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  1. Configuration question: I am trying to achieve the following play style- instead of getting raped on the spot, I want creatures to approach and have a choice in the matter (when and where). I am not sure between all the different configuration options how I should set them: Somehow need to enable "pursuit" and somehow need to disable 'auto engagement' I guess? I also noticed that sometimes aroused creature try to follow me but then there is a message "creature x was unable to follow you" or something like this, should I adjust one of the ranges? Also should I increase the polling frequency
  2. That's great to hear! Yeah I understand- not expecting the same personality as the master in CDS. I guess what I am looking for is a bit of a relationship building between the PC and Laura and as it does Laura and the PC get a little obsessed with one another and the "games" get a little more intense and varied. Maybe Laura at some point takes you out on a walk through White run in a pet suit or horse girl dress up. Or she asks you to wear a specific set of devices for some time or a delivery...things like that 🙂
  3. Hi everyone, for the life of me I cannot get the furniture traps to work. I have been using the beta before and the furniture traps worked no problem. Now I have the probability for a furniture set to 100% and the probability for everything else to 0% but I still get regular items equipped and now furniture events triggering 😕. Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Hi Laura, thx for the awesome mod. I know you are getting a lot of suggestions so I apologize if mine has already come in or is ridiculous 🙂. Acting as a display model at the shop or in the house of a customer would be great. The other thing I really miss from captured dreams is some kind of dominant vs submissive counter. Doesn't need so many special quests- could be just dialogue. The results it could have is Laura really turning into the PCs master and doing little things: whipping, display model, rent out, furniture lock ins, special gear equiped like the pet suit and some matc
  5. Hi guys, wanted to install this mod again for Oldrim. I seem to remember it was possible to run the SE version in LE- with a patch or small tweak maybe? If anyone knows I would very much appreciate it.
  6. Hi guys, I was trying to run the DCL 9.0 beta and for some reason the MCM refuses to show up. Anyone else had this problem? Any known fix? Thx!
  7. @Kimyany estimate when the new version of Deviously Cursed Loot is going to be ready? Will this be a 2020 thing? So excited about the furniture 😄
  8. Hi guys, first of all thank you very much for building this fantastic mod, please keep up the good work. Unfortunately, I am stuck: in preparation for the shaman ritual they sent me to Ethrane to learn about how to get to the dreamworld. The first part of the conversation works, then she asks me and katelia to get nacked, still works, but I don't get an option to have fun with the wolf. My only option is to say: no. Then she uses some essence on the brazier we breath in and get sent to the dreamworld. When I talk to the spirit in the dream world it is a very short conversation and she s
  9. OK, so I have been experimenting with SD for years. What I would like to achieve is getting enslaved and then go questing with my master. However, since you always join the faction of your master- you are unable to aggro any npcs anymore. Is there any way around that? Or is this something that is on the roadmap to enable in the future?
  10. great mod, I do have a problem though" everytime I get put into furniture- my view gets centered somewhat inside my avatar- can see the eyes from the inside. the mouse scroll wheel does not work to adjust the view to further away from the avatar. So the only way to fix the view is switch to the sexlab free camera and try to pivot away. However, in order to do that I have to use WASD which then breaks the furniture animation and I cant get it back to start.....any suggestion on how I can fix this?
  11. Thx much for the feedback! Erm the only open mouth hoods I am aware of DDE are open face- but did not see ones with covered face and exposed mouth.....I guess I look again.
  12. Hi Kimy and team, hope you are well. I wanted to make two suggestions and just see if you already considered them and to get some feedback. There are two type of devices/ mechanics that I thought are kind of missing could be expanded upon: 1.) hoods with covered eyes/ nose but uncovered mouth: In that scenario the PC/NPC could still talk and give blowjobs. I think these type of hoods are very sexy and would add quite a bit to the game 2.) ear plugs/ impaired hearing effect (deaf) effect: another lvl of sensory deprivation would be some kind of hearing impairment. T
  13. is there a console command to reset the main quest?
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