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ctd with precachekiller on or off

Sir Artsy

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Okay, so how should i type this.
Anyone had this issue? I recently wiped all of my mod WITH skyrim out of the HDD because it was more unstable than a shaky nitroglycerine capsule.

I can start new game but i cant really change gender or presets or it just shuts down. 


I only have shit ton of hairs as visual mods because one needs to have many styles! However, i just don't get why showracemenu command kinda.. "ding, u dead". No body mods yet because i want to sort this shit out before adding more.


What i have installed are:
-KS Hairdo


-RaceMenu (i thought this one was to blame but it crashes regardless of it being active or not)

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precachekiller will stop CTD's from when having too many hair mods and going into showracemenu will cause the game to either freeze/CTD without it. Did you wipe out your skyrim folder as well and do a /uninstall/reinstall when you removed all those mods? If not it could be that some of the mods are still in the game in bits and pieces and changed some of the things and when you try to change something in the showracemenu that has been changed or overwritten it could cause the CTD when the game is trying to find something that it needs and it's not there.

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I uninstalled it using steam, then deleted the folder so all little things would be gone too. I even went far as deleting skyrim related things from my games folder (=saves etc..)

But i just don't get why this happens.


Mah hairs are graying out !

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What are u using to install? NMM? MO? Manual?


There are some mods in KS hairdo that are broken/corrupted, or atleast for me, when if i go past it super fast there is a 50/50 chance that i will crash.


have you installed loose scripts? they seem to help in most cases. also, racemenu, in most cases has nothing to do with crashes, its often the hair/skin/eyes/etc was either badly installed, badly put together in the release or badly installed(2).


uninstalling and reinstalling SHOULD fix the problem, if you are using MO i could help you more with this issue, if not i dunno.


also make sure in uninstalled ALL the mods you said you "wiped" because like myuhinny said above it will fk up your skyrim bad if you have left over files just floating around.

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Let's see if KS Hairdo is the reason for corruption.

I should have known. It loaded for the first time but re-starts cause problems. Well, note to everyone who does not know:
KS Hairdo is faulty as godsmack might have said (50/50 chance for shit happening)

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^^ Beat me to it by 2 minutes lol. And KS hairdo's is pretty stable imho. Maybe you've got some corrupted files or something from download. O.o I've got over 1k hairs and my dinosaur does ok when going through the hairs. I just have to give it a couple seconds sometimes. If you keep flicking back and forth as fast as you can it definitely will bottle neck up but that requires patience. 


Racemenu does not need the added precache killer anymore like Killing Joke said. It's worse if you try to put it in, also make sure your SKSE is up to date and you're running the memory thing in it so you're not kicking the bucket when skyrim tries to switch memory blocks when the first one fills up at the ancient 256mb :/

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SG Hair 268 and KS Hairs refuse to load up for me. So i could say i still haven't really fixed this.


I think i have latest RaceMenu because it's in "yesterdays" (today) download bracket but looks like what they should do is not working for me XD

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Doesn't SKSE also come with precachekiller in it as well? I thought I saw somewhere that SKSE now includes it in it.


No it doesn't have it.

  • The latest version of Racemenu already has Precachekiller's functions so the use of the .dll is NOT needed.
  • ECE does require the use of Precachekiller (since the author hasn't updated ECE for long).
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I've been modding bethesda games since 2008 so i know when masterfiles are missing and none of these problems are "missing pieces" XD
This looks like this is a memory issue. I can't use LAA patches since steam supposedly has done it since around 2013?

Basically, it looks like my game cant handle mods that add massive amounts of stuff. 
I can't load any hair mods 'cept Apachii.

A/W mods that crash game upon loading anything are TERA stuff and Weapons of Third Era (<--adds loads of stuff)

.. I'd like to have this crap back like i did before. :(

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Are you doing the Sheesons (sp?) memory patch that's included in SKSE? My computer is freakin archaic but I have loads of hair mods and tons of crap in my game visual wise. Granted it's been mostly optimized down and I'm careful with what I put in that contains scripts (can't run 3dnpc's, interesting npc's, skytest real animals, dual sheathe redux and enhanced blood without my computer exploding hardware everywhere) And I can still run 15 frames ( 25 on a bare bones skyrim. enboost, minimal sweetfx, dynavision and imaginator let me have a decent looking image)


Before I got that patch working I was ILS all over the place, crashing when I had more than 20 npc's in the same cell because I really wanted skyrim to look pretty. It would bottleneck at the 256mb memory block switch, just doing the standard, I do really well with 512 blocks. (my goal is to get as close to the bf's pretty screens proving it can be done on a virtual budget  :lol: )

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On a reinstall you should go to documents/my games/Skryim and delete the entire folder. Not just the saves inside, but the entire Skyrim folder. Once you launch the game a brand new one with new ini files will be generated. That's what I always had to do or there would be some crazy bugs plaguing me all the time.


Now I use Mod Organizer and haven't needed to reinstall because of a broken game. If this is a brand new install of the game I would highly suggest getting and learning MO.

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