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  1. This keeps returning to my home page / sticking around for 11 months. Is great.
  2. Pick one or listen both - Synthwave (& remixes) is fucking awesome and this comes from picky ass metalhead.
  3. This spoiler contains lewd sea bandit, open at your own risk.
  4. Since i prefer "insane" graphics i could drop few dimes. Oblivion is single core game so something like 3,2ghz+ cores for cpu. having good graphics card helps with frames. I got 6gb card and frames are generally very high with ENB on. I'd say having 4gb is at least mandatory if you use higher than vanilla textures etc. You can get oblivion to modded skyrim level but places like say TES diesel and Snus Dungeons overhaul can make the engine cry even without enb. They are so cluttered and i guess Oblivion is having trouble when theres like more than 8 npcs in the view
  5. get good looking enb, no need for huge res textures because gamebryo sucks ass unless you have 7ghz single core.
  6. Thats ported Hillat BDO outfit from Team TAL's skyrim mod.
  7. confirming: The pose is from CTAddpose SPB 03 was called chichie or something, i used it a while ago but enb didnt save the screenshot. Pose mod itself might still be somewhere out there. Probably on some russian mod site?
  8. Speedbuster may not have mod blogs anymore so maybe Fejeena or someone else who has saved it may help with links.
  9. SPB 02 or 03 pose called Rose or Bikini.. Cloth is just edited for the pose or animose prop that was retextured.
  10. That shot looks like its from ~10 years ago and nexus had heavy mod witchhunts. Some goma pose set might have the pose but without weapons.
  11. Testing things.. Not happy with the face but the body slidering was mor or less success.
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