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  1. Mmm, I think you could also add, release the camera when doing mining, or when going to bed or other animations where the camera stays static. Just an idea.
  2. I seconded this, I have desired a fancy dress by UNPB for long time, I think it's possible conversion for some charitable moder.
  3. A mod that replaces the males NPC for females?!, Seems interesting to me, the only thing is that it is rare to hear a girl with man's voice, but I think that could be arranged with actresses lend their voice to replace dialogue of male NPC. Mmm but it would be too much work. Just an idea.
  4. b3lisario takes a long time without posting something new, what happens? Would he is taking a well deserved vacation? o he is leaving this topic die?
  5. Hey that's great! man, nice work However I tried the version 9_28 and had trouble, as when I came to an instance the girl's breasts were extended to infinity and became normal after a few seconds, and sometimes hers contorted in a very rare form, and finally a CTD. I'm sure of that. because this did not happen until I installed this plugin, and stop pass when I remove.
  6. I agree with him, actually I use "UNPB TBBP" and when I saw June´s hook with swimsuit I thought it was an interesting idea to try. I do not know if it is possible do only June´s hook without the body´s mesh and see it work in other body types, it may be possible it work in bodies that are based on the UNP body because they share the same characteristics, but maybe not, by the varying the size and shape of the breasts. Would it be worth a try?
  7. This is because i made them both from the leather armor. meaning they are both classed as armors and not seperate addon's to armors. So equiping one will remove the other Thanks for your answer, well, I think the idea was that they could equip both pieces together, maybe if you had put the two separate slots, I do not know, a piece in the upper body and the other piece to the bottom body. In truth I do not know, I'm not modder, only speculate. There's something else I want to say in favor of the idea of ​​the clothes, the visual effect of the girls walking with the june's hook
  8. ok, thanks, I will take it into account if sometime I decide to install that mod, thanks anyway.
  9. I do not know if the mod works well, but I can not equip june's hook and swimwear together, not as in the photo below, what I see when I play is that both are in the same slot.
  10. Thank you very much, I really love your work , you continue with your wonderful job . (Provided they do not have girls with phallus ).
  11. thank you very much for this new job , and apologize for my earlier outburst , the truth is that I see every day your topic to see that you put new clothes, again thank you very much .
  12. Thank you very much. Just one more question: Is there UNPB "Fancy Dress"?
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