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UN7B body = slender and beautiful legs, preview: follower + clothes, My friend Alan want someone to help him make a SG or RG body texture version


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这美化包渣的....捏了我好久才算能看....(如果不算万能私货脸档的话,但是标题是随从 所以不能拍到私货


EDIT: 如果你用了UN7B的材質貼圖<br>高跟可以兼容UNP家族的身形(你可以穿UNP UNPB 7B的衣服 再穿高跟)






My friend Alan,The author who had made a amazing body mesh,and some beautifulclothes, like UN7B,and ribbon clothes mod.


You can find his work in LL or Nexus. ;) 


  1. But his UN7B body has a not well textures,
  2. So if you are SG or RG texture author, 
  3. or you can help to fix a SG or RG body texture version for UN7B.

Please contact me


We need Your Help!! :(  :(  :( 

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- Real Girl textures are realistic, but too porous and dark

- SG textures is nice 4K shaved version, but is unclean, and a little yellowish

- Eihei Texture is a improved version of SG textures http://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-23.html

are a very good choice Eihei texture but only if you use specular and glossines increase settings!

- the body textures with the best quality ever of absolute Beauty, is the incredible textures of a brilliant HHaley

I know him, I might ask if he is willing to make a version of its wonderful textures compatible with UNP bodies and HDT vagina equipped , a full re-textures ?

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I would personally love to see something with this happen Im using un7b atm but I love sg textures but im pretty sure hellosanta isnt on theres boards however I know hes still modding he just updated his body texture mod but not with textures that work for un7b yet. 



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I kinda liked the body, and it was easier to use it with the new XPMSE versions other than to try and update the older bodies my self :P , however I find it hard to match clothes and armor for it, has the chest is 7base and the rest is pretty much UNP, which goes along well with most UNP clothing, the only problems I have is with the breasts, but most things I'm using don't even clip trough so I guess it is not much of a problem  :D

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Hello. I have an issue with installing this mod. Would appreciate your help.

I have 'basic' Skyrim ( not legendary, no addons) last version. Downloaded un7b mod and installed it to 'Data' folder. I haven't noticed any changes in old save and even after started the new one ( at least at the execution point no changes).

What else should I install for this mod to work? Or activate it? Step by step guide would be appreciated.

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