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  1. Does it function? If it does, you may just ignore this message.
  2. ver 1.5.80 has been uploaded Here are the steps to get the correct RVA value for the ini file PlayerOffset is the easiest one. It is the value of g_thePlayer in src\skse64\skse64\GameAPI.cpp To get CameraOffset, first locate g_playerCamera in GameCamera.h. Its current value is 0x02EC59B8. Open Cheat Engine, attach SkryimSE.exe, click Memory View. Right click on the lower part, change Display Type to 8 byte hex, then select Goto Address. Enter skyrimse.exe+0x02EC59B8. Subtract the base address of skyrimse.exe from the first value, the result is CameraOffset. Fi
  3. Goto Edit-Settings-Debugger Options. Set Debugger method to Use VEH Debugger.
  4. I have uploaded the new version. I didn't know there are new requests until someone sent me a message. As Contagious Waffles said, all you need to do to adapt to a new version is to change those relative virtual addresses. Here is how you do it: Delete the dll file. Open the ini file. Set PlayerOffset=g_player in src\f4se\f4se\GameReferences.cpp Set CameraOffset=g_playerCamera in src\f4se\f4se\GameCamera.cpp Open Fallout 4 and Cheat Engine. Attach to fallout4.exe, Hex=Yes, Scan Type=Search for this array, Value Type=array of byte, Writable=No, Executable=Yes, Copy
  5. The new version has been uploaded.
  6. No. This is not happening to me and I had no such intent. You might want to run the game without this plugin to make sure.
  7. If you have antivirus, I'm quite sure it's your antivirus software that silently deleted the dll file and prevented the regeneration of that file.
  8. There is no esp file to be activated. It is automatically turned on if you run the game with f4se.
  9. It is not needed for the plugin to function.
  10. The latest file supports 1.10.75 only.
  11. I've uploaded the new version, see if it works. I didn't test it because I was working through TeamViewer. I think you should update or remove all skse plugins after an official exe update to avoid unexpected behaviors which could be very time consuming to trace.
  12. Free Death Camera View File Free camera movement after death. Submitter gp160 Submitted 02/16/2018 Category Regular Mods Requires SKSE Regular Edition Compatible No  
  13. Version 4


    Free camera movement after death.
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