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Show your Skyrim counterpart... pt. 2


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Okay, I know there are few mods out there to make your Skyrim characters exactly the way you want them but I figured, Hey if theres an Oblivion thread for it... we might as well start a Skyrim one too. So show 'em if you got 'em.


Yin - Imperial





Yin cosplaying as Nocturnal...








Once the proper tools are available I plan on making some shoes and stockings sets along with a few sexier versions of the robes found around Skyrim. These will have to do for now though.

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Guest ...failure

Warmth of the fire...


NSFW   - Full Frontal Nudity, Anything else... Um, nope, nothing else -





"Brrr... I'm cold..."



"Emm, cozy"



"Let's cut some sweet rolls"



"Ready when you are..."



"What's that on your head, oh..."




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Re-uploading due to roll back taking them away :(


what is the mod for the rings around the nipples?

Native inspired after seeing The Revenant.  I doubt there will be a better movie in 2016.

















what mod for clothing?





Its a mix of Sotetta Huntress, Gwelda, and DragonBone Bikini

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You need to either dump imgur for a different picture hosting site or get the chrome/firefox addon as imgur has bone back to blocking images when they are linked/posted on to LL. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/56018-workaround-for-imgur-images-not-loading-chrome-firefox/


Made a outfit that is kind of in the same vein as wolfqz's armor with all of the hands all over the body for oblivion. Mine isn't animated or transparent glowing hands but they do bounce and jiggle. 5 Outfits died to make this outfit.






Antagonizer and machinist there is suppose to be a vibrator taped to her leg but it has gone AWOL.






Colonel Autumn little lamplighter leather armor eulogy Jones metal armor oasis clothes robco jumpsuit and last is tunnel snakes.





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Re-uploading due to roll back taking them away :(


what is the mod for the rings around the nipples?

Native inspired after seeing The Revenant.  I doubt there will be a better movie in 2016.

















what mod for clothing?





Its a mix of Sotetta Huntress, Gwelda, and DragonBone Bikini






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The Decree/Invitational

???: *appears suddenly*
Tekla: WAAAAAH!!! *runs away frantically*
???: *Looks around* Falkreath? Fucking Falkreath!? Nothing here but dead bodies and stagnant folk.
???: Hehehe, been a while my friends, been a while. Well... not a while since you've heard from me, but a while since you've heard from me like this, you know?
???: Wait you don't remember me? The fuck! I'm not like Kaz, I've even had my only little short and everything!!
???: Psh! Please. Like  you could ever forget someone with these guns. *flexes*
*cricket sounds*
???: ...Awkward... very much so...
???: Heh, well for my Alchemists new and old, I'll just introduce myself again. Hey guys, it's Blazingsai['s official avatar]! The former lurker-turned-story-poster-turned-advice-giver. I literally do nothing on LL and people like me. XD
Blazingsai: You all may not remember me looking like this... Well that's because my [avatar's] configuration got fucked when I uninstalled EEO (finally) so I just... changed it up, ya know?
Blazingsai: So why am I even here? Why isn't it Sai/Kaz/etc.? Well...
Blazingsai: As I've explained several times (and it was also said by her), Sai and I are at odds. Her more so than me. It's gotten to the point that she won't show unless she's absolutely got something to say to her fans or if I basically can catch her unawares. Either way, I'll have no control over the content...
Blazingsai: Apparently giving someone life, a background, and a voice warrants someone's unending hatred. Like damn girl, I even made it so you and Madina met, and you're still pissed at me? You asshole!!
Blazingsai: Although she says she wants me dead, she hasn't acted on it, and just spends her time doting on Madina like some newlyweds. [spoiler ALERT] uh... Sai will probably be pissed like no other, but I think a certain Nord may or may not end up proposing to a certain Redguard in the near future...[/end spoilers]
Blazingsai: Wait... you hear that? *looks around nervously* You seriously didn't hear that?
Blazingsai: *sighs* Again, I'm only here because since it seems like me and Sai's relationship is irreparable I've no one who will just willing and on a consistent basis will speak to ya'll on my behalf... It kinda sucks...
Blazingsai: Not only that, that purple haired bitch is still after me... I... The fact that she was stuck in a prisoner's cell alone with her own imagination is not my fault. She wasn't even supposed to have a short. I was just having her try on random outfits. She's the one that took it that far... Logic at it's finest.
Blazingsai: Maybe I should just stop making new characters... Like I love doing it, but they are some traitorous bastards.
Blazingsai:  ...Narri, what do you make of all of this?
Narri: Well, I don't know what you're talking about, but if you just keep being true to yourself then eventually whoever you're having problems with will eventually come around. At least I think so, friend.
Blazingsai: *sighs* You're only saying that because I used console commands to make you like me... Fucking A...
Narri: What are you--
Blazingsai: *uses console command to toggle Narri's AI* Now that the's done, I've gotta get with it. I mean, my [avatar's] life is at stake after all.
Blazingsai: Maybe I should just confront them? Worse that could happen is that they kill me. Luckily I pacified things with Ruby, otherwise I would definitely be screwed.
Blazingsai: *glances at Narri and toggles and resets her AI* Sorry Narri, didn't mean to bum you out with my bitching. I forget myself at times and believe that it's okay to toy with you people as I wish.


Narri:... Do I know you?


Blazingsai:*smiles* Nope, not at all.


Narri: Either way, you're going to have the men around here wrapped around your finger in no time gorgeous.

Blazingsai: I know Narri, I know. Anyway, if it actually comes down to it I do  have a squad in place to handle them.
Blazingsai: First up is Niyata. She's about as tough as Niyleen, but without all the drama. She's supposed to be fighting a bunch of Dovahkiin and adventurers from parallel Tamriels but... she's got literally zero sense of direction. And since she's essentially a newborn she gets fascinated and sidetracked by things really easily... I can call her at any time and she'll come, so she's at least dependable in that way.
Blazingsai: Then there's Kaz, the adventurer/outfit model/tour  guide. She's a pretty capable fighter in her own right, and although she's pretty miffed at me just making her eye candy the first couple of times she was seen, as long as this tour guide gig pans out she'll be in better spirits.
Blazingsai: Last up is Aelfna. We're on... okay terms. She acts like an asshole and I call her on it. That's... about it. To be honest I don't know what she's thinking half the time and because of that I can't have as firm a grip on her as I'd like. That may be why she's so blasé when it comes to me.
Blazingsai: And if they fail I still have my trump card I guess...
Blazingsai: Niyleen Flame-Child... Gods help me if I have to make her do anything that's not her biographical story. This bitch not only gets paid for doing that, but she requests double for the time she has to do anything else. You know that battle between Niyleen and Leijona, "The Lion and The Inferno"? That shit was quadruple. QUA-FUCKING-DRUPLE!! When she ended up losing, she strong-armed me into getting a healer and time off. I just can't get her involved in shit... (Although, if I absolutely need her to win, she'll do it).
Blazingsai: And then there's Lucari Pure-Shot. Sadly, to be honest she's the most reliable of the bunch even though she's kinda pissed at both me and Niyleen for her having to turn into a vampire. The reason she's most reliable is because she's absolutely lesbian for Niyleen. So if I can keep Niyleen on my side, I have an ally that costs too much and an ally that runs off of blood and pinups of Niyleen.
Blazingsai: So I guess you can say this post is my official challenge to both Sai and that Prisoner. *sticks up her middle finger* Come at me bitches!!!
Blazingsai: And to all the other girls that want a piece of me, I ain't going anywhere! Name the place, and I'll be there! The Blazingsai Invitational is on!!!
Blazingsai: God that felt good... Oh!? A ruin? I'll send someone there later.
Blazingsai: Haaaa... That really felt great. Although issuing an open challenge to all of my OCs may have been a bit much...
Blazingsai: Well since I'm a bit rusty, I guess I'll check out Jorrvaskr. Give those mangy mutts a go around.




Glad you liked :]




How did he managed to make the game look like in the first set of pictures. No shadows and that darker with almost no shaders look?

Darker colours and stuff ...


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Damn, I want every toon here to be a follower lol


BTW, mein toon:








EDIT: Moar Verra, installed Real Girls brighter color. Holy crap, she's even hotter.











And of course, some NSFW stuff. Did some screenies when I was bored.













I'm going to add more when I find more interesting pics in my picture junkyard.

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Guest ...failure

For those who loves to know more about her

I present to you


NSFW   - Full Frontal Nudity -




- Elina The Origin -






Name :- Elina daughter of Úlfa
Name meaning :- Daughter of She-wolf
Known as :- The Dragonborn
Other names :- Lone Wolf, Nude Queen, Elina the Be-header
Age :- 25
Race :- Nord
Religion :- Atheist
Sex :- Female
Sexuality :- Homosexual
Hight :- 5' 10''

Body type :- Mesomorph
Skin color :- Yellowish white
Hair color :- Golden blonde

Eye color :- Crystal blue
Fighting style :- One-handed & Archery
Favorite Weapons :- Dragonbone Sword, Dragonbone War Axe, Steel Shield, Dragonbone Bow, Bound Sword, Bound Bow
Skills & Abilities :- All-round 100%

Characteristics :- Tomboy, Nudist Warrior type
Attitude :- Fun-loving, Serious sometimes, Out-going, Total disregard about clothes


Birth place :- Unknown
Mother :- Unknown/Dead
Father :- Unknown/Dead
Siblings :- Only child in her family
Married to :- Ysolda
Children :- Two adopted girls

Faction :- Factionless
Alliances :- All across Tamriel
Political condition :- Un-sided, will do what she sees fit

Likes :- Nudity, Her own-body, Fitness, Be-heading people, Dogs, Cooking, Nature, Hunting, Exploring,

             Gold & gold jewelry, Gems, Lycans, Vengeance
Dislikes :- Clothes & Armors, Annoying people, Alcoholic drinks & drugs, Nazeem, Vampires except Serana, Politics

Friends :- Serana, Will be friendly to anyone she meet





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