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This skse plugin is originally uploaded to nexusmods but regarded as a virus due to some system calls I use. Therefore I decide to move it here.


This plugin allows you to rotate camera when casting self-centered master spells so you can view the front side of your actor. It also allows you to assign a hotkey to toggle animcam-like camera state.

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This one with SKSE absolutely killed another animcam mod in Nexus which required fking ScriptDragon...

Deserved 10x follow, dude! Nice work.

Is it possible that whatever which direction you look in animcam your character moving direction will still follow the direction you look? that would be the only thing Skyrim mod lack.

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Hi everyone,


I tried to install this via mod organizer and failed: just created the zip as its own mod and the error I get is: "there is a problem with starting C:\progroam files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data\skse\plugins\animcamhlp.dll the specified module could not be found". Can someone please comment on how to correctly install and configure this using mod organizer?

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Hello all and sorry for the necro

I'm looking for the same feature so I went to try this mod but I actually have no clue about what hotkey is supposed to activate that ? Is that the "G" mentioned in the .ini file ?

Also not sure about the installation, what to do with the "src" folder ?

Any help appreciated !

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