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  1. This is great stuff. I was very surprised to see the high quality of these animations, well done. I couldn't find anything awkward when testing - good job! As for future suggestions, here's some: - burning animation (free standing for cages or tied to a pole or something like that) - electrocution animation for chairs, basically just adding an anim object for a car battery that gets placed next to the chair (any chair) - electrocution animation for bed frames, also only adding a car battery I think especially having some simple electrocution animations based on furniture thats already in the game and just adding the electrical components via animation objects would be sweet. That way, you'd often be able to have some of these animations happen without having to spawn a particular thing in. And if you feel fancy, you could do something a little SAW themed, I could see some particularly crazy raiders drifting into that direction. Anyway, really nice work, thanks for sharing. Edit: Another suggestion: I'd rename the Mechanical Execution Chair to something like Electric Chair, that way it doesn't always imply death. I can easily see that device being used in a non-lethal context. Edit2: It'd be awesome if there was a 'dead' animation for each of these, basically 00 without the breathing. I've been playing around with the mod in my settlements and made it so that after the sequence AAF just starts another scene with long duration and the 00 stage (or whichever has the least movement) in order to convert raiders into amusement and then decoration for a while, but it doesn't quite work out, since they all still move slightly and also make noise.
  2. So, I've had a bit of time at my hands and with the new DLC coming out decided to pick up Stellaris again - and after checking LL for mods for the game as I always do for games these days, I got this mod. I just thought I'd give my two cents on how the mod works and what I'd like to see improved. I'd argue that the most important mechanic is the whole milk cow building chain, but I'm not sure if the boni from different traits stack correctly. It would be nice if instead of telling me something has a 'substantial' effect on milk production/sex jobs/other species, it'd be specific and tell me exactly what the boni are. I like to minmax heavily and 'moderate', 'substantial', etc just is not accurate enough for me to be able to make informed decisions on where to spend my gene tailoring points. Sure, there's an RP element to the whole thing, so I went for all the kinky perks anyway, but it would be great to see the exact modifiers. Especially, since I have a suspicion that the traits for milk production don't stack correctly. There didn't seem to be any noticable difference in production after gene tailoring perfect cow girls from my mediocre slaves. It's entirely possible I haven't understood one of the mechanics, but on first glance there might be an issue with the stacking. Also, I love the fact that there's decisions about the milk cow policy, but I'd much prefer it if that decision was set in the species rights instead of empire policies - I basically ended up with three core planets stacked with my original species and specialists all the way except some amenities produced by ... 'workers' as well as two dedicated slave planets with minimal specialist infrastructure (something like ~10 master species, ~70 slaves). I dedicated one of those planets to produce insane amounts of food and consumer goods for my entire empire by stacking 10 milk cow farms filled with basically perfect gene-tailored cows, which worked well enough. So well, I had them make unity instead of the extra food/cg. However, the other planet I wanted to set up as a breeding planet to grow different species, like the 'workers' for my home world, slave soldiers and, obviously, the breeding slaves. Now the issue is that I have to choose empire-wide for whether the cows make food/cg or use cg to boost growth - but since I had two different sorts of cow girls, one with max milk and one with max growth, that didn't quite make sense. I'd like the one planet to produce food/cg/unity in the milk farms and the other planet to boost growth for my other species. That would be possible if the decisions about free use etc were species dependant. Anyway, I'll play some more and if I stumble across anything else, I'll let you know. Overall, great work! Well done, thanks!
  3. If you can elaborate a bit more what exactly the scenario is, how dynamic it needs to be, etc. then I'll be able to help you. Without further information, my only thought would be that you're going to have to devise a system to fill the RefAlias during runtime, since you'll most likely have different patrons that need to be dynamically filled into the alias depending on which one of these patrons the player talks to.
  4. I'll just hit you with a quote from my last post: "Scripts of type ReferenceAlias receive all events that the filled object reference receives, including, but not limited to, actor events."
  5. The slavery tab is added by Devious Devices, you can get rid of F4:SS anytime you want: it's DD that adds that tab. For everyone else: I got caught up in real-life. Sorry.
  6. Forget all that stuff Carreau just told you about using perks/magic effects and importing the actor script (??)... your problem is so common that Bethesda themselves had it when they worked on Skyrim, so they put an entire system in place to deal with it. It's called Quest Aliases, you can find all the necessary information on the wiki. Just make a new ReferenceAlias, force it to fill the player in the CK, then attach a script to the RefAlias. Scripts of type ReferenceAlias receive all events that the filled object reference receives, including, but not limited to, actor events. Most of Fallout 4's quests are actually built around using Quest Aliases, it's the only acceptable way of doing this sort of thing in the current iteration of the engine. Any other method is either way more expensive, harder to do maintenance on or has a high chance of producing script ghosts in your savegame (such as the magic effect variant). If you don't know what you're doing, use the systems that Bethesda uses - they are usually the cheapest. Check our the wiki, check out how the vanilla quests handle things and if it still doesn't click, let me know - if I get the time, I'll help.
