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open vagina

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I have a version with an enlarged, animated Clitoris and hood, which I've quickly combined with yours. It also features using skin textures throughout, so that genital textures more closely match those of other erectile tissue. A dark elf is not going to have a bright red vagina (grin)!



Nice ! 


(could add this idee  to to first meshes .      also  can make same effect to nipples :idea:     it would be fun !!!

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i have encounter  a probleme with the mesh ;  need to test more and could not find a solution with nifskope .


it seems that the animated mesh react at an exact point like it has vertex .  the exact point is  in imperial light house on the carpet , it becomes white.


i can not find why this error   (a mesh mistake , my game mistake ,or a game engine conflict with skin animated parametters ).




as i am a lazy boy , i think cutting the mesh is a good idee. it would make the job easyer to adapt to other mesh .  and for now i just did a  zkec v2 lower body  and made a little animation for the nipples.


it can be still improved  and it is more like what i might do to the 200 meches  .


need movomo textures for the womb.


i still leave the first meshes in the previous post like this people can compare .

zkec morph v2.7z

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Dont forget to make screenahots so we all can see what u are talking about xd


no screenshots   as it needs more to use a vid  !!!  


  but what better than nifskope to see and Watch  the files.nif  that show the animations as well :cool:



Symon thanks


it seems that cyclic anims uses concistancy flags  set as volatile    and not static       and this has  the whitening effect like the has vertex in some specific places.


and i do not know to fix this.



update :   still no good result on this whitening.....      it is eating all my time ...!!!...!!!


---   i am trying  another lead   ---    on NiMaterialColorController      hope to see some result.


if anyone has an idea  or anything  .?.  ???        please post !!!


or it might be just a glow map probleme ???      a need to generat a glow map for it  ???

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All morphed/animated Body meshes have the whitening Problem.

Here two examples of the "White bug"   white bug.7z

One of kinkongs bodies: upper and lower Body morphed/animated meshes

And "moving preg body fixed v2" by samhain6 :only upper  Body mesh is morphed/animated.

In game it looks like

post-3205-0-43618700-1413737602_thumb.jpg only minimal change in the camera distance or angle and it switches between texture and White.

Best place to test it is inside the IC Lighthouse.

Outside, it depends on the position of the sun, more frequently around noon. Or the place: at the port of Anvil most of the day.


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Now that is very odd.


Firstly because the white skin upperbody with KK animated nipples isn't morphed. The nipples are but not the upper body. Were the nipples also affected?

Secondly, because I've never seen this ever, and I've been using custom male and female bodies with morphs for several years with a customized version of Estrus Traps. I've seen morphed bodies many times in many locations but never seen this.

Thirdly, I've just specifically tried to replicated this in that lighthouse. Morphed lower and upper bodies by KK. Perfect.


So what are your graphics settings people? Mine are fairly low key. No HDR (not supported by my ancient card) nor OBGE.

What version of DirectX? Again mine is fairly ancient as My OS hasn't had (nor needed) a DirectX update for some time.

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With  kinkongs mesh I have the bug only with the lower Body.

With moving preg body fixed v2 it is the upperbody.

The whole upper or lower Body is White.

I use HDR because i use the Distant view Mod AEVWD( in the readme: must use HDR). No OBGE , no ENB.

Nearly all grafic Settings high.

ATI HD5770

DirectX ? I'm going to update, then I try again.

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GeForce 540 2gb asus i7 8gb   Windows 7  direct x11 + x9c .    hdr  only    evrything set on high only shadow on low.


 there must be a particular complexe or stupid setting to avoid this glitch  that is occured wth animated morph and skin color parameters !


well i have a cheat now and i can finaly come back to the animated open pussy.  (just having a last  morph with skin parameter and placed Inside where it is hidden)



cheers !!!

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No DirectX 11 update available, So I have the latest Version.

The first time I saw the bug was 2012, the original moving preg Body is from cursed armor or MonsterGirl - The Swarm. I summer 2012 I used the Body as Body replacer and saw the White bug.

May 2014 samhain6 made a HGEC compatible Version of the moving preg Body. He and I had the White bug.

Now kingkong made moving vag meshes and a new moving preg Body mesh, and he and I have the White bug.

It can not be the Graphics card Driver ( since 2012 many updates)

Oblivion new Installation June this year.


My shadow Setting are also low, and no Body shadows (looks like shit)

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Isn't there any way to blend animations using oblivion engine + obse?


Even better: get any lowerbody mesh with open vagina, and then configure LAPF to use that mesh during sex. I think this solves your problem pretty much, let me know if this is possible, if not I MAY be willing to write a plugin to achieve this.


Not to burst your bubble......but you are not demonstrating that you have the slightest clue of how Oblivion or the LAPF works.  You can write plugins until the cows come home....it won't change how animations and meshes behave during sex.  Only animations can do that.


The only way a pussy is going to "open during sex", is if you fire up blender and rework the 540 some odd animations that comprise the female part of the 145 animations that are in the LAPF.  No amount of scripting will do this.


When I say it should only take you 5-6 months, I am dead serious.  I know, as I am the one that overhauled all the animations that are in the LAPF.  

If there is any other way of doing it, then it would have already been done.   ;)



I'm not saying I know anything about LAPF, nor that I mean to run two or more animations at once. I'm talking about a practical solution here: a lower body mesh with a NOT ANIMATED open vagina that would be used just during sex, so it wont be open all the time.


