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Face color not matching body color for enemy NPCs

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Some randomly generated Forsworn and Necromancer (all other enemy types are perfectly fine) enemy NPCs have face colors different from their body colors.  If this were a custom race, I could have easily fixed this by redownloading the mod.  However, these are vanilla races, so I don't know what to get to fix this.  I am using UNP Skinny and, to my knowledge, I am not using any face textures mods.  If you need any more information, please tell me.

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You can try first download a skin texture (any) and see if that fixes it. Because if i remember correctly then unp body (at least the normal) comes with BODY textures but no face texture, so getting any skin replace (sg, fair skin, mature skin, etc etc) might fix the problem.

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I believe SexLab or one of its required mods also modifies the console display.  Would installing that mod overwrite the current console display?  I would show you, but for some reason, screenshots cannot be taken while the console is open.

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I know what your problem is.


That's a "Grey Face" issue.


You must have downloaded an NPC overhaul facelift mod.


So either its just not working or and I have had this happen.


Something like this,


I had these mods.


NPC_Overhaul and NPC's of Dibella


Now what happened is I had Loot manage my load order, and it placed the ESP's in the wrong way.


Another time I had Overwrote the actual files that control how the npc's looked now this got things screwy because the esp was looking for information and it found information but it didn't line up with what was expected so also a grey face happened.


So this basically can be 2 things or even both.


ESP out of order and/or overwrite order.


The trick here is figuring out which mods you used to change the looks of your NPC's and then well figuring out the best way to install them ie pick how they overwrite.  Note you may not be able to use both without doing some real work on your part.

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