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Sex with Spider Alignment Bug/Issue


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Whenever my character or any other character in the game has sex with a spider, the alignment is waaayy off. I've tried looking up the issue with no success. I even turned of scaling during sex. Would anybody help? The attachment is a screenshot of the problem. 


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Nope that is the only way as that is how the animation is set up for that one. Holding the right ctrl button down you can manually move each stage separately so that each stage stays where you move the player to otherwise if you do not use it when you adjust one stage it will move the player to that position for all the stages. Using the right crtl button you will only have to adjust each stage once after that the positions for each stage for the player will be saved and you will not have to adjust them again. Unless you hit the reset.

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I've been trying that since you first suggested it and it's just proved to be really tedious, lol. I wish there was an easier way to fix this. Otherwise I'm just not having sex with big spiders anymore. :(


Unfortunately, if there was an easier way we would suggest it. Unless you know how to edit PEX scripts and compile them, the method you have been advised is the easiest. I'm afraid.


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You'll be glad when its done, you'll find yourself adjusting all the animations when you start... The spider animation is a long way out, so it'll take a few goes...


Hold L or L + Shift to get it to move quicker forward and back


Tap : or : + shift to get it to move up and down


[   will align a sex scene that isn't aligned properly, which happens often. It can take a few key presses to get an unaligned

        animation realigned, press this before adjusting any out of line animations...


K  swaps between actors to be moved.



Your alterations are then saved, so you only need to alter them once... so save your game if you want to keep the settings.

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Nethertheless there is a problem with the spider animations.


Because of game engine problem, it's hard to detect if your act is with a normal frost spider or a huge spider. SexLab often uses the animation for huge spiders even for "normal" ones. There is no way to fix that other than to hack the ssl script that selects the animation.

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Looks good but you forgot to put in *Hold* the right CTRL button down when adjusting each stage otherwise it *will not* be saved but instead will move all stages to the spot you adjusted the last one to if you do not use the right CTRL button when adjusting stages.


So it should be hold right CTRL button while using the L - : ; - " ' and shift button to adjust a stage once done release the right CTRL hit space and then repeat for each stage so that each stage gets saved to their own position.


The one I never see even with many spiders around you is the double spider animation the only time I have seen that one even somewhat work is when it mixes actors. One of the double spiders is in position but the other spider has been replaced with a different actor which makes the actor that it just threw in there stand there and do nothing.


The one animation for the chaurus is also a bit hard to tell if it is suppose to be a blow job one or a titty type one. But some animations you can tell where the actor is suppose to be by adjusting them and looking at hand placement and stuff like that.

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If I recall, this is due to there being 3 sizes of spiders (small, large, giant) but only 2 animation sets in SexLab (Small, Large). The SexLab anim for small spiders works fine, but the Large Spider anim is used for both large and giant spiders, and it's actually aligned for the giant ones, not for the large ones. Hence the animation is completely misaligned if a sex scene starts involving a large spider, but it works properly with small or giant spiders.


There isn't a way of properly fixing this to work with all spider types, since realigning it for the large spider will just ruin it for the giant spider. However, considering that large spiders are much more common than the giant ones, you may prefer to realign it for large spiders.

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