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  1. Yes, I realise that and I can always RP it and not to use variants that are technically imposible. Thanks again, you've been a great help! Really
  2. Oh, thank you for the tip, man! It gave me a basic understanding of where to look What I finally did was much simplier that you suggested - I've just deleted the condition which was checking if the player has a belt on and - voila, it works!! Thanks again!
  3. Hey folks! I've noticed the "[Solicitation] Do you like what you see" dialog option isn't there when a character has a chastity belt on.. But WHY? She can still perform an oral sex on client! Furthermore I wanted to choose "Sex for keys" option to try to ask a client to remove the belt completely.. But I can't since the dialog is not there Maybe someone knows of some workaround? Can this "Solicitaion" dialog be forcefully activated? Some variable that needs to be changed maybe?..
  4. Well.. I sort of accomplished what I wanted with a "Follow me for sex" mod. When you ask someone to follow your character and then lock yourself into furniture - the follower looks staight at you. Then you ask him to masturbate (he is also near enough for you to talk to him) and voila! :)
  5. Ye-ye-yeah, I know that.. also in "Follow me for sex" there's an "ask follower to masturbate" option.. Oh, and btw, yeah, I have your animations, they're great, thanks! What I meant.. Isn't there some mod to trigger this automatically? And not just for my PC but for others NPCs locked in furniture (say via sandboxing) as well.. You know, like "Interactive BDSM" triggers that walking towards the locked actor and start hitting?
  6. Hey, folks! There's an Interactive BDSM mod (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4930-interactive-bdsm/) which makes nearby NPCs to start torturing you or another when they detect that someone is using the bondage furniture.. But is there (or maybe it's quick and easy to make one) a mod that makes them simply start the masturbation instead?
  7. Damit! I didn't know I was in not 1 but 2 places simultaneously.. Thanks A LOT, man! IT WORKS!!! FINALLY!!! YUPEEE!
  8. I don't get.. I SIMPLY DON'T GET IT!! OK, I've found this strapon_0.nif and strapon_1.nif files (btw in my case there are also straponcbbe_0.nif and straponcbbe_1.nif in the folder).. anyway I've changed the slot from 51 to 52 (and then tried to 60) in all 4 of them under NiNode -> NiTriShapes -> BSDismemberSkinInstance -> Partitions -> Partitions -> Body Part, then I've chandged the slot number to a corresponding one in TES5edit... AND IT'S STILL INVISIBLE in-game WHAT AM I MISSING HERE?!!!
  9. Could you... PLEEEEASE explain it a little more in detail for me?.. As far as I recall (although it was about 1,5 years ago) I tried to change the slot number for a strapon in TES5edit.. and it became invisible in-game when I did.. So could you please tell me how it's done?
  10. Oh man, big thanks!!.. When I started to follow your step-by-step instruction, I found out that I allready do have dragon models with dicks wich are called "Common_Dragon.nif", "Frost_dragon.nif", etc. (don't remember what mod they're from, but anyway..) So I've just copied this "Common_Dragon.nif" over the "dragon.nif" and it has penis now but it's blue Could you please also tell me how to add a texture to it? ..Oh and when I tried to "placeatme" other then just common dragons, like frost- or elder- ones they didn't have dicks at all and I don't see the separate .nif files for them Co
  11. Hey folks! Can't remember exactly why (it was couple years ago) but I didn't like the Creature framewok.. If I recall it correctly - it was because of the creatures' textrures blinking/slighly_changing when it switched between one w/o penis and the one with.. So what I did back then is manually replaced *.nif files for the creatures with the ones with penises and removed CF from load-order. Now all the creatures in my game always have penises and I'm totally fine with that.. BUT! The dragons are a different story. They have their penises in a separate .nif files and I couldn't m
  12. Hey, folks! Me again.. I've noticed lately that when I try to talk to woman a captured with a "restraining touch"-enchanted weapon - nothing happens. Previously there was a dialog with options like "order her to follow", "rape her", etc.. but now - it isn't there, nothing happens Is there some variable maybe stuck? Could I perhaps "restart" this "quest" somehow? UPD: Nevermind. It just started working as it supposed to again. Don't know what and why it was but, well..
  13. Is it possible to make that only female characters would sandbox into bondage furniture?
  14. Hey, folks! Can someone, please, explain to me how this "gropes" work? I have them enabled (they were by default) and I've set the chance to 100%. But when I use ZAZ furniture right in front of an NPC - he has no reaction at all.. Am I missing something here?
  15. Hey, folks! Is it in anyway possible to trigger an SL orgasm event when the mod makes an orgasm sound?
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