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SSE Screenshots and Character Shots

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Sup folks. Finally I can say I have the skyrim that I wish with 0 performance issues. But sadly I can't use a grass mod because that will kill my fps lol. I play around 48-56 fps. I just need a nice crime mod. 



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Making Sofia Jealous



Think it works!




All Hail Hircine! XD







It really worked.. Well payback for the constant flirting and cold shower i got from her.

(while everyone´s looking..)



By the power of Grey scull! XD



Daddy i think i broke my toy again...



Well let's see if we can break it some more..

Have to perform better if i want the blonde bard here to actual REACT TO IT! God damn it i hate skyrim sometimes..




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12 hours ago, sanya56714 said:

nexus influence.

nah lol. I will get banned if I share those pic even with that censor lol. I never get it why you can't share nipples in the image area but in the mod area there are a lot of dicks and nipples lol

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