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  1. Oh my god, hot as ever, but i looove the squish effect on the thighs! 😍
  2. Just gorgeous!!! 😍😍 Amazing work
  3. Does anyone know in which number of the folder the animation from 1:15 to 1:20 is, with the crossed legs and a hand on her hip?
  4. Thank you! I was waiting for a conversion of that armor to 3BA, thank you
  5. Woooow! ❤️ amazing shots. Could you tell me what Dark Knight conversion this is? I mean the breast cover, or is it another mod with the dark knight textures?
  6. I started pretty much with Niur's heroes and town replacers, because i like the anime/hentai style, but they were pretty far away from the OG design Yours are just so perfect for me, i love the artstyle, the proportions (i like em thicc 😂) and the animations are just so good, plus they keep more the original character style. So yeah, everyone has different tastes but i hope to see so much more from your work 👍
  7. To be honest Xelswords Abom and Houndmaster skins made me actually play these classes more, because i really love his designs for them But everyone has different tastes, wich is a good thing ^^
  8. Yeah me too. Everytime i think "Oh i wait for at least one more Xelsword hero to play again", this time grave robber public release, i see the next progress work and just can't play with the other skin mods (now for the shieldbreaker) because it just looks too amazing and i want to see it in my game 😂
  9. Daaaaayum! <3 i love how she works with the spear, absolutely amazing
  10. Same for me with Abomination, never used it before, but xelswords skin is just too good xD
  11. Glad to hear this, your work is outstanding and i can't wait to have all classes in your style On your patreon you wrote you wanted also to mod the towns activities, i would also love to see those, but i understand, when you want to move to DD2, when it is good Also i think of the great class modding, if it really would be 3D (like it looked in the trailer). Let's just hope it has a good modding support like DD1 with an extra mod folder
  12. 😍Divine!! can you tell me what outfit/armor this is in the first and third screenshot, the meshed body suit? does it come together with the boots and shoulders?
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