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  1. Heya, I´m back. Sadly my computer is dying but luckily it´s doing that slowly. And after a while I checked, that I indeed can play the Sims 4, and so I do. That is a good thing, and I was wondering, what happened here, and had a lot to look at. Like always, it´s a pleasure, to read this thread, so many artists, so many good pictures, be it stories or other stuff. Thank you all! I´ll be here not that often anymore, I need to have a better computer first, But I will look into here from time to time, and maybe sometimes, I´ll have a picture from one of my newer builds. Currently I am
  2. Have a look to the last picture. I use a few of the debug rocks, shrink them, and then I place them over- and intogether by using ctrl and 9/0. Some plants will do the rest, And if you wnat to have kois, you need the waterlillies from Snowy Escape. Also I place most of the plants by using ctrl and 9/0.
  3. I wasn´t active for some time, but cause it was time for my last upload to the advent calendar in the TFM`s SimsAsylum, I will show you a few pictures. The house is availlable in our forums there, it´s called " Chateau Dingsbums", and it is not only big but heavily detailed too: For more pictures open the spoiler: Happy simming!
  4. The following building is a study for several building techniques. It´s a suburban in Del Sol Valley. The pond in the front is made with the fountain tool, the one in the backyard is a swimming pond. For this one I used the wimming pool and deisgned it with stones and plants from the debug menu. More pictures can be found behind the curtain: Today I can´t provide a file, this house needs to be played first, and I am simply busy with another building, that is again a French inspired mansion, or better said a palace:
  5. @erplederp, especially the first picture shot me back to the dark expression of that game, we talked about some times ago. You really captured the feeling. Supercool! 👍
  6. I have another house finished. This was abandoned for a while cause of problems with the construction but now it is ready for sims to move in: or: Both versions are included in the attached file. If you don´t want the bell-looking roof of the tower, you can simply delete it. Underneath is the pointed version of the roof. But I wasn´t able to decide, which version I like better. The bell-roof is common on early french/second empire mansions in Louisiana and along the Mississippi river, I found it on a lot of pictures from those regions. It ha
  7. Yeah, my first step after the last update was me trying to build a pool with platforms in it. I love real swimming ponds in gardens, and now, that we actually can have Kois in a pool... But no, EAxis always stops the half way down, and so our sims can´t wade into deeper water, and I cant build a realistic looking flat shore with cattails and other plants. Often this game only sucks. @mrrakkonn, your house looks cool. I love the table tennis table in the living room! And the picture with the four arches let the house look very spacious. 👍
  8. @mrrakkonn, those three girls remind me to this kind of highschool movies, where you always have three "bad girls" in. They look dangerous, especially the one in the middle does.
  9. Yes, it was. Like erplederp wrote, this game is nice, and I loved the dark fantasy behind it but after a while I hated it for beeing too much jump´n run. It is so well made in every other aspect, the riddles are well thought, the story is exquisite, the fights are funny, and the weapons very crazy... but not those jumping parts. Maybe it´s possible to play it with a gamepad but with mouse and keys... I stopped playing it, and now it´s dust on one of my external drives... @snowdog04, those pictures are extremely nice, I love the one with your sim ending in a pile of snow, didn´t kno
  10. A very good review as always, and nice to have him back in the Sims:
  11. Oh, you will need the new addon for nearly everything there. And yes, I used the new platforms but they came with the last patch, it´s a feature, that is not bound to the addon but to the actual game version. And cause I made this building to replace this particular lot at Mt Komorebi, I used a lot of the objects and wallpapers, that came with this pack. You will need Snowy Escape for it. @2cool4u_1, thank you so much for the compliment. I never visited Japan but I did know, that those bathes usually are not coed. And then I started reading about them, and looking for pic
  12. Only very few pictures today. I dislike EAxis´ behavior in using every culture only for their own interest in making money out of everything. And although some "game changers" had the opportunity to build the houses for Mt Komorebi, I was shocked about calling the bath in the snowy area there an Onsen. This building there has nothing to do with an Onsen... So I tried to build one by myself, and this is how it looks like. It has separated sections for women and men, like those bathhouses usually have. And I used the Whicked Whims lot traits to make it possible, that sims will bathe na
  13. Heya @Scorpio!

    Control Any Sim is updated, the new version came out today: https://modthesims.info/d/634595/control-any-sim-v1-2-2.html


    Happy simming, Carl

    1. Scorpio


      Thanks, yes I grabbed it 30 min after he updated, lol.


      Then updated my game and mods and so far so good.

    2. carlfatal


      Oh, did you make the new update? I was one of the few lucky simmers, who was able to play without any bigger problems during the last days. The only issues were the usual bugs after the usual patches like toddlers not eating in Japan... 


      I am not online currently, what should I say, I am bit confused after such words from EAxis:


      "It looks like some people have issues loading their saves after the patch. Try repairing your game through Origin

      For Mac users: That only repairs the base game but it should hopefully be enough. If it doesn't, please post in the mac forum:"


      I am no Mac-user but it´s not hope, what I want to get from EAxis, I thought about a game, some kind of software, and now it seems, they become religious eventually...

      Be careful! :classic_blink:

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