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  1. Go see naomi and see if your journal automatically updates
  2. double check Fuz ro doh silent voice
  3. Good to go, no problems. Had to get the Silent voice mod, thought I had it. Could you update mod with the recommended phrases submitted by "neokio" Thanks for the mod! Simple, easy!
  4. Every time I try to meet the stranger I get a CTD any ideas or workarounds?
  5. Thanks for the great save file! She is very powerful! question... How do you get the PC to wear all that jewelry at once?
  6. I would really like to have a mod with just the map and compass feature of this mod. Does anyone have any ideas? I just found it thanks! Downloaded!
  7. Does anybody have an idea where a mod could be found to make the same map and compass feature as in this mod? The reason I ask is I absolutely love the idea, if you don't have map and compass in your inventory you can't fast travel.
  8. I really like the map and compass feature. Is there any chance to just make that as a mod?
  9. Ok I loaded the localized esp and that seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks for all the help and the mod.
  10. The only thing I forgot to mention was I updated deviously helpless at the same time yesterday.
  11. Hey thanks will work your ideas/suggestions
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