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[WIP] YuiH's Stand-Alone Follower Season2



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  1. 1. Tell me the true! I really wanna know, does all my character's face looks same?

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Hello! My name is YuiH, I am from Taiwan.
So I can only speak a little English, sorry for my poor English.
It been a while I haven't came back to Loverslab and play Skyrim,
I don't know was there still have people who remember me.
I am the people who like make follower, not very good at making mod, but I like create character,
so I starting release some of my character, and hope people like my character and had fun.
I have got a lot of messages, some of those are support message, thanks a lot for those messages,
and big big sorry, I haven't reply those messages, I still haven't much time,
and write English message, is very hard for me.
But if I settle down, I will try to reply the messages.
Well, enough for preface, " YuiH's Stand-Alone Follower Season2 " now work in progress.
*This mod is stand-alone follower,so you don't need other mods to make their face like my image.*
Height 0.97 Weight 0
Location: Whiterun The Drunken Huntsman
Default Outfit: Steel Armor
Weapon: Steel Sword
Combat style: Fighter, 1H combat warrior
Perk: Deflect Arrows, Deadly Bash, Armsman, Bladesman, Dual Flurry, Agile Defender, Deft Movement

Character design comment:
When I create her, I image she is a loyalty housecarl just like Lydia, military and noble family, strong also has elegant face,
have good feel on create her face, not get so many trouble.

Height 1.02 Weight 100
Location: Falkreath Dead Man's Drink
Default Outfit: Prisoner Clothes
Weapon: No
Combat style: Barbarian, 2H weapons specialist
Perk: Reflect Blows, Dual Flurry, Dual Savagery, Barbarian, Limbsplitter, Skullcrusher, Champion's Stance, Devastating Blow, Great Critical Charge, Sweep
*She starting on level 20, but she didn't have any equipment, so you have to give her one.

Character design comment:
I always thinking... was hair help me a lot when I create character, I wanna show myself "not really", so I decide to create a bald character.
When I create her, I image she was a bandits leader, always target on Imperial supplies, one day she been attack by Thalmor and Imperial,
They capture her, kill all her men, torture her, shaved her hair, she find a chance and ran out to the Skyrim.

UNPetite body Height 0.88 Weight 0
Location: Whiterun The Bannered Mare
Default Outfit: Unique Clothes ( Permissiona from UNP or UNPetite - Smithy Sex: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49680/?)
*Her Clothes is lock, only gloves and shoes can be change, so please don't try to take off her clothes,
if you try to take off her clothes in hard way, I won't take any responsibility.
Weapon: Merura's lucky pickaxe
Combat style: Attack support, her perk not so much powerful, but she will help you knock down your enemy with her pickaxe,
and she can't be knock down, so hope will help a lot.
Perk: Hack and Slash, Bone Breaker, Limbsplitter, Skullcrusher

Character design comment:
She is my second formal character, and took the most of time on her face, the child face is very hard to edit,
and very hard to get perfect every angle (even now I still not sure her face is fine or not).
When I create her, I image she is a Nord, born in Skyrim, loss of child memory, only felt her parents was killed by bandits,
she was a blacksmith apprentice, and she got the talent, but as a Nord, her skinny and little body make everyone despise her,
so no one see her talent, finally she got fired, in desperation, she went to The Bannered Mare and buy a drink.
(Yep, her age already can drink.)

Height 0.97 Weight 0
Location: Winterhold The Frozen Hearth
Default Outfit: College Robes
Weapon: No
Combat style: Destruction Magic, fire of mage
Spell: Firebolt, Incinerate, Flame Cloak
Perk: Expert Destruction, Augmented Flames, Impact, Intense Flames

Character design comment:
Her face base is Ciceria, a little bit wild but not crazy, kinda quick work, don't take much time, so maybe still need revise.
I image She is a arrogant girl ( Tsundere? ), so I make her mouth a little bit different, hope that will make her a little more unique.
When I create her, I image she is a talent fire mage, heard about The College Of Winterhold so she went to the Skyrim and dmission to the college,
but she really can't stand of the cold weather of Skyrim, so she quit and decide leaving the Skyrim,
but she find out she spend most of her money on college, so she stuck in the Frozen Hearth.
After create the Sha, I always wanna create another mage, and no area spell this time,
and I thought about "Conjure Flame Atronach" spell but, seem Flame Atronach will explode when they die,
I hate that, because I will got damage because of that, so I didn't give her that spell, so she just sample a fire ball machine gun.

Omage EX Character:
Valhalla (pre ver.)
Height 1.02 Weight 100
Location: Windhelm Candlehearth Hall
Default Outfit: Banded Iron Armor
Weapon: Steel battleaxe
Combat style: Barbarian, 2H weapons specialist
Perk: Juggernaut. Dual Flurry, Dual Savagery, Barbarian, Limbsplitter, Skullcrusher, Champion's Stance, Devastating Blow, Great Critical Charge, Sweep, Power Bash, Deflect Arrows

*You can decide to install this or not, before you download "Omage EX character - Valhalla pre ver for S2 v1_0" file,
you most install main file first, and the body type will follow the main file, and you will also have normal ver and pre ver in the game. 

Character design comment:
"Back time....when Valhalla still a bandits leader."
Back time when Valhalla still a bandits leader and had hair, the face is more soft and more smile,
and different with normal ver, her stats is a little bit weak. 




Loverslab: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/37324-yuih-standalone-follower-season2/?do=findComment&comment=936850



Thanks !!

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Wonderful news! I am looking forward to your new work, YuiH!


Thanks !! :)


Thanks YuiH for Lynea! Will keep an eye out for the rest of season 2.


Thank you!!


FINALLY I was waiting for the blue hair chick..... Thank man.


Hope you like her. :)


I'll keep an eye to your work too, they are lovely followers ^^


Thank you, hope you like my followers.


great yo came back


I'm bakc!!


return in September.. Welcome Back Friend! :)


we missed you! ^_^


Long time no see, friend. :)

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Awesome news, you make the best looking followers mate!


I'm using Filauria,Sha,Ciceria and Emily since i haven't found better, and i don't think i will, your work is simply amazing. :heart:


Thank you, and thank you for having using my first series followers.


barbarian follower im getting excited for the new one that would come out.


Thank you, hope you like her.


Nice good you are back, Love ur followers. Hope we can expect more soon.

Will be waiting :P

Any luck with that Healing follower u where trying to make?


Thank you ! :)


Sorry, I can't make a Healing follower, because in the game system, the follower won't healing the Player even that follower has spell,

you have to write a custom AI to work on it, and I don't know how to do it, I really wish I can make a healing follower, but I really can't.




It's good to see you back in action , Yuih.  I too was waiting for the blue haired warrior-beauty.


Thank you, and I hope you like her.


More updates, this need more testing, thank


Yes, I need more testing report, but seem it is working good so far.


welcome back and thank you for releasing your followers.  Looking forward to season 2!


Thank you !! :)

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Nice. Thanks for all your followers, man. They look great.


Thanks, hope you like my followers.


Going to follow this and wait for a unpb version since I use unpb armor and body for my characters. But they look like a lovely bunch. Great work! 


Well, you can just give them unpb armor, they still can wear, and I think it won't cause any issue,

the body is just only for when they are naked.


YuiH, here are some pictures of Lynea and Valhalla in my game.
















Nice !!! big thanks to your pictures, and my followers looks working fine.

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