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  1. So do all servers require the new expansion? All the negative reviews has me tepid.
  2. I figured yeah, just curious what servers ARE up right now, to try to get back into the game.
  3. So I feel the urge to go back to Conan Exiles but haven't played very much. I'd love the idea of a like minded community that will use Sexiles when it comes back. Any decent server suggestions? Its hard to tell whats still alive or not.
  4. For me, instant CTD at start of animation was because I had Belt-Fastened Quivers installed. The skeleton didn't like the animations forced upon it. Removing BFQ fixed FNIS big time. I'm using vanilla skeletons, and everything just works now. I don't have anything like that. Also animations work when I use Matchmaker. Just for Defeat. Hell the robbery system works too!
  5. Upgrade from Sexlab 1.59b to Sexlab 1.59C. I didn't realize there was a C now. Thanks. I'll try that. Edit: Still crashes.
  6. So the mod works for me up until the actual sex starts, to which I CTD. I'm not entirely sure what to do. I tried cleaning up the mod but I don't know what I'm doing wrong or what causes it.
  7. Thats it? Ugh. Got my hopes up for nothing. I want real succubi enemies that can rape your character.
  8. Is the offer for the meshes and such still open? I'd like to ask for one, and its nothing special really. Love the concept of this mod. However I'm running into a problem. I installed SOS and Equipable, but when I try to use Create Penis, the game crashes. In fact, just stripping a male nude causes a crash. Did I install it incorrectly? Any idea why? I got it in the right slot supposedly.
  9. I'd love to use Defeat but it never works for me. Even on new characters where it DOES show up.
  10. Same, I can't get attacked either still. Maybe it has to do with the fact I see $ next to some objects on the menu?
  11. I can't even get knocked down even when set to 100%. I've tried cleaning up and even reinstalling. Not sure what else I can do. I can rape though, so animations and mod works.
  12. Oh no no no, I'm sorry! I crash on loading a character. Here's what happens. I load a save and I'll hear the equip sounds, then crash, then if I try again, it crashes even earlier until it insta crashes on loading. Unselecting the mod fixes it, but I might get a crash too. But I have it unselected and game works fine. Damn my game is a mess lol.
  13. as far as i understand "incorrect skeleton" would have to be some ancient skeleton as most skeletons these days are compatible with everything (to some degree) CTD on start? that would be a mod screaming to you "i cant find my master! *cry* " i recommend TES5Edit http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/25859/? simply run it with all your active mods (should auto select active mods) it should give you some message or error (read the text to see what mod is screaming and what it's missing) Its not saying anything. I think it has to do with the clothing that gets shoved onto you wh
  14. I CTD immediately on start. I'm not sure if its because I have the incorrect skeleton? But I"m afraid of screwing up what I have. Any way to safely check?
  15. Aside from a few features like "raise from the dead" and "become mindless follower" I'm already working on a mod that hopefully will provide most of those. So could you possibly be able to do something like I suggested?
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