq’s Big Maze!

If you get the perfect ending, you’ll be able to get a companion. There’s a black aunt (What the hell? This is exactly what the chinese words literally mean, I can't figure out what it could be so there...) who can be customized or beautified. There’s also a companion who can possess anyone other than you. Those who don’t want to have a self-customizable companion that they can personally beautify can go for the possessor. She’s also got a lot of other functions and makes other normal mod companions looks pretty bad in comparison.


However, after I got the perfect ending, the area that should’ve been the nest instead displayed the MESH MISSING sign, no idea what it is. Furthermore, it looks like some of the bad ending animations aren’t quite ready yet, this should likely be covered in the consequent updates.


The last 2 sentences or so were the original poster's personal thanks to wolfzq, as well as a lamenting wish saying that it would be great if somehow or rather there could be 1 release of cursed armour every week.


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