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  1. I skyrimized my Oblivion character (and lore is that she's near immortal)
  2. Probably need to followerify(?) this bastard
  3. Hi once again! Last julys rcreation before steam nuked 120gb kinda fresh skyrim folder - now resurrected
  4. Anone ever had an issue where characters dong is just white or malebody_1.dds wrapped around it? And know how to fix this ghost mess, i had this before with ningheim patch and moving texture to new area in UV and place webs over, but didn't work this time. Like this? The UV of the little guy is over the said bodypart but its not rendering in game or in nifskope
  5. This keeps returning to my home page / sticking around for 11 months. Is great.
  6. Pick one or listen both - Synthwave (& remixes) is fucking awesome and this comes from picky ass metalhead.
  7. This spoiler contains lewd sea bandit, open at your own risk.
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