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  1. Is it possible to make that only female characters would sandbox into bondage furniture?
  2. Hey, folks! Can someone, please, explain to me how this "gropes" work? I have them enabled (they were by default) and I've set the chance to 100%. But when I use ZAZ furniture right in front of an NPC - he has no reaction at all.. Am I missing something here?
  3. Hey, folks! Is it in anyway possible to trigger an SL orgasm event when the mod makes an orgasm sound?
  4. Hey, folks! I've just noticed that my character's feet are somewhat missaligned with an open hobbledress when she walks. There are even gaps between the dress and a feet when she's walking towards the camera at an angle Does anyone perhaps know how to fix that? out-2021-02-08_22.12.53.mp4
  5. Thanks, but it's for an SE, not LE *sigh*
  6. Hi! Could you, please, make older versions of a mod available to download? I really liked everything except healing and I see it was resolved in the 1.0.2, but then came out 2.0 which added the requirement of "the Bribery perk from the Speech tree" which I don't want.. So.. could I just get a 1.0.2, please?
  7. Does it still work with 5.0? When I tried to change a file, I've suddenly got a message "Devious devices 4.2 initialised" Is it normal? I kinda don't want to risk currupting my further saves...
  8. Well, it's VERY sad since I VERY much liked this mod, but until this damn healing issue is resolved I have to refrain from using it DAMN IT!! It was SO GOOD!!!
  9. I second that. There's an MCM flag? Where? Which one?
  10. Yeah, same here. Noticed such behavior and found out it's this mod which is responsible Have you found a way around this?..
  11. okay.. And come to think of it - you couldn't since it's a thread from 2019 and Peril was out inly in 2020 But, anyway, the mod's good though.. and you can press the "surrender" button (which somehow is working much-much faster then DCL's one here) right at the start of a battle and achieve almost a result from OP.
  12. Ehhhm, sorry, after reading a description, I can't see how this mod can achieve the effect of starting a sex-scene when the player is taking hit.. Looks interesting though
  13. Hi, there! Did you figure it out at the end? Because I've just had the exact same idea, started looking it up and found this thread
  14. I think OE stands for Oldrim Edition Well, at least it works in my Oldrim, so...
  15. Well, it works.. But it still fires up AFTER you've been attacked and took some damage (even if a threshold in MCM is set to 100%) There are already SL Defeat, DCL's Combat rape and I think some other mods that act that way. What I want is for the sex-scenes to happen INSTEAD, not AFTER an attack.. if it is at all possible, ofcoarse.
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