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I'm not saying I know anything about LAPF, nor that I mean to run two or more animations at once. I'm talking about a practical solution here: a lower body mesh with a NOT ANIMATED open vagina that would be used just during sex, so it wont be open all the time.




Again, I am not getting the sense that you understand what the LAPF contains and how it works.


The LAPF does NOT contain animated vagina meshes.

The LAPF animations are not set up to use vagina bones.

The LAPF lower body mesh has a closed vagina.


If you want the LAPF to switch to a open vagina, non-animated lower body, then grab one and switch out the LAPF female lower body.  Several folks released open vagina lower body meshes.  This capability has been around forever.  Just to be clear, the LAPF can't pick and choose what lower body to use with what sex animation.  Now you "could" do this with the ini file of the individual animation, but if you have multiple body types, I don't think the LAPF could support it currently.


When sex is done, the LAPF then switches back to whatever default lower body mesh the female has.

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If you want the LAPF to switch to a open vagina, non-animated lower body, then grab one and switch out the LAPF female lower body.  Several folks released open vagina lower body meshes.  This capability has been around forever.


Ok, so first of all, I'm not trying to demonstrate anything to you. Second, I'm not getting the sense that you are either reading or understanding what I'm writting, and you are also being rude. So I'm out of this thread, as I have a strong aversion to arguing with compete strangers in the internet.

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Oh whatever. I merely explained what is and isn't in the LAPF, and how things work.  How in the heck is that being rude?

If you want to do something with the LAPF, then do it.  I've already stated numerous times that it is free use and open to anyone who wants to modify it.



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no matter the grieviences     animated cyclic pussy does not wait !!!


here you have the buttoc version of what was released.


(did not change the meshes just added or chaged bones dependencies.)




femalelowerbody_Manga_W_BBB mangaopenpussy op3.nif

femalelowerbody_Manga_W_BBB mangaopenpussy buttoc.nif

femalelowerbody_Queen_BBB Anim +womb buttoc.nif

femalelowerbody_LL_BBB Anim HGEC buttoc.nif

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Interesting ... posts. :idea:


Now i guess than these HGEC models 'll probably invade all the web like a virus ...


One thing is missing : an animated 3D pubic hair to fit these animated genital parts.... and why not an animated open anal "gape" too ( with a faster  "cyclic "...) ?


NB : are those meshes copyrighted or " modder resources " free to use everywhere even on another game , like ... Skyrim  ?  ... ;°)


Cheers .



PS to Fejeena  : hi , i can test your meshes on my the computer i use at this moment , i use the same graphic card ( but without HDR , i don't like it ...) but the KingKongs meshes you've posted ( White bug - post 33) came from a "pregnant body " ... and i didn't see them before your post .


From wich post did they came from ? I've downloaded the files from posts 19, 24, 25, 29 ...your post 33 ... and from the last post N°42





NB : oh yes and  as Safira said in the post 27 , don't forget to post some screenshots " so we all can see what u are talking about, ..." ...  " animated of course " ! ... :°)

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Hi Fejeena.


Did you chnge the material property to add your own texture ?


I did it with the Simon version ( Manga - from the  post 25 ) ... and that cause " your" white bug and another too ... tested with LAPF Skeleton v1.6 .


The white bug appear only from a certain distance ... and from a certain vue ( angle) ... the orher bug ( it looks like if it was used with a non-compatible skeleton )  appear from all 3rd person vue ( no matter the angle of vue )  ... now i must say that i used 4 different textures ( from 3 different folders ) ... and one of  them cause the "second bug" .


So , good to know ( for me that's new) it's a icompatiblity between the textures used ( all created by myself ) ... the " distorsion appear with the texture used on the clitoral hood ... so i will merge these 3 or 4 textures in one later to compare.

I already got that issue but i was thinking about a problem with a "rescaled" mesh i added to another body ( and where i also changed the "material property" and texture paths... so that's not true.


But with the original mesh non " tweaked" ( for the texture and material path ) , there is no bug , no white bug , not false mesh with some distorsion.


A picture is better than my english ...



I will test all these meshes  later , it's 08:22 AM, and , unfortunately i 've things to do .


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The 'white skin bug' is related to a vertex color assigned to the mesh.


Since I still have the witch outfit open from my previous post in 'What Mod Is This?' I am using that one for demonstration.


Expand the affected body part's branch in the block list and click on 'NiTriShapeData' (or 'NiTriStripData' depending on the mesh, normally body parts are NiTriShapes). Look at the block details list at the bottom and scroll down until you find 'Has Vertex Colors'. In meshes suffering from that effect this setting most certainly is set to 'Yes'. Double-click on 'Yes' to switch off this option, it will turn to 'No' and the bug is fixed.





A witchy upskirt shot!



It's very rare for meshes containing body parts, but now and then one encounters such a faulty file. I became aware of the effect the first time one year ago with the release version of Hidemaro's 'Tactics Witch Ware'. Movomo fixed (and tweaked) the outfit for me and told me about the vertex colors. Another outfit suffering from this is 'Kalesien's Silpheed Suit'.

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sorry  but  it is not a vertex  probleme (was the first thing i was looking for also) 


the bug is more related to  a kind of conflict with   ' skin sliders '    each time any multiple animated staff  is named  'skin' in material proprety    it has this phenomen  at a specific distance and with a specific shaders in a specific area.


i will be surprised that this will expand as a virus   as i never post anything outside of loverslab .   But if in cas it is happening, maybe someone will find a solution for this !!!

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