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  1. Kakabishan

    Holiday Gift Hairdo

    Thanks for sharing these with us! In the second pic (Vanilla) what mask is that if you dont mind me asking? Been looking for a mask like that for ages. Looking forward to more updates in this mod, thank oyou
  2. It has something to do with the alpha flags of the hair." If the Nialpaproperty is set to 4845, it usually doesnt show shaders (such as cum) appearing in the hair. If you set it to 4846, then shaders will appear on the hair, although the mesh looks more jagged and less soft, which is a trade-off.
  3. I think its from Kalilies WIP hairpack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kyFq5o7m1NOifPacpfOGHgn7t7VbjtYH/view
  4. Kakabishan

    SL Coitus Infectus

    That was fast! Thank you
  5. Kakabishan

    SL Coitus Infectus

    Great news :), definitely looking forward to it, thank you! Believe me, I have restarted Skyrim so many times because of new mods and updating mods, its always a dilemma but its so worth it
  6. Kakabishan

    Prison Overhaul Patched

    Yeah... Recently that has been happening a lot to me too. Im not sure if its a mod conflict or anything but if you find out whats causing it, or if anyone does it would be greatly appreciated on how to fix that issue!
  7. Kakabishan

    SL Coitus Infectus

    Very neat idea, love the idea! I hope you add in more Infections as well! Also as a request, if it is possible to add in integration with Devious YPS mod where if you are infected with lice, another extreme way of removing it is by shaving off the pubes and head hair?
  8. Kakabishan

    [UE4] LifePlay - Free LifeSim RPG

    Congrats on the release Vinfamy, definitely lookin forward to this!
  9. Kakabishan

    How to block youtube video ads?

    Get ublock origin. You can setup whitelists to turn off adblock for some sites if you want and it has a whole list of ad blocking such as annoying social media popups and all that stuff, plus Ublock origin is very lightweight and isn't as much as a bloat than the other adblockers. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ublock-origin/ As a side note, I'm really surprised that a lot of people I've met online don't know about adblockers. I don't know how I'd survive without it, and knowing someone surfing the web without an adblocker makes me wonder..
  10. I have a small request as well. When going to the stylist for a hair makeover, could there be an option for a completely random length to be chosen?
  11. I always manually threw a light item towards the basketball hoop whenever I could, but now I can actually throw it like a grenade? This is too good to be true, thank you for this!
  12. I guess one thing I can think of that the dragon born can be blackmailed by a person or guard planting a whole lot of skooma a and moon sugar and any other contraband on the player and blackmailing them otherwise they'd get caught for having so much illicit items. Or a person planting any talos idols or necklaces and blackmailing the player that they will report it to the thalmor, and we all know what happens to talos worshippers from the thalmor....
  13. Kakabishan


    Nice! I hope a similar mod is included in fallout 4 as well.
  14. Kakabishan

    Ninirim Banned On Patreon?

    Good riddance. People ripping content and putting it behind paywalls deserve to get their shit taken down. Fuck people that do that.
  15. Kakabishan


    ​Great news! Thank you so much for the work on your mod