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You have the right to remain sexy.


Flaunt your freedom with these broken symbols of not freedom and let the world know you are just a bit kinky.


Craft bracelets from handcuffs which are laying around everywhere in The Commonwealth. You can craft left wrist, right wrist, or both wrist. They use slot 51 which CreationKit labels as "Ring" because all the other slots are used by bags n shit. They are craftable under the UTILITY category of the Chemlab since all the Hot Topics seem to have been obliterated.




Under no circumstances is this to be uploaded to any other sites by anyone other than me.


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Ok so...I gotta ask.


Second screenshot on the files page.  What's that armor?  (np if it's private or something, just asking)


EDIT: Asking about the black catsuit-y number, not the bikini.


And nice mod, too, of course.


Might be a retexture of the wetsuit from the Fortaleza armor mod.


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  • 5 months later...

Mod request or parts additions request.


I like these to become some sort of neck cuffs slave jewelry.

Where the locking part is place at the Back of the neck.

While the hinge part is at the Front of the neck.


And BTW will you create on both of the lower legs parts as well?
Like some sort of leglets cuffs for the lower legs anklets to be precise.


And how about create some slave master cuffs keys for locking and unlocking those cuffs?


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