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  1. Hi all, I have been trying to add 3D pubic to the BHUNP body. pic 1 & 2 is what i see in outfitstudio. I have created 4 pieces of 3d pubs to make a realistic feel. pubs has been edited to be front, sides and back (ass crack) but in game there are alot of big clippings, some stretches the vag open at all the time. (pic 3 only have 2 pieces of pubs attached, the clipping is more with all 4 attached) the front pub is fine by its own as its not touching the vag area. any ideas on how i can fix this? cheers.
  2. My outfit studio doesnt have BHUNP 3BBB advanced as the load reference. It have CBBE and UUNP but not BHUNP, how do I add this? Cheers.
  3. hahaha, so many questions. I got a quick one. For the best effect, do i suppose to use PE havok path over 3bbb advanced? I got 3bbb advanced working but dont know what PE havok path is for. cheers.
  4. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/105409 This was released yesterday, just want to post it here. Hope it means something to somebody. I have no idea what higher poly implies but perhaps this will reduce clipping issues?
  5. dang, adding master to mods, that sounds dangerous. awww this is so hard πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ
  6. Hello, its me again, still havnt figured out how to complie the PSC to remove the auto equip armor LOL. I thought maybe there is another way, since armor with Sexlabnostrip will not be stripped, can I edit my armor to give the sexlabnostrip tag? (I dont use DD anyways) Thank you!
  7. I think this is the right track, Ill experiment with this and let you guys know. Thanks!
  8. So for NPC L Breast and R Breast, the breasts are already colliding with arm and hands but just not as much as I would like. I know my character breast is too big for the hdt which is causing alot of clippings issues (hands goes into breasts and belly), in this case which option do I need to fiddle with? Also im using clams I dont see belly in the xml. nvm i see the belly.
  9. Hi all, just wonder if we could some how customize the hdt physic to match our custom body produced with body slider. I'm using the claim body and hdt, however my character breast and belly is bigger than the hdt intended and its causing clipping. It seems the hdt is designed to accommodate rather realistic bodies (smaller breasts), but just out of curiosity if we can adjust it, with a tool or mod. Cheers.
  10. Oh ok, so i have made MO2 mods as input folder, but still work or feel right...however i feel we are getting close lol. so this is what i have, still very different from what Adetu have. also, what should i do with the decomplied files from the original mod using creation's kit? Cheers.
  11. I think my biggest issue is how to fill out the import folders. I decomplied the mod (private need) with creation kit and my import folder is the decomplied folder. but Adetu showed me his import folders which was massive. first picture is mine, second is Adetu. what am i missing? Cheers.
  12. Sorry Adetu, why do you have 2 SKSE files and what is it? I have the SKSE but not skse 1 07 03. And is not having this skse 1 07 03 causing the problem? as in not directing complier to the right directory?
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