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  1. Okay, also das klingt alles machbar. Wenn man nicht viel Wert auf perfektes Positioning legt und mit zwei separaten furnitures arbeitet, also z.B. ein pillory und ein whipping marker, dann ist die Sache total einfach. Man kann da dann einfach einen script einrichten der auf dem pillory sitzt (der kann dann auch auf allen pillories sitzen selbst denen die keinen whipping marker hinter ihnen platziert haben) und in der OnInit() nach GetLinkedRef() suchen und wenn z.B. eine linked Ref mit nem keyword wie "zbfInteractionMarker" oder so existiert, dann wird OnInit die linked ref erstmal disabled. S
  2. Oh, I don't mind in the least. What's a couple GB these days anyway? I thought it might have been easier for you to organize if it was smaller portions, but I guess not! Ich vergesse immer, dass ich auch einfach auf Deutsch schreiben kann, lol. Eine Idee die mir noch gekommen ist während ich mit 8+ arbeite: du hast ja die marker für z.b whipping, es wäre turbo praktisch wenn es solche marker auch für sex gäbe, also als konkretes Beispiel könnte man dann z.B in einer Taverne eine furniture haben und einen dafür positionierten sex marker mit sandbox enabled haben und mit einem e
  3. Hey t'ara, I've ran into a problem that I can't pin down. I made a simple whipping scene, it uses one of the whipping posts and punishment cane from ZaZ8+, but everything else is custom written. It only uses the Furniture and the Weapon. Now, if I run the scene on two NPCs, there are no problems at all. But if I have the player be the one that gets whipped, as soon as the PC gets hit for the first time, the animation changes to (I believe) one of the milking machine idles. I've tried looking through the ZaZ code to see why that happens, but while I could find a bunch of relate
  4. If you're making double-sided windows, would you consider making double sided doors, like they are used at horse races? Not 1 to 1, just a door thats double sided and opens quickly? It's just a suggestion but would be very handy! I'll attach some screenshots to show you what I'd do with it! Oh, and yeah, it's not actually a horse race...
  5. The "new" DD is just an updated version of the sub-mods. You now only have to download one file, but inside that file are still the components of DDa/e/i and now DDc. You should always keep DD up to date. So even when you download and install the "new" DD, you'll still have four separate .esm/.esp files in your launcher, so don't get confused. @t'ara: also the stuff you create and show here is positively stunning. Sehr schön, weiter so!
  6. This is great stuff. I was very surprised to see the high quality of these animations, well done. I couldn't find anything awkward when testing - good job! As for future suggestions, here's some: - burning animation (free standing for cages or tied to a pole or something like that) - electrocution animation for chairs, basically just adding an anim object for a car battery that gets placed next to the chair (any chair) - electrocution animation for bed frames, also only adding a car battery I think especially having some simple electrocution animations ba
  7. So, I've had a bit of time at my hands and with the new DLC coming out decided to pick up Stellaris again - and after checking LL for mods for the game as I always do for games these days, I got this mod. I just thought I'd give my two cents on how the mod works and what I'd like to see improved. I'd argue that the most important mechanic is the whole milk cow building chain, but I'm not sure if the boni from different traits stack correctly. It would be nice if instead of telling me something has a 'substantial' effect on milk production/sex jobs/other species, it'd be specific an
  8. If you can elaborate a bit more what exactly the scenario is, how dynamic it needs to be, etc. then I'll be able to help you. Without further information, my only thought would be that you're going to have to devise a system to fill the RefAlias during runtime, since you'll most likely have different patrons that need to be dynamically filled into the alias depending on which one of these patrons the player talks to.
  9. I'll just hit you with a quote from my last post: "Scripts of type ReferenceAlias receive all events that the filled object reference receives, including, but not limited to, actor events."
  10. The slavery tab is added by Devious Devices, you can get rid of F4:SS anytime you want: it's DD that adds that tab. For everyone else: I got caught up in real-life. Sorry.
  11. Forget all that stuff Carreau just told you about using perks/magic effects and importing the actor script (??)... your problem is so common that Bethesda themselves had it when they worked on Skyrim, so they put an entire system in place to deal with it. It's called Quest Aliases, you can find all the necessary information on the wiki. Just make a new ReferenceAlias, force it to fill the player in the CK, then attach a script to the RefAlias. Scripts of type ReferenceAlias receive all events that the filled object reference receives, including, but not limited to, actor events.
  12. I don't think that they will enforce Creation Club usage. My prediction (I know I sound crazy) is that about 3 months after launch, they'll release the CK and server software. They confirmed that private servers will be a thing and they are painfully aware of how important the modding community is for them. My take on the Creation Club was always that it's a tool designed to bring mods to console - nothing more, nothing less. All the fear that CC would be required and the only way to mod the game was false back then and I still believe it's false now, even though the risk for mandatory-CC happ
  13. Here's a 40 minute documentary with all their lead devs talking about the game and different mechanics. Modders might be interested to know that there's quite a lot of footage captured from within their updated CK. After having listened to the other, shorter E3 interview with Todd Howard, I'm pretty sure we'll be able to mod the shit out of this game. People were concerned about them talking about some sort of 'service', but if you listen closely to the interview, it seems to me that by 'service' Todd is actually referring to the servers and networking services - not a paid-mod-distributi
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