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  1. I have a idea. I play as a male and its a little bit anoying no to know when are females ovulating. I mean i have to use the diary or a spell.... So how about when they are ovulating they have a little dialogue. Something like the dragonborn ask. Like DB: You look radiant o special today. And then they can answer acording to their personality for example... sadia a her slutty voice something tempting and more inocent somehing more shy. Lydia saying something like "i want the blessing of lady mara, following that amorous adventur
  2. Did you published this on VASSYNTH Discordl Lol is elisif explaining to the court her pregnacy the_courts_healer_has_informed_me_that_my_morning_sickness_is_due_to_me_being_pregnant.wav my_pregnacy_is_due_to_a_one_night_stand_with_the_dragonborn_.wav
  3. YAMETE KUDASAI !!!! Anyplans for compatibility for flower girls?
  4. Praise to the modding comunity, that man just literally created the Jesus for the voiced mods.
  5. A tool just got released today,. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/44184?tab=description voice acting synthesis using in-game voices from Bethesda games This mod allow you to generate voices using bethesa voices!!! it just works, and may help you with future updates!
  6. Did you run FNIS? That a fnis problem, not from this mod. The other reason could be downloading the wrong version, but... nobody do that mistake, so the first one its probably the answer.
  7. He is working with Xiderpink in "amorous adventures plus" on nexus. You can see a comment of him in the comment section of that mod page. Fox finger is sick of implementing the quest in games. He likes to create the quest but not implementing them, that what i understand in the comment section
  8. Well you win me when you sayed in the description "its voiced". Thats what makes a mod EPIC! Congrats.
  9. Take a look at his YT Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzAxUwjyVrY56ksb8coNgPA/videos Search for the video in witch he is showing that animation, and in the "description" tap, he normally put a link to a chinesse site where you can download the animation showed in the video. Dont forget to suscribe to his channel for new animations, or videos.
  10. Hello just a little question. Its there a way to make this fantastic mod works with the light version os SOS?
  11. Well its true lydia ...lydia brain its like a flufly cloud in vanilla. Maybe another NPC that use this voice and have more forward personalitty
  12. Lol man you have talent for this Maybe do something like a like or dislike system, or maybe make lydia change acording to dragonborn taste (be dominated) I mean there is mod called reputation for skyrim, make people treat de DB diferent... acordint to your achivements
  13. Lol i downloaded your voice samples, and they are really funny. Maybe starting being a bitch and then being sweet with dragonborn like here in in A.A. Im also trying to do something not like expanding the dialogues but adding more content to quest... voice content i mean, for example for me is ridiculous how you become a archmage after doing 2 or 3 quest.... the game needs more quest to prove you are worthy for being arch mage. Same for the other guilds. Maybe adding romance intercourses with the expansion. But i do not know how to start, big noob here,
  14. Amorous Adventures Extended, its not as polish as this one, but its a good start. Flower Girls, have a voiced option too in some quest.
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