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  1. Well its true lydia ...lydia brain its like a flufly cloud in vanilla. Maybe another NPC that use this voice and have more forward personalitty
  2. Lol man you have talent for this Maybe do something like a like or dislike system, or maybe make lydia change acording to dragonborn taste (be dominated) I mean there is mod called reputation for skyrim, make people treat de DB diferent... acordint to your achivements
  3. Lol i downloaded your voice samples, and they are really funny. Maybe starting being a bitch and then being sweet with dragonborn like here in in A.A. Im also trying to do something not like expanding the dialogues but adding more content to quest... voice content i mean, for example for me is ridiculous how you become a archmage after doing 2 or 3 quest.... the game needs more quest to prove you are worthy for being arch mage. Same for the other guilds. Maybe adding romance intercourses with the expansion. But i do not know how to start, big noob here,
  4. Amorous Adventures Extended, its not as polish as this one, but its a good start. Flower Girls, have a voiced option too in some quest.
  5. Yeah i used the conditions provided by EVG CONDITIONAL ANIMATIONS and use this. I removed the condition to only apply to character and its working great to all NPC. They run at normal speed but well... This mod works fantastic. there i also added a conditions for the mod that adds a injury system like wildcat so you see the animations when a injured ocurs This mod shine here with DAR I really hope to see Funny adding the atack animations... but well Really gratefull about this mod Funny
  6. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/81201 Maybe this?
  7. Is there any sex voiced/quest, follower mods? I mean, something like amorous adventures, or flower girls (adveuntures)
  8. Voiced Quest mods like flower girls or amorous adventures, with a seduction system. But not vanilla, more like dark histories like enslave npcs, with voices choices.
  9. The mods from: redneck2x he is the original creator of the mod "sex lab aroused" he also has some othe nice mods. I also agree with defeatd. And paradisee hall, i remember that mod add voiced dialogues for slavery. Finally the author of amourous adventures decide to leave the mod, i will miss a lot his missions
  10. Dammm man why you come back? are you trying to make me fall in love with your mod, again? this is a toxic and nice relationship betwen my dragonborn and your mod. Anyway glad to see youre still active, youre one of my favorites modders of all time. So thanks.
  11. CEO plzzz implement climax again, plllllllzzzz and automate sex.
  12. No idea what mod can cause that bug. I mean the reasons can be endless, your load order, your mods, a minor vanilla bug, a wrong behaviour... Thats why i insist in trying your mods with a special testing save...so you can see incopatibilities. But if you have hundred of mods installed... well hard to know, because you have to see mod, one by one. Im sure about one fact. Amourous and that blue palace mod isnt causing it, because i installed that mod, and the quest run fine for me. try to load a save before and see if the bug persist. Or run TESVEDIT, load mods and see if your find some incompatibilites (marked in red)
  13. Dont know, probably youre refering to that especial mixture fox did using osex and sexlab, i dont think its supported anymore, or being updated also. You can look into the mega mirror, (i dont think its there anymore, and probaly if its available it will be a old version without the new quest added.
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