  7. I don't think that they will enforce Creation Club usage. My prediction (I know I sound crazy) is that about 3 months after launch, they'll release the CK and server software. They confirmed that private servers will be a thing and they are painfully aware of how important the modding community is for them. My take on the Creation Club was always that it's a tool designed to bring mods to console - nothing more, nothing less. All the fear that CC would be required and the only way to mod the game was false back then and I still believe it's false now, even though the risk for mandatory-CC happening is higher for an online-only title. However, I've been following basically all interviews with Bethesda people since like forever, since obviously I'm quite invested in their games, and they show high amounts of appreciation for the modding community in general. Obviously they try to keep the adult mods off the front pages, but let's be real here: they've not actually made any effort to get any of what we're doing here shut down. So stop panicking everyone. Right, so this is the sort of fearmongering that I despise. 1. They confirmed an involved and not yet finished PvP system with the explicit purpose of avoiding exactly what you're describing. 2. Their studio has grown to almost double the size since they started developing Fallout 4 - with the engine (-net code) in place, much less time is being soaked by backend work and more time, and generally way more people due to the new hires, are available for level design. By the way, the biggest chunk of new coding (net code) is done by a separate studio under ZeniMax that wasn't at all involved with the Fallout games before, so all the crack people from Beth are focusing on level/quest design and don't even need to bother with the large engine changes that 'going online' entails. 3. Maybe. Maybe not. 4. Where the fuck did you get that information? Fallout 76 is going to have a story as all their previous games have. Literally the only difference is that Fallout 76 will not have human NPCs, but will indeed have humanoid NPCs (new faction 'The Scorched': basically ghouls) and robots, terminals, etc. They even talk about how moving the quest system to be character-bound instead of quest-bound (in technical terms, eg where the information is stored) was one of the biggest issues for them and took them a long time to solve. So please, inform yourself before you spread 'information' that's simply false. Fallout 76 will have quests and will have lore. 5. Really now? 6. I hope you're aware that the only reason for the modding community to even exist is the fact that while they are developing their engine, they are keeping the basic stuff in place. If they suddenly changed to an entirely new engine, you'd have nowhere near the sort of mods we have. Just look at the Witcher franchise. Sure, there's mods, but by no means is there the diversity that we have for Bethesda's games, because for Beth games us modders have been honing our work-flow since Morrowind and we understand the engine and with each new iteration of the engine many things get improved but we still know our way around the systems. Many, many modders aren't actually working in programming, let alone game design, so when you're asking for an entirely new engine, you better be prepared to spend the next 3 years learning how to operate an entirely new set of dev tools and so forth, because I guarantee you that most of us won't have the time to do that. And micro-transactions? Sure, it's been confirmed by the Todd himself, but it's also be confirmed that it's purely cosmetics and that not a single thing will be micro-transactions-only. You will be able to get every single piece of cosmetic gear through gameplay. And yes, that's in the interview I posted above. To put it in a nutshell: I, too, am highly sceptical about Fallout 76 and I, too, would've preferred if the next big game would have been another singleplayer game like the ones we know and love - but the least we can do is give them a fair shot at this. And what we absolutely shouldn't do is shitpost and make it seem like it's worse than it actually is. Just move away from looking at this game like it's Fallout 5 - it isn't. I'm fairly confident that we will be able to, in due time, get adult content into Fallout 76, with a twist: it's going to be online. And while that is an entirely different thing, one that I have no experience with at all, I'm going to see how it turns out. /rant
  8. Here's a 40 minute documentary with all their lead devs talking about the game and different mechanics. Modders might be interested to know that there's quite a lot of footage captured from within their updated CK. After having listened to the other, shorter E3 interview with Todd Howard, I'm pretty sure we'll be able to mod the shit out of this game. People were concerned about them talking about some sort of 'service', but if you listen closely to the interview, it seems to me that by 'service' Todd is actually referring to the servers and networking services - not a paid-mod-distribution service. I might be wrong about all of this, but this video will still be interesting to most of you. Have a good day.
  9. You could easily use GetWornItem on all the necessary slots to find out if the actor is wearing stuff like left leg/right leg/left arm/right arm/chest armor and helmet. If you want to get a decent approximation, I'd go with a system where you check for whether the actor has said pieces equipped, for each piece add a number so that if all pieces are equipped the number reads 100. Then check for the total damage resistance on that actor, get how much percent of the maximum achievable damage resistance (I'm guessing it'd be whatever damage resistance a full set of Assault Marine armor from Far Harbor gives you) and multiply the initial number from equipped items with the percent of maximum achievable damage resistance. That'll yield a number between 0-100. Just a suggestion, if you want to get some fairly accurate approximation of how much armor a character wears and how thick that armor is.
  10. 1. As far as I understand, the GetArmorRating() function only accepts an actor and returns the grand total of armor rating on that actor. 2. GetWornItem is a F4SE struct function. It does not return an armor, it returns a WornItem struct. The function is native to the 'actor' script, thus the WornItem struct is also defined there. The correct syntax to retrieve which item is equipped in slot 33 would be: armor function GetActualWornItem(Actor akActor) // <- just an example function actor:WornItem _itemstruct = akActor.GetWornItem(33) Armor _item = _itemstruct.Item return _item endFunction https://www.creationkit.com/fallout4/index.php?title=GetWornItem_-_Actor
  11. I think there's nothing wrong with having it set up that way. Just don't forget to actually register for the OnPlayerLoadGame event: RegisterForRemoteEvent(Player, "OnPlayerLoadGame"). As far as I know, scripts aren't registered for that event by default.
  12. There is no bondage gear in this mode. This mod only uses DeviousDevices.
  13. Your install is completely borked. The game is throwing a ton of errors, 95% of which aren't F4SS related. My first instict would be that something is wrong with your F4ScriptExtender installation, because it's complaining about a lot of it's functions. At the same time it's also throwing hundreds of errors about vanilla scripts, which should not happen. A couple errors are pretty normal, because Bethesda is pretty shit - this many errors are not normal, though. My suggestion would be to make sure you reinstall F4SE and then start a new game and periodically check the log file. Once it looks healthier, start adding mods. If you get to F4:SS and it's still looking healthy, then I'll be able to help you further. Update: I'm now putting together the pieces for the new FSM, which should increase script performance by... like a lot.
  14. Preview changelog for version 0.91: Type: Minor ETA: When it's done. Probably soon. Requires Clean Save: Probably Added: New model for slave scrapyard. (100%) Added: New workplace: slave sex station (generates revenue based on slave value, will decrease slave value permanently over time). (100%) Added: RefCollectionAlias for NPC owned slaves with attached AI and scripts. (100%) Added: Some keywords for NPC-NPC slavery and player interaction with those slaves. (100%) Added: Additional events registered on Slaver's Safe for later usage (e.g slave rebellions, maybe?). (100%) Added: RefCollectionAlias for potential NPC slave owners. (100%) Added: RefCollectionAlias for actual NPC slave owners. (100%) Changed: Tazer Syringe now in correct category. (100%) Changed: Applied cloak spells directly onto the player, alias threw hissyfits. (100%) Changed: Inflicting 100 pain (when they go into bleedout) will make any slave stop resisting immediately for at least 1 tick. (100%) Changed: Slave sleeping bags now subtract 1 safety from your settlement. (100%) Changed: Most workstations are now containers in their own rights and you don't need to link them anymore. (100%) Changed: Streamlined a lot of script stuff, making scripts less likely to fail and more efficient. (100%) Changed: function: IsActorSlave() now checks via RefCollectionAliases instead of factions. (100%) Changed: script: F4SSscrGenericSlaveInit reworked for maximum ease of use. (100%) Changed: factions now only attached via RefCollectionAliases for maximum compatibility with other mods and uninstall chill. (100%) Fixed: Slaves leaving furniture after player leaves area and comes back (e.g. auction post). Fixed: Major bug with slave AI initialization that has gone unnoticed all this time. Fixed: Shock Baton no longer kills slaves (yay). Just dropping by to give everyone the headsup that I've updated the second post of the thread with the curret state of development/preview patchnotes for 0.91 (as seen above). I'm getting shit done right now so I'm hoping that I'll be able to release the patch tomorrow or maybe friday. As always, no promises, but it's looking good. If you've come across any bugs that haven't been mentioned in the patchnotes and need tending, please feel free to just remind me - I'll see if I can work them out for this patch. The bad news for everyone is that the next patch will probably need a clean savegame. I've tried to get some rudimentary update system in place, but can't really tell if it's working as intended, so I'll only provide support to people that use a clean save and send their Papyrus log. Oh, and one more bummer: the slave sex station looks all cool and shit but doesn't actually have animations, because I simply refuse to use 4P in its current state - I know however that something about that is going to be done from a different party soon, so we can all be looking forward to getting some nice activities in that department. Thanks for your time, and as I said: feel free to report critical bugs again, I might have overlooked them.
  15. As with most things in the new CK environment, quest aliases are your friend. I'm assuming you have some sort of quest running in the background anyway (since you're trying to monitor something), just add a new ReferenceAlias to that quest and force fill it to the Player Actor. Then add a script that uses OnKill() to that alias. This way you don't actually mess with the player actor and are 100% compatible with all other mods that do similar things (RefAliases sort of 'stack', they don't mind each other - just make sure you don't tick "Reserve Reference" in the RefAlias window). Hope this helps.
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