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  1. thank u jfraser! been wanting something like this for a long time. was gonna do this myself one day. i actually got into an argument w/ Fore over this very thing. wish i hadn't now. he could be ornery but was a master
  2. i guess there's Moonlight Tales Overhaul, that's the 1st mod. then Essentials, and latest being Special Edition, i think that's how it goes. what mod do ya folks recommend for werewolves? thanks
  3. thanks much for the addon! but i har it's not compat w/ the latest gotobed 1.53 anyone know if the addon works w/ gtb 1.52a (the only one under old files) or does anyone have 1.51? much appreciated
  4. thank u so much for this follower! one of the best. the hair was pretty transparent but i think i worked out something. tweaking nifs n tex didn't work so i merged the hair and hairline nifs together. that helped. and i also made a wig of her own hair and w/ all that, it's opaque now and looks good. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/35520 that helped and googling...fix transparent hair skyrim merge hairline...helped would love more stuff from u author!
  5. thank u so very much! i also just found this link that has the leg straps in a sorta ninja mashup...
  6. does anyone have, or know of, a link to a bodyslide converion of the Maxwell outfit for oldrim LE? i use uunp but cbbe might work as i just need the leg straps. the link earlier in this thread for a maxwell conversion on mega no longer works https://mega.nz/#!G9JWiD5T!KswpPbiFyCEHd3dudbGl8XmfAUCzbYw4I612a_RaOmk
  7. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14668/?tab=posts amazed that this old set has not been converted. at least that i can find. Maxwell armor. seems tons of people use the leg straps
  8. wow never saw that before very nice. thanks for link. hope it gets a bslide
  9. yeah i'm amazed there's never been any bslide of that done that i know of. tho i'm still on oldrim so would love a uunp LE bodyslide version
  10. this is buggin me bad. get large hands after using most animations. eating drinking, playing instruments w/ better bard mod ect. still no fixes?
  11. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/65343-which-sexlab-plugin-does-this-checks-for-every-spell-my-character-has/ it may be having the option to remove hdt high heels enabled. disable it in sexlab and fm4s and this helped me w/ time to start.
  12. yes that would be great. only way i get horse riding to work is hotkey switch heels. a pain to do
  13. thanks, but i think mods i already have will do most of that. as i mentioned i have skytweak, fine tune challenge mod, deadly dragons. those let ya change overall stats. i just wanted to change a few select mod added ones. someone was telling me that u can change npc stats, but that u won't see the change unless starting a new game. maybe that's my issue
  14. thanks for the reply! but i have the majority of areas just great in terms of difficulty. skytweak, fine tune challenge mod, changes to globals in bash patch ect, have gotten me good to go in the main game. it's just a few mod added cells and enemies that are weak to me. surely there's a way to boost their stats w/o effecting the main game i would think
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