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  1. Overlord Black Clover Shield Hero Grimgar Is it wrong to pick up... Konosuba
  2. That's not really how it works. Do you use LOOT? ESPs can conflict and write over each other. The order is specific depending on what the esp is and how it interacts with others. I don't know how Vortex works as I use MO but mods need to be placed properly to not rewrite each other.
  3. I have no idea how that would happen but I would suspect it's with your HDT. You should post this in the tech issue thread along with your load order.
  4. hmm? I thought you were looking for the "armor"
  5. I didn't even think about asking if you had that. That's cool you found the issue.
  6. I just sent you the boob belt in message RT Boob Belt CBBE.rar
  7. There's also been 3 or 4 of these made up and people leave and the list becomes outdated. Now, if Sora was around maybe he could think of something...
  8. Wait... so, you're saying that all my wisdom about this doesn't matter in the first place if we're using RM anyway? lol... My whole life is a lie... baaaaaa
  9. Oh... lol.. I had no idea but still you don't need another mod in your order if you do this
  10. There's an easier thing to do instead of relying on NIO. Open up the Shape Properties > Extra Data: Add > NiStringExtraData Name > SDTA Value > [{"name":"NPC", "pos":[0, 0, 4.5]}] The 4.5 being the height, which you can quickly adjust. I do it all the time and have no issues. And then just save it over the original nif
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