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What's the issue with Nexus?


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Haven't visited Nexus for a while so I don't know about the recent developments, but their pages seem to contain links to weird web addresses, such as www.fallingfalcon.com, ap.lijit.com, www.budgetedbauer.com, static.criteo.net etc. These are probably ad or tracking related addresses. Some of them return server errors and some take too long to load. Anyone else noticed that?

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It seems their servers are upgrading...again, some of the mods are slowly transferring to their new host, nothing new, since 2014 there has been some server issues for them, they never find a perfect fix, but it does get better for me, before I was downloading mod 200 kb/s, now usually 800kb -1mb/s. 

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Guest endgameaddiction

I don't notice because I myself block the ads there. Been doing so for years since their ads were too annoying.

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Showing an elegant ad banner apparently isn't enough, they must also track you, send your data to numerous sites, infect you with malware, turn browsing the web into an unpleasant experience. Ad-blockers have become a thing because of shit like this.


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Not sure. I think supporting sites is good.

I DO support Loverslab (no ads) and I got a full membership for Nexus (from time t o time i get som ed mods from there.)

Giving something to somebody that is giving you s lot is just fair in my point of view. Humble personal opinion.


Then you use an AdBlock. Yeah. Just less money (really narginal money but still money) for the site giving you some good.

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At least they're actually trying to find a provider that isn't shit, which is good. Most sites don't give a fuck what ads they get or who they infect; they care more about that quarter of a cent they get compared to the potentially hundreds of dollars it'll cost some end user to clean the malware off their device.

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Paying for membership won't stop ads and tracking unless you log in and stay logged in.

Not really on LL. If you log in then if you are a supporter ads are gone (and a few other stuff like restriction on dowloads)

Log out? Why? But in case you get the removal when you log in again. P.S. I never log out from KL also at work.

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 links to weird web addresses, such as www.fallingfalcon.com, ap.lijit.com, www.budgetedbauer.com, static.criteo.net etc. Some of them return server errors and some take too long to load. 


Had to turn on the privacy filter to get rid of those.


The issue with Nexus is caused by those tracking links. Ad-blockers don't block them by default, as they are not ads. I don't know if becoming a premium member would actually remove those tracking functionality, I doubt it would. You'd probably still have to enable privacy related filters on your adblock plugin.





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I've always used Addblock, I did donate because I got a fare bit from their site (and apparently it removes the ads) I still get the sad face auto ad telling me i'm mean for having adblock on though.

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Adblock Plus for IE in use here since a couple of years. No ads whatsoever discovered in the social media in general or gamer sites in special up to now. No adjustment of custom lists made, it's still the prefab Easy List.

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With ad-blocker plus you can manually block anything you want even those boxes with the sad faces in them you can block just about anything on a site with it and you can undo them pretty easy by going to the options and finding the ones in the list for a site and remove them which will undo them. Just click the ABP button click block element when you mouse over the page things that highlight will show what all will be removed.


I also have been using ghostery for blocking tracking.


I just went to their site I have 2 ad blockers running on every page one shows 24 ad's being blocked ABP shows 27 ad's being blocked and ghostery shows 18 trackers being blocked.